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Education in times of Covid 19

People are not ready to send their kids to schools, colleges if they are opened in July 2020. I think it should wait a bit and see if any vaccine is developed and comes to the market. But how to believe the vaccine is really a vaccine? There are many organizations currently racing against each other to "announce" their vaccine. (me first, only our vaccines work and things like that) I am a pessimist probably but I seriously think students should not be put to risk by the corporates who might be selling water instead of a really working vaccine. As for online classes, they can start training teachers to use PowerPoint and similar things for expressing themselves. I saw a video clip where someone was filming from the classroom back and since the teacher was writing on the board, the writing was not visible. The best method for online training, based on my own experience is video conferencing using software made for multi-way communication such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or some