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Say No to War between India and Pakistan or China

Don't believe WhatsApp forwards about border news blindly. Media, both Indian and Pakistani, is craving for war. The social media mood, if taken seriously, people from both sides want war. They want full blown war. However, war is not the solution. War brings destruction of lives and property, affects environment, and thus, the lives of people. In event of war, the economies of both countries will suffer. There will be loot arson etc on both sides of the border if a full blown war erupts between India and Pakistan. That is to say that even civilians will suffer. And why get soldiers killed if a common point can be reached between India and Pakistan. Shouldn't we give a second chance to peace? Just stop arrogance and don't pursue aggression. Neither Pakistan nor India can afford any setbacks that will pop up in case of a war. ~ Arun Acharya