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Why pray to Lord Ganesha before any task?

*Why do we invoke Lord Ganesh before performing any task?* There are two reasons. One is known widely & is based on Hindu religion. The other reason is scientific. First, let's talk about the reason you already know. Lord Ganesh is also called विघ्नहर्ता (remover of all obstacles). If you have been celebrating Shri Ganesh Chaturthi, you know that Mother Goddess designated Him as Agrahari... That is, people pray to Lord Ganesh so that their tasks are completed without many or any obstacles. The second reason lies in Chakra system of meditation. You might already know that there is this Sushumna nerve (something more like a pipe) inside human spine. Actually, there are three pipes - Ida, Sushumna, and Pingala. When you perform pranayama, you breathe in and out using Ida & Pingala alternatively. We'll talk about pranayama in a separate post. Coming back to Sushumna nerve pipe, yogis say there are seven main centers in the spine that connects tail bone to the bul

Concept of giving (help) in Hinduism

न कोई मरता है न कोई मारता है न कोई जीतता है न कोई जिताता है मैं तो सिर्फ निमित्त मात्र हूँ। ॐ इसलिये हे मानव, गर्व न करो के तुमने किसी की सहायता की। You can't help anyone. You cannot help even yourself. The only thing you can do, is for yourself. Your body is an instrument. Keep it fit & strong so that God can use it to provide for others. Don't revel that you helped others. You just can't help anyone. You expect returns. You expect that the person you helped will be grateful to you. That is not help. The moment you expect something in return, it is trading. Help is much above trading. It takes full understanding that you are just an instrument that God is using for providence. You can serve God better by being in a position where God can use you to provide for others. इसलिये गर्व न करो। Be honest to yourself. God placed you in that position so that He can provide for others, providing for you in the process. Like I said earlier, these are not my

Significance of OM in Hinduism

Why do we use OM before beginning any mantra? It is so widespread that we assume OM is part of mantra. It is not. OM is prefixed to each and every mantra in Hindu scriptures. Since we've been listening to it for long, it appears OM is part of every mantra.  There are two reasons for beginning mantras and prayers with OM. The first one is well known by Hindus of any religion. The OM symbolizes Godhead. We all pray to different gods and goddesses. These gods are supposed to be in charge of different laws acting upon universe. But these gods too, have to dissolve into the Supreme God at some point of time. The Godhead is beyond human comprehension. You cannot and should not associate Godhead with any form - human or otherwise - because Godhead is not your God only but God to everything in this universe.   If you associate a human form, and give God a name, you might spend rest of your life jumping from one form to another, changing religions, taking pride in your religion and b

Significance or Meaning of Swaha and Ithi in Sanskrit Mantras

You might have noticed that all mantras begin with the sound of "OM". What you might have ignored or failed to notice that mantras in Sanskrit end with "ithi" or "swaha". Some of you end mantras with just a "namah". Not to scare you, but if you fail to use "ithi" at end of each mantra or at the very end of any stotra (hymn), the mantra & related offering (sacrifice or prasadam) doesn't reach the god being prayed. The word "ithi" marks the end of mantra, and urges gods to accept whatever you are offering. The word "swaha" is used more in havans (rituals were you put offerings/prasad directly into fire). Since people put offerings into fire while saying "swaha", many of us associate it with "destruction". When anyone says "sab kuch swaha ho gaya (everything became swaha)", it does and should not be concluded that he or she lost things. It is a wrong notion that associates &qu

Best app for Android phones - Clean Master from Cheetah Mobile

After five years of testing different multipurpose apps for Android maintenance, I realize Clean Master from Cheetah Mobile is the best maintenance app for Android phones. Not only maintenance, Clean Master offers you much more than you can expect from a single app. For a while, it felt the "All in One for Android" is good. But turned out it leaves out add-ins even after you remove it. What is available in single code in Clean Master of Cheetah Mobile, is available as add-ins in All in One app for Android. When you uninstall All in One app, the add-ins continue to run in RAM. I could not find any method to remove them as they were not visible in any App Managers. I had to do a factory reset and that was when my doubts were removed and I acknowledged Clean Master of Cheetah Mobile is the best option for Android phones. Lock Screen Here are features at a glance. Let's start from Lock Screen. Replacing your phone lock screen, you can set up Clean Master Lock Scr

How to get salvation (moksha)?

From God we came, into God we will go. Salvation is guaranteed for every soul. It is not reserved only for intellectuals. It is for each and every human. No, not just humans! Salvation (Moksha) is destination of all souls living, as gods, as humans, as animals, plants, and even the single cell amoeba. Everything is an expansion of God. Whatever theory you believe, you know you are formed of the same material as that of which the universe is composed. Universe and all creation is just like the sandbox of a child. He creates things out of that sand, plays with them, and then dissolves the creation to create another game in the same sandbox. You also know what you see is gross, just a small part of the entire creation. You cannot even see the subtle you. You, as a soul, are invisible to normal people. Yogis can talk directly to you as soul because they've practiced a lot. But that's not the main thing here. The main thing is salvation is guaranteed. The time taken t

Online Piracy and Cloud Storage

Google Drive may scan its users' contents after an expose by security agencies that it is being used for piracy. Online Piracy through Google Drive It has been brought to the notice of Google that pirates are storing all their stuff on the cloud storage space offered as Drive. Trends suggest people uploading illegal music, videos, software etc to Google Drive. After uploading them to Google Drive, pirates are sharing them using links. Earlier, it was easier to get pirates by scanning the Internet. Since services like Google Drive, Onedrive, and Dropbox are secure storage systems, cyber police cannot scan them without warrant. Pirates are taking advantage of this feature and are using Drive storage to upload and distribute illegal content. The terms and conditions of almost all cloud storage services have a clause asking users to refrain from uploading what they don't own. But since it cannot be ascertained if the files on cloud or legitimate or not unless searched

Future of Microsoft Windows

I personally, don't think Windows has any future unless they draw it from scratch again. They messed up Windows 10. Everyone seems to hv a buggy copy. There are known issues like things popping up or cursor random movements, but the developers are not tending to them. Did you say bye to Windows OS? Going by the hints Microsoft dropped, it will be a cloud based operating system by 2020, when the mainstream support for Windows 10 ends. You can get an idea of the cloud based Windows if you look at Windows 10 S. As of now, it is just a stripped down version of Windows 10 that allows apps only from Microsoft Store. Going by that, it is going to be a highly limited operating system just like its counterpart iOS. The leading operating system in the world is Android as of now. I said that in an earlier post too. Coming back to Windows operating system, will you be interested in a cloud based operating system that charges you monthly? It is not yet confirmed th