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Independence Day. Indeed?!

I didn't send greetings to anyone on this Independence day as I believe there is a long way to go before we celebrating such things. We got Independence from British colonial rule but most of us are still have colonial mindset. Others are suffering from British Raj hangover. IMO, nations are only imaginations. They exist today. They'll be something else tomorrow. India or Bharat varsh as they call it, was divided into many parts and finally one more part on this day. Bharatvarsh had its boundaries from Afghanistan to Burma to Ceylon. Now they are all separate countries thanks to the nexus between local leaders and British. Likewise Jinnah created a two nation theory to break remaining land into India and East & West Pakistan. East Pakistan later became Bangladesh but it was cut off Indian map anyway. If we don't learn our lesson from the past, there's already demand for Khalistan, seperation of Kashmir, and Dravid Nadu in South. Political parties are