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Idol Worship in Hinduism

On Idol Worship There are several sects among Hindus too who downplay the importance of idol worship. Other religions already say that praying to idols is blasphemy. But these people are also dependent on certain symbols that they consider holy. So what's wrong if someone uses an idol (a symbolic God) to be able to connect to the Supreme? One cannot focus on vacuum. Only the successful gnan yogis can meditate like that. Others need some symbol. The cross is holy. The crescent is holy. And so is the OM. Some people take OM and create a personal God out of it. They create a symbolic God (an idol or a painting) so that they feel connected. They'd perform rituals like bathing the idol, draping it in clothes, and would feed it (at least they think they are doing service to God). God never laid out any rules. He didn't say pray like this or don't pray like that. But then, every religion has rules. These rules were laid out by people who claimed to have experienc

Terrorism in India

If I am to believe Rudyard Kipling's stories, Hindus and Muslims rioted, killed other even during British rule. Before Rajiv Gandhi's assassination, I never heard of human bombs. There is this perception being spread that Middle East Muslims were provoked by Bush of the US. I don't know how true it is. But seriously, why did the US attack Saddam? Is the terrorism we see today, a result of war between the US and Mid East? Where do extremists feature and from when onwards? People say Mughals started oppression in India. I believe a dynasty that staid in India for six generations from Babur to Bahadur Shah Zafar can't be more Indians. In this case, the Hindu Muslim problems were local (now being allegedly handed by foreign handlers). Where exactly do we stand, given that we cannot believe newsroom stories of today, our leaders, and even our history books? I am looking for some answers. Technically, I don't think there is much difference between armed for

Who started it?

I don't remember most of the past. I was too obsessed with mom. How was the world before Saddam Hussain happened? Was it better? I mean was there no or less terrorism? Because people say times were good and post images of "once upon a time" , on social networks and blogs. Was it all just for oil really? Who exactly is fighting whom? Why did the US assume responsibility of whole world instead of tending to its own people? Was it the then USSR and US race for numero uno position in the world? What has anyone achieved due to all these relentless wars? Everywhere it's just disinformation, provoking, lies, coups. Can anyone clear the air a bit?