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Who is God's best devotee?

The scriptures specify four methods to seek God. These four methods are: 1) Bhakti Yoga: Attainment of God through love and attention 2) Gyana Yoga: Attainment of God through knowledge 3) Raja Yoga: Attainment of God by improving spirituality 4) Karma Yoga: Attainment of God by fulfilling one's duties The life of family people falls into the last method, namely Karma Yoga. He stressed the need to utter the name of God even as people performed their duties. But these duties were to be performed without any motives of lust and greed - or "woman and gold" as he used to say. People, though engaged in daily lives, should take some time to reflect on God. Once the sage Narada asked God who is His good devotee. Upon this, God named someone. Curious, sage Narada went to the devotees' place and studied his daily actions. The devotee would wake up, say the name of Lord once and then go to his work. Returning from work, he would once again take the name of God