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What is society and should you listen to it?

Why does every emotion boil down to sex and things like that? What's the meaning of love? Physical intimation? How many of you get intimate with God? What's that supposed to mean? Why can't you simply love anyone without thinking about physical and social relations? Because it's the social fabric that tells us whom to love and whom to hate. I too hate plenty of people, based on my prejudice; my thoughts that are/were influenced by others. I grew up hating people, even dad. Just because I was told they were bad. But love too has its own origins. You are told to love your near and dear based on how your parents feel about them, based on social norms. Every relationship has a name, definition, and comes with a rule of do's and dont's. If you try to break the rules, you are disgusting. You are not worth any respect from anyone. You try hard to feed yourself the concept of family, society, good, and bad. But deep inside, you know it is just hypocrisy. You

Review of Clean Master for Android

📌 Android app Clean Master from Cheetah Mobile is one app for multiple tasks to enhance phone performance. Features of Clean Master for Android: 1. Cleaning junk files 2. Clearing app cache (CCleaner can't do it on Android 6+) 3. Real time malware protection 4. App lock 5. App Dairy lets you check amount of time you spent on different apps 6. Hibernate Apps to save battery 7. Charge Master to guide battery charging 8. CPU Cooler feature 9. Notification Cleaner to get rid of unwanted notifications that slow down your phone 10. Cloud storage 11. Whatsapp Cleaner 12. Gallery Cleaner ...... and more There are some other apps with same name. Make sure you download the right one by Cheetah Mobile (CMCM). ~ AK

Mother, Father, Allah, and God

There is one Mother who cares. For everything. For everyone. You just have to call Her. Many a times, you don't even call Her. She Herself manifests into different people - not necessarily female. She loves me. In form of one of you. Or in form of strangers. I don't get it quick. But I know it's my Mother. You call Her Krishna. I address Her as Amma. That's the only difference. You don't like Her as Mother Goddess, because you are too busy praying to Her in form of Venkatesh or Ram or Krishna. There are people who don't want Saraswati Stuti, but won't miss on Ma Laxmi's prasadam. What ideology is that? Do you really believe there are 33 crore gods? All of them are manifestations of my Mother. Call Her by any name. Draw Her in any shape. She would not mind. Because She is my Mother. You unnecessarily fear Her, dragging Her down to a personality, assigning Her some attributes that your books say. But I know my Mother Goddess. She is much abo

Caste system in India - How great is your lineage?

Yesterday, someone held my hand for a moment. It triggered mixed emotions. I dunno whether to curse myself for not following social rules or to shirk aside all emotions. In the past, one of you allegedly told mom that if I like kids, I should have my own. I never stepped into your house after that dialog. I don't trust mom either. I don't know what part of her life was true and what was just her imagination. She had schizophrenia. Nevertheless, it has been over a decade since I stepped into your house. I am afraid, you see?! I don't want to get attached to people who are not legally mine. I feel afraid because my upbringing is totally different from that of South Indians. I just wanted to do "kanya puja", a form of prayer for Mother God's blessings. But you shot allegations at me. And you made Nirmala cry. I still don't have anything against you or your kid. Just that I can't trust you anymore. Forgive me for that. I understand why you repri

Permanent Relations - Universe is a family

There are moments when you feel intense emotions for "yours". But at the same time you know everything is more temporary than the word "temporary" itself. It gives you pain the very next moment - the moment you realize it. Happens always to me. There are two ways to deal with this. You can forget that it is maya and indulge in whatever you fancy. That doesn't stay for long though. But you can enjoy the moment. People say there is nothing called "yours". They mean the carriers of soul. They look at physical things and tell you that nobody is your own. Maybe they are right. I have a different point of view. I try to see things as God's creation. Maybe the material bodies are temporary but souls are their own, or rather God's children - human or anything else. If you look at things that way, you are God's; that is God's belonging; I am God's child. Thus, we are all connected... up to eternity because then you are looking f

Baba Ram Rahim vs Congress Sleeper Cells

If you think they are Baba Ram Rahim's supporters burning Haryana, you have the right to be informed that Congress (Indira) has its sleeper cells all over India, activated since 2013 itself. Z+ security to the Dera chief was provided by Congress so you can now understand how close he is to Congress. Plus his own son is son in law of some congressman. I predicted in 2013 itself that the sleeper cells of Congress (I) will be activated. I told people to expect riots, arson, and damage to public property as well as life. I can't dig out those posts from 2013/14 but they are somewhere in the archives if you have the patience to dive deep into that old tweets of @PowercutIN. That was the time when even Anonymous India supported me. But then I told them the government is working for some Russian elements and they could not bring themselves to agree with me on that point. Four years later, Wikileaks too said some MPs from UPA were on payroll of Russians. It's a different ma

My Allah vs Your Allah

We all are born beautiful. But then we start thinking. Beauty ends where brain starts. A priest is the happiest person on earth, because he doesn't question his beliefs. He believes in the same verses at 80, that he learned at 8. A priest is beautiful. But you and I think. We have questions about God. We have questions about our life. We question things. Therefore we are ugly. Only something that doesn't think is beautiful. As long as you don't question your parents and uncles and aunts, you are a beautiful being. The moment you stop blind beliefs, you become ugly, hated by your own. I don't really believe I am born for some special purpose. It is philosophy, designed to put you at ease. You can wait all your life for the purpose and die without knowing it. There is no purpose as such, except for what is laid out according to your religion. When you are just a kid, you pray to God. Hanumanaji is as much the God as is Durga Ma or Ram or Jesus or Allah. As you g

The Terror Attack Life Cycle - What to expect!

"हम अपनी अच्छाई से उनकी घर्म ग्रन्थ को बदल देंगे।" I must admire the positivity of world leaders. They're hoping they'll change Koran. Can't believe this is happening again. See my piece after London attack. I wrote this after London attack. And it's repeating. It's just iterations of the same drama. Just like software development life cycle, here is a breakdown of terror development: 1. Kill people 2. Condemn the attack 3. Hold a candle vigil 4. Start offering free hugs 5. Goto 1 I don't know what is happening. Was this supposed to happen? It's high time Islam is declared a cult and rescue its followers from the hold of power holders.

Why does life repeat itself

Life does repeat itself. We often face similar circumstances and events recurring. People say life repeats itself because it has a lesson to teach you. So until you understand and learn that lesson, it will keep coming back. I don't know if it is true. I've been turning into ashes every few years. All my hard work goes into dustbin. Then there is a brief period of inactivity. Then I build things from scratch again. It happened three times since 2010. But I don't see any lesson. It just happens without any reason. Maybe, it is the way of life. People can either fight life or go with the flow. So far, I've hardly seen anyone winning. People who adjust according to circumstances are the ones at peace. I read somewhere that life is not complicated until you want to control it. I do not know which route is good. It's not to discourage you or anyone but I find adapting to circumstances is much easier than trying to fight and control things. Life takes it own rou

Forced Nationalism? I dont feel it anymore

I know people don't care about my opinion but I share it anyway. What's an opinion that you keep a secret? Nationalism is fed to us just like religion and caste feelings. We are made to feel superior. We connect to the symbols, audio visuals etc and get a sense of belonging. We believe ours is the best culture. And the spirit (emotion) is invoked each time those power centers need our support for justifying their actions. Long thing short, nobody really has time for religion and nationalism. We all are running without any guidance, to achieve things and status we don't really need. And the most important part is that those corporate houses and political parties know how to arouse such emotions. It's not new. If you read "Julius Ceasor", you know the power of speech over masses. The very people wanting to rebel were convinced that Ceasor was killed for good. I don't feel nationalist or patriot anymore. I feel it is just a gimmic

How to find God - Connect to the Universe

People can be at ease if they don't question their beliefs. While there are no rules in Hindutva, questions still arise in the human mind. It is better to keep faith in God and ask Him for guidance than approaching people in charge of religions. There are Vedas and the Bhagwad Gita that give a direction to your thoughts allowing you to think clearly. Even the Abrahamic religions have holy books that their followers refer to, when in doubt. The only issue is that caretakers of all religions are against updating these holy books. Books can help only up to an extent. They make you think, help you get started, and give food to your thought so that can find answers. You need to connect to the Universe to receive answers. Books can guide to a point. There is nothing like an all inclusive book that contains solutions related to all the problems of humanity. The Vedas and Gita have latest interpretations based on current circumstances. There are many interpretations if y

Does India have a refugee policy?

These new forms of attacks emerging in Europe is pretty disturbing. People can be arrested if found with bombs. You cannot simply arrest truck drivers until after they strike. All thanks to Europe's Immigration Program. Barcelona Attack ISIS terrorism according to "The Guardian" Now, India is settling Rohingya and Bangladeshi immigrants illegally in Jammu and Hyderabad. They are already there in West Bengal and Assam. Kashmir is already burning because of misguided Muslim youth. West Bengal too is going Kashmir way. In my opinion, lack of a proper refugee policy amounts to inviting disasters like those in Europe. Wonder why governments don't see it. Or probably they see it as a good thing because it will keep them in business until eternity. ~ AK

Islam needs reforms urgently: Why are governments ignoring it?

Their holy book says kill people to attain heaven? What kind of cult is that? Do they really believe they'll reach heaven by killing innocent who do believe in God but with a different name? My question is, why are world leaders turning blind over Islamic terrorism? What kind of cult propagates killing people? Is that really a religion? Why not ban Islam until it is reformed? No. Islam has no scope for reforms. It can only get worse. There was Islam as a nice religion in beginning but it's "caretakers" have now brainwashed the followers. Barcelona terror attack van (Courtesy: Twitter) I get to meet some real Islamists who tell me about the finer aspects of Koran. It makes sense. Then I wonder about the verses that call for eliminating the Infidels. Who is infidel? Almost everyone has faith in God. They just address Him with a different name. How's that infidelity? Islam has to reform. But I don't think the power holders will allow it as they will l

Caste system in India and its religions

It is not Brahminism that ruined our society. Those Ambedkar and Periyar followers are wrong. Brahmins are just like any other caste. Like Dalits. All of them need some sort of identification so they can get a feeling that they belong to a certain group. This tendency is there in animals & birds too. That is why you see animals in groups. Then there are sub groups. Dogs of a locality have their territories marked. They won't let in dogs from outside into the territory, unless the newcomer is holding its tail down, ready to serve the authoritian Jdogs of that territory. When Lord Krishna spoke, He spoke of Varnas and not Castes. Now, Varnas are different. They are decided based on the type of work a person does. A king is a kshatriya. A teacher is brahmin. A businessman is vaishya. Someone doing things like cleaning up is shudra. Lord Krishna never spoke of untouchability when explaining varna system. He said people were recognized and got a place in society (v

Equality is not desirable

Imagine equality. How do you define it? The easiest way would be to think of equality as contentment, where everyone is at peace with no positive or negative forces acting on them. How desirable is that? It feels good in theory that everyone is content; everyone is at peace; everyone has everything he or she wants. Believe me, you wouldn't want everyone to achieve that state. Because it leads to inertia. There won't be any type of action - positive or negative. There would be a state of suspended animation: people alive but not able to do anything because they do not want anything. Creation is based upon disbalance. I had a friend tell me that world would hv been pleasant if God was nice to everyone in general. Think about it. Isn't tension necessary for action to take place? That action could be creation or it could be destruction of something. But there would be action. In case of all prevalent contentment, there won't be any action. Nobody will want to bre