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Review of ISKCON Gita As it Is by Prabhupad

There must be over a thousand translations of Bhagwad Gita. Each one is biased in some way. But "Gita As it Is" by Prabhupada of ISKCON is pretty distorted in interpretation. It not only suggests that God is strictly male, but it also mixes up Hindu mythology to confuse ordinary people like me. It just serves followers of Lord Vishnu and declares everyone else is a demi-god. That includes Lord Shiva, and Mother Kali as well. I have read a few versions of Gita to understand the ways of God, assuming God is one and addressed by different names. But the ISKCON "Gita As it is" by Prabhupada is misleading and deliberately confusing. As I have asked before too, who named God? The polytheism in Hindutva is just to allow you to choose and pray to a form of God that you like most. The images and idols in Hinduism are symbolic. But according to ISKCON, if you are praying to any form of God other than Krsna (Krishna), you are not praying to God. I don'

Google vs Internet Privacy - A Rant

Google Plus also compromised 500,000 accounts and is now closing down. It was a waste of money from the beginning. But they wanted to beat facebook. Ultimately, they not only sold our data, they let 3rd party apps steal data and in repentance, are closing it down. Orkut was better but they closed it to start Google Plus. Their gChat was a hit and it would have ruled until now, at least, but they closed it down to bring in Google Hangouts that nobody ever used. Now people don't need hangouts or Google Duo type of apps. Current cell technology can make video calls on its own, without the need for any app. I am sure their driverless cars venture will also be closed. Tesla motors are already on roads in autopilot mode. Google is still making cars on paper. It will be obsolete before they announce manufacturing of Google Carz. I dunno who all are funding Google and why. They waste so much money. But they make 100 times more by selling user data to networking companies and like

Idol Worship in Hinduism

On Idol Worship There are several sects among Hindus too who downplay the importance of idol worship. Other religions already say that praying to idols is blasphemy. But these people are also dependent on certain symbols that they consider holy. So what's wrong if someone uses an idol (a symbolic God) to be able to connect to the Supreme? One cannot focus on vacuum. Only the successful gnan yogis can meditate like that. Others need some symbol. The cross is holy. The crescent is holy. And so is the OM. Some people take OM and create a personal God out of it. They create a symbolic God (an idol or a painting) so that they feel connected. They'd perform rituals like bathing the idol, draping it in clothes, and would feed it (at least they think they are doing service to God). God never laid out any rules. He didn't say pray like this or don't pray like that. But then, every religion has rules. These rules were laid out by people who claimed to have experienc

Terrorism in India

If I am to believe Rudyard Kipling's stories, Hindus and Muslims rioted, killed other even during British rule. Before Rajiv Gandhi's assassination, I never heard of human bombs. There is this perception being spread that Middle East Muslims were provoked by Bush of the US. I don't know how true it is. But seriously, why did the US attack Saddam? Is the terrorism we see today, a result of war between the US and Mid East? Where do extremists feature and from when onwards? People say Mughals started oppression in India. I believe a dynasty that staid in India for six generations from Babur to Bahadur Shah Zafar can't be more Indians. In this case, the Hindu Muslim problems were local (now being allegedly handed by foreign handlers). Where exactly do we stand, given that we cannot believe newsroom stories of today, our leaders, and even our history books? I am looking for some answers. Technically, I don't think there is much difference between armed for

Who started it?

I don't remember most of the past. I was too obsessed with mom. How was the world before Saddam Hussain happened? Was it better? I mean was there no or less terrorism? Because people say times were good and post images of "once upon a time" , on social networks and blogs. Was it all just for oil really? Who exactly is fighting whom? Why did the US assume responsibility of whole world instead of tending to its own people? Was it the then USSR and US race for numero uno position in the world? What has anyone achieved due to all these relentless wars? Everywhere it's just disinformation, provoking, lies, coups. Can anyone clear the air a bit?

Independence Day. Indeed?!

I didn't send greetings to anyone on this Independence day as I believe there is a long way to go before we celebrating such things. We got Independence from British colonial rule but most of us are still have colonial mindset. Others are suffering from British Raj hangover. IMO, nations are only imaginations. They exist today. They'll be something else tomorrow. India or Bharat varsh as they call it, was divided into many parts and finally one more part on this day. Bharatvarsh had its boundaries from Afghanistan to Burma to Ceylon. Now they are all separate countries thanks to the nexus between local leaders and British. Likewise Jinnah created a two nation theory to break remaining land into India and East & West Pakistan. East Pakistan later became Bangladesh but it was cut off Indian map anyway. If we don't learn our lesson from the past, there's already demand for Khalistan, seperation of Kashmir, and Dravid Nadu in South. Political parties are

Swami Vivekanand and Social Reforms (Hindi)

रामकृष्ण परमहंस को कुछ बुरा नहीं दिखता था तो वह भला करने कैसे जाते। उनका जीवन तो ईश्वर भक्ति में ही बीता। उनको सबमें भगवान नज़र आते थे। यहाँ तक कि जानवरों में भी। माता का भोग उन्होंने बिल्ली को खिला दिया क्योंकि उनको बिल्ली में देवी माँ दिखाई दी। अब ऐसे व्यक्ति से समाज निर्माण जैसे कार्य की अपेक्षा तो नहीं करनी चाहिए रही बात स्वामी विवेकानंद की तो उन्होंने कहा कि हर कोई अपने कर्मों का फल भोग रहा है। वेदांती होते हुए भी वह भारत समाज की बातें करते थे। फिर उन्होंने समाज निर्माण में हाथ क्यो नहीं बंटाया, यह मेरी समझ के परे है। वे भारत को विश्व गुरु के पद पर देखना चाहते थे। उनका मानना था कि एक भारत ही दुनिया में सद्भावना फैला सकता है। दूसरे कार्यों से अपने को दूर रखते थे। विधवा पुनर्विवाह पर उनका कहना था कि कोई किसी की सहायता नहीं कर सकता। वह काम तो ईश्वर का है। यहाँ थोडा अचरज सा होता है। क्योंकि ज़िन्दगी भर उन्होंने अद्वैत का पाठ पठाया। फिर उनके हिसाब से तो हर कोई ईश्वर है। फिर क्यों न ले कोई जिम्मेदारी समाज निर्माण की? यह बात समझ नहीं आयी। बस इतना है कि उनके लिए यह सब मायने नही

How to manage diabetes? Some must know basic tips

Tests and Care for diabetics: How to manage diabetes and control it? 1. Diet is important. Doesn't mean diabetics have to eat grass. Consult a diabetician to create a diet plan. Switch to things that have less sugar content and high fiber content. Like brown rice (if you don't have digestion problems). Wholesale wheat and fiber rich vegetables are good. Pulses are good. Keep something light for "emergency hunger" that diabetics suffer from time to time. It is not just food craving but a signal that glucose levels are extremely low. Something sweet like cake can be considered. 2. Test feet regularly for bruises and ulcers. If any, see a diabetician as soon as possible. 3. Check for Fatty Liver. Happens to both alcoholics and non-alcoholics. Chances of NAFL are higher among women with diabetes. 4. Keep getting kidneys tested regularly. 5. Get eye tests done every six months to check for possible Glaucoma. 6. Check BP regularly to avoid heart issues. Don

Love Thy Neighbor - The Hindu Viewpoint

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR: Why almost all religions emphasize on love?   You may not have thought on the subject and maybe you think loving others will take you to heaven. Maybe that's the sole reason why you are being nice to others. It might also be your personality trait - some people empathize with others without expecting anything. Anyway, let's see what a Hindu has to say about "Love thy neighbor." I could think of just two reasons (other than heaven and hell concept) for spreading love instead of hate. The first is the karma thing mentioned in scriptures. The second is the advaita philosophy. Let's see them in details.       When you throw a stone with enough force, it will some back to you from the other direction. That is how karma works. You have to enjoy the fruits of what you do - irrespective of whether those fruits are bitter or sweat. I said earlier that God does not interfere with Karma. That means, you have done something

Ease of doing business in India

I don't understand India improving in ease of doing business. Whose business? MNCs? Hawkers? Because average people like me are still struggling. I don't qualify for Stand Up India scheme because it's reserved for Scheduled Castes and women. I don't qualify for Startup India scheme because my business is too old. I was told the MUDRA scheme helps only with buying assets. I needed working capital. So, who actually is benefiting? International organizations? Two decades ago, when I wanted some loan for my computer training business, I went for Nehru Rozgar Scheme. I was asked to commit x% of amount sanctioned. What changed since? Labor is cheap. No doubt about that. I don't know about the single window clearance for new businesses as I didn't try. And I can try only if I relaunch my business with new name. I am not criticizing. I am not able to comprehend the process. They said the red tape has been removed. But relevant agencies keep my a

Why is the Third Front (Federal Front) is already a fail?

Third Front is the Federal Front launching in April. But there is no second front at the moment. Congress is just doing timepass under Rahul Gandhi. They are like those mosquitoes that keep humming in your ear but don't bite. Maybe they lost their sting. If you think Congress can be a good opposition, you are dreaming. The Federal Front Leader - KCR 1. The third front will be federal front and will be launched in April. This will contain regional politicians who fight each other. For example, KCR and Naidu cannot go together. B SP and SP cannot go together else Mayawati will lose her Rajya Sabha chance too. There will be a feudal war and hence the Federal Front should already be renamed Feudal Front. 2. Most of the regional parties have different ideologies and even if they come together, there will be a lot of infighting. Keep popcorn ready. 3. Besides, many regional leaders love India as a whole and won't go with leaders with bad backgroun