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Smart Artificial Intelligence Dangers - What is Musk doing?

🛰When Stephen Hawkings said human race has the biggest threat from its own scientists, he was not totally wrong. Elon Musk, of Tesla Motors, is going a bit too far with his science obsession. I can understand electric cars & Hyperloop transportation. I can also understand with his space ferrying plans where he has proposed to ferry people to the moon and back. Was it a space elevator? I can't recall. Anyway, his team dealing with artificial intelligence has found that their machines have developed their own language for communicating with each other. This is scary, because even animals on this planet can make certain sounds only, to express their feelings. None other than the humans have a full set of words that can be used for anything. And it is not restricted to few sounds with varying pitch. It is a whole complicated language. Now Musk's team working on artificial intelligence says it has discovered that the machines in their experimental network,

What are Cyberorgs? They are not a future thing

🛰 Cyberorgs are humans using computer chips to perform better in one or more areas of life. When I say Cyberorgs are *not* the future, I mean *they're already here.* This is the story of using computer chips to make a paralyzed body move. And it's just one example. Read it here: ~ One day, we will be using technology to reprogram our brains: something like deleting unwanted parts of life (by killing those memory cells), superstition, beliefs, etc so that what remains is pure knowledge fed by experience or fed by uploading data to brain cells. It's not fiction. It's already on roll. - PowercutIN 😈 👉 To join our Whatsapp technology broadcast group for news, views & mini reviews, Whatsapp TECH to +918179215241 👉Posted via mobile phone; tried my best to keep grammar intact; please don't kill me for typos 👉 Problem with the above article or want to discuss m

Faith vs Beliefs - Which is more important?

Confusion reigns when each belief is shattered one by one. Belief, they say, is genetic (प्रारब्ध कर्मा). You don't get to choose your earliest beliefs. They are fed to you even before you learn your alphabets. Depending upon your early influencers, the belief turns into faith. Or the belief fades into the time. Faith is again, individualized. It differs per individual. Faith can also be a result of varied beliefs backed with experience of own. Some people change their faith by evaluating the "returns". There was this person who wanted to understand "phala shruti" (rewards?) of some hymn before he'd sing it. So much bargaining in the name of beliefs. But beliefs don't last. Most of them are just our minds playing games. Faith has a longer life compared to beliefs. And your faith is much powerful than any of your beliefs. There will be times when you'll see many of your beliefs, that you held close to your heart, start breaking. That's

Is Super Artificial Intelligence possible without senses?

Right now, all artificial intelligence in world is weak AI. It is weak because it can't think on its own (I can hear some scientists laughing at this sentence; Yeah, I know what you are up to). Everything from driverless cars to robotic surgeons are weak artificial intelligence. It is true that they learn things over time and get better at what they do. But that's it. All that programming for machine learning, becomes better at the thing it does. Can it become aware of its surroundings & other jobs in this world? Is Super Artificial Intelligence possible, especially when there are no senses involved? It is quite possible. Right now, we have electronic tongues that complement humans in wine tasting. Robots use cameras with GPS as eyes. You must have seen those voice synthesizers that convert expressions into sound. Stephen Hawkings uses one, in case you need example. What if all these techniques are combined? We'll have machines that can think & talk li

The concept of multiple universes

9000 years ago, Hindus (Read "ppl of Indus Valley n not just the sanatan dharm") knew about multiple universes. I will cite two examples below. If u read Devi Purana, it is mentioned that there are many instances of Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the caretaker) and Shiva (the destroyer)... all created by God (Read "Devi Ma") to take care of each universe. The second example relates to Ramayan, the epic that needs no introduction. According to folktales related to Ramayan, when Hanuman saw the god of death in Ayodhya, he warned the latter and asked him to stay away from the province. But a body created means a body that'll die. Rama had to leave the body. To facilitate the transition, Rama's ring fell down a hole in ground. Rama then asked Hanuman to go fetch the ring. By the time he returned, Rama allowed god of death to relieve him of his body. What happened down the earth is also interesting. Hanuman chased the ring as it rolled down the h

Mobile Kavach by Government of India

MOBILE KAVACH: The Indian government silently released protection software for Android phones. It's called Mkavach, where kavach means protection. The govt body C -DAC developed the app in tie up with Ministry of Information Technology. The Mkavach doesn't have real time malware scan yet but is a good tool to protect your apps with a password, protect your privacy, prevent unauthorized use of WIFI, cellular data & bluetooth etc resources. It also has a SIM lock so that if anyone tries to change the SIM card, it raises an alarm by sending mobile phone co-ordinates to pre-registered phone numbers. If interested, check it out on Google Play Store posted from Bloggeroid

Free Internet in India

The Telecom Regulator Authority of India (TRAI) proposed almost free Internet pan India. Right now, the minimum rate is 10 paisa per MB. If TRAI's proposal is implemented, people will pay just 2paisa per MB. Unlike cellular data, TRAI intends to rope in entrepreneurs who'd set up hotspots throughout India & provide fast net access using WIFI networks. It serves two way, providing affordable internet as well as creating business opportunities for WIFI hotspots. Indian Railways already provides WiFi hotspots at most railway stations with help from Google. Some fast trains also offer WIFI for free. The only issue with TRAI proposal would be encrypting data, as public networks are easily used to hack computers & cellphones. Maybe C DAC can come up with something that protects people who use public, almost free Internet.

Facebook vs YouTube India: The Race Begins

If you are being bombarded by videos from past, uploaded by others, on Facebook, it is basically Facebook trying to give you a new addiction. These videos are different from the muted autoplay function the social networking site introduced a few days back. Facebook is expanding and posing a threat to YouTube among others. We are watching you, dear Facebook...and you too, YouTube!!! Pretty soon, Facebook will be a competition to YouTube. Strange but true. Vimeo and Dailymotion are nowhere as near as the threat Facebook videos pose to YouTube's.  Earlier, people recorded offline and uploaded the videos to Facebook. The process used too much of computer resources for playing back just until four years ago. The playback is now much lighter & probably played on a  different lightweight player. I did not find any confirmation that Facebook changed its video player - but the new look and ease make it obvious. Like YouTube, Facebook is also becoming a repository of

Educating our kids for future jobs

I was watching a video that YouTube recommended to me. It is about hard work not paying off. I am now lazy. It is also true I can relate to the sentence, "hard work not always pays off". The post has nothing to do with the video though . This post is about the changing scenario in terms of Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence while the video was of spiritual nature Advertisement By now, you might have already heard of Artificial Intelligence. Did you hear that technology might replace most of the conventional jobs? That is, the jobs that humans do right now, will be done by machines coded specially for certain tasks. And like human brain, the machine learning systems will get more experience as they keep working. So a future jobs ad saying "needs accountant with three years experience" might actually be an ad for a bot or a machine. I could relate myself to that video (that prompted this post) because my hard work of almost seven years

Android app testing

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