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Should you fear Islam?

The London Mayor once said terror is part & parcel of living in big cities. Cool. Incidentally, London Mayor is a Muslim. A moderate Muslim I think. Moderate Muslims don't kill. They don't want you around either.

The London Bridge experienced terror attack again on Sat, June 3, 2017

I don't like criticizing any religion but how long can we bury our heads in sand & ignore the problem?

Today's statement coming from Mehndi Hassan, a London based journalist, says that the only method to prevent terrorism is to refuse to be terrified. I'd like to ask him, if I refuse to die, can death be prevented? Or does he mean people should die bravely by taking the wrath of Islamic terrorism.

The term itself is ambiguous. Because there's only Islamic terrorism, visible on the planet. I can't really think of other forms of terrorism. They say there is Hindu terror & Communist terror but I am yet to see these guys going up a bridge, shouting Allah Hu Akbar, & start stabbing random, unknown  people for an ideology that is fed to them wrongly. There have been mindless killings in the past by many. But those things can be stopped by creating a law. In case of Islamic terrorism, how can you create a law if you refuse to acknowledge the issue?

That's not all. When the news of such incident comes out, you can see Muslims start giving hugs to people of other faiths asking them if they trust him.

Of course, we trust you. It is a matter of cultural diversity. It is also a matter of humanity. But buddy, the trust is one sided. I believe in humanity. You believe in a book that says go kill non-Muslims with all might. Does it really say that?

I believe in coexistence. Mullahs (The Muslim Clerics and similar power centers) say killing people of non-Muslim faith is fastest & surest way to get to heaven. I read somewhere that the Koran says a person who kills himself stays in hell for eternity. How, in that case, can suicide bombing (Islamic Terrorism) be equated to Jihad: A War for God?

Way back, someone asked me why Islamic terrorists blow up themselves to kill others. At that time, I thought they felt oppressed. I felt proper education can bring Muslim youth to mainstream. That was some six years ago. I wasn't aware that their holy book itself asks them to go on culling kafirs (people who don't call their God with the name Allah; I still don't know what difference it makes if you call God with some other name). I did not even know the meaning of that word 'kafir'. When my Muslim business partner asked me to remove a poster from common office, I never understood why he did that.

From a distant point, it seems Islam is a problem: a huge problem that needs to be tackled ASAP. Looking a bit closer, you'll find those Muslim Clerics (Mullahs) brainwashing Muslim kids from the very beginning of their lives.

I am not the one to declare anything but seems someone needs to fix it. There have been translation of certain verses in Vedas too, that call for killing of infidels. But they were not exact translations. Other learned people proved them wrong. Is there no one among those following Islam, who can take a second look at their religious book and see why is it creating terrorists instead of peace loving, coexisting people?

Anyway, the school of thought that education can reduce the number of Islamic terrorists is bullshit. The London Mayor, well educated, social, & responsible person, threatened Trump that if he doesn't let in Muslims into the US, those Muslims will attack US. I see he was not wrong. European Union was such a nice place before they started this refugee program. Now, it is just terror everywhere.

World leaders don't want to look bad or whatever be the reason, they are willing to risk by supporting Muslim refugees and immigrants. I don't want to say anything more on this subject. BTW, part of Muslim community disowns terrorists but when one of them dies, thousands attend his funeral. Need I say anything? Open your eyes & see for yourself how they destroy the harmony where ever they go.

Call me Islamophobic. Call me communal or whatever you want. At least I am not denying Islamic terrorism is a world problem. I might ignore it but I won't deny it. And I would ask one of those Islamic scholars to take a second look at their books. I am sure they can find out it was distorted by certain power centers for their own benefits.

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