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When Buddhists picked up guns!

Buddhism is said to be the most peace loving religion among all religions on this planet. But hey, welcome the new age liberals. For them, the only peace loving cult is Sunni Muslims.

They (the hardcore Muslims) get special treatment all over the world. They are peace loving, most tolerant (rather, tolerated) cult on earth. Much advanced. They take direct actions.

They are the fish that soil the water. They can't stand Hindus because Hindus worship idols and not their Allah. They say there is one God and He is Allah. But don't you dare call Him with any other name. They'll kill you without thinking twice.

Why do you think Buddhists in Myanmar took up guns? Because everything has its limits. These Muslims were on mass killings and gang rapes spree. The Buddhists have to protect themselves.

Their Buddha, unlike our Gandhi, never told them to let their women get raped if Muslims want so. Their Buddha, unlike our Gandhi, never told them to get killed if Muslims want to kill them. Don't believe me. Read the books on Gandhi.

Wait, I am not comparing Lord Buddha with "Mahatma" Gandhi. In India, we follow Gandhi instead of following Lord Krishna who taught Bhagwad Gita.

People all over the world, read and implement Gita whereas we, the Hindus, simply keep it alongside the dozen photos of different gods (devtas) and pray to it. We never bothered to open it & study its contents. Let me ask you a simple question. Who wrote Bhagwad Gita? Can you tell? How many people listened to Gita when Lord Krishna was preaching? Only Arjuna? Right? I don't care about what you know. I am concerned more about the spread of terrorism in the name of Islam.

Once a religion, Islam is now just an instrument in the hands of certain maulvis who misuse it in whatever way they can. They don't fear Allah. They don't fear hell. They sure brainwash others into doubting each and every action of its followers. Do you think women are meant to be child producing machines? What happened to the Quraan verse that said "respect the womb that bore you?"

Where did the Jihadi verses come from - asking Muslims to strike non-believers with force and behead them if they don't pray to Allah. Who named Him Allah?

The concept of heaven is BS being fed to kids of both Islam & Christianity. There can never be anything or any place where only good happens. Good and bad go hand in hand. You can't even tell what's good and what's bad. You depend upon caretakers of religions to get answers. God is within. God is without. Look anywhere but not at religions' caretakers. They'll see an opportunity to use you. Bypass them. Look at God for answers. It's a constant stream of knowledge. You just need to connect.

You cannot connect to God with hatred and lust filled mind. If you want to see the bottom of lake, the water must be pure. First become pure & dismiss the negativity that God hates this and loves that. It's wrong notion. God is everywhere. Near you, beside you, inside you, and outside you.

Yeah, Buddhists picked up guns to protect themselves. But in India, London, and elsewhere, people will continue jihad with the help of politicians. What these politicians can't see now is that they too are target. Search for "Gazwa e Hind" to understand why we're letting in illegal migrants and so called refugees.

India already gave refuge to all religions that were reduced to a bunch: the Jains & Parsis to name a few. These people never caused problems. They coexist. Islam is not for coexistence anymore. They want to rule the world and establish Caliphate.

Beware, India. Time is running out. Take a lesson from what Syrian refugees did to Europe. Send these Rohingya intruders back or throw them into the ocean. We already have many Hindu-Muslim issues. We don't want any more. And stop appeasement politics for votes sake. These are brainwashed zombies.

Forget the uneducated. India gave refuge to intellectuals like Taslima Naasreen who is turning into face of Hindu bashing. Remind her that she's yet on tourist visa. Ask her to shut up and let peace prevail.

If peace comes from guns, so be it. And yes, Buddhists picked up guns because they follow Buddha and not Gandhi.
Arun Kumar
04/10/17 - 0831 hours (IST)


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