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Nationalism and Profits

I know people don't care about my opinion but I share it anyway. What's an opinion that you keep a secret? Coming back to that Borosil ad, natiolalism is fed to us just like religion and caste feelings. We are made to feel superior. We connect to the symbols, audio visuals etc and get a sense of belonging. We believe ours is the best culture. And the spirit (emotion) is invoked each time those power centers need our support for justifying their actions. Long thing short, nobody really has time for religion and nationalism. We all are running without any guidance, to achieve things and status we don't really need. And the most important part is that those corporate houses and political parties know how to arouse such emotions. It's not new. If you read "Julius Ceasor", you know the power of speech over masses. The very people wanting to rebel were convinced that Ceasor was killed for good. I don't feel nationalist or patriot anymore. I feel it is