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Will you want to become Cyberorg? Neuralink aims just at that

Cyberorgs refer to living things that have enhanced abilities due to a computer chip in their brain. The living things could be humans or animals. Right now, there are few human cyberorgs and several lab animal cyberorgs.

Cyberorgs can also be biologically grown bodies containing an artificial brain populated with thoughts and ideas of a human body long dead/deceased. Wait. What? Doesn't that mean life after death? Yes, exactly!

Elon Musk... the same guy working on electric cars in Tesla Motors, transportation in Hyperloop, an elevator to the moon in SpaceX etc has bought a startup. This new venture is named Neuralink. Now what it does is something you've only seen in movies or read in science fiction books.

Neuralink is into creating Cyberorgs. The first thing it is working on is, to enhance qualities of humans by planting a chip into their brains. It is risky. The surgeon has to cut a part of skull to reach brain and then operate on brain to join its nerve centers to an externally or internally powered computer chip.

It is hard to locate and isolate the nerves responsible for different capabilities. Scientists are already working on that. It is even harder to connect those nerves to a computer chip. But we have examples where a totally paralyzed person got a brain chip implanted so that he can move his limbs simply using thoughts.

While the focus of Neuralink is to be able to create wonders by extreme enhancements in the human, few have also reported the possibility of being able to download data from human brain. Of course it will need a secure storage system & DNA based hard disks are completely suitable for the purpose. They can store data for ages.

If download is possible, uploading to brain is also possible. The data downloaded from brain can be fed to lab grown brains for use with humans and robots. While this is exciting, downloading and uploading data to brain may also be misused to feed certain thoughts to a large number of people who then think the same way.

Other than enhancing humans, Neuralink also aims at curing diseases like dementia, paralysis etc. We already have a person who has electrodes in his brain. These electrodes work based on thoughts and help the cyberorg in limb movements.

Since brain is involved, not many are willing for computer chips. However, there are volunteers who'd risk everything for a better life. Remember that the first human head transplant is scheduled just 8 months away. And there is actually a volunteer ready to get his head replaced. All this sounds like science fiction but is in fact, happening already. Will you want to go under a knife to remove some health problem or to enhance your capabilities by getting the brain operated?

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