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How to spot Phishing mails - Cyber Security

What is Phishing? Phishing is an attempt to steal your information by promising you something that you were never expecting. The attempt is to lure you into a trap - which may or may not also include social engineering - and make you give away all your details in lieu of something huge but fake. In most cases, the phishing emails promise you loads of money and ask you for your information. In other cases, they direct you to a lookalike website and capture (steal) all your data. For example, they may make an email look like it is from PayPal and when you click on the links embedded in the email, it takes you to a website that looks like PayPal but is not PayPal. When you enter your information, it is stolen. In still some other cases, they promise you a huge sum of money as a loan or as a donation and make you pay some money upfront. You pay the money and keep waiting for your loan while the people involved are comfortably living off that money. You have to be careful an

Dealing With Schizophrenia Without Much Medication

Schizophrenia Care On Own Before I proceed, please be aware I am not a subject matter expert/guru in mental science, neither did I study medicine. The following is based on my own experience with the disease combined with that of my mom. As I am coping good enough to run own business, I thought I should share the following as it may help people in fighting for the disease. Remember there is no cure for schizophrenia, you need to identify, suppress the symptoms and stay determined not to sway into the the virtual world your brain starts creating for you. You will need to: 1. Be on the watch for symptoms; 2. Stay strong enough not to let the illness take over; 3. Understand how to get help in dealing with the symptoms to prevent the illness from spoiling your life... As long as you are able to identify and deal with schizophrenia symptoms, you are winning over the disease. We will talk only about this part - winning over the illness that may take you into a whole a