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Moving Towards the End Happily, Drinking Kool-Aid Collectively

I was watching this video that just popped on my Facebook timeline. It triggered the thoughts dormant in my mind for past many months - due to the anti-anxiety medicines that I now take daily. I am now wondering why I never thought of making this video that I embedded below for you to view. You might have already viewed it. There is no harm in watching it again. It is about the lie we keep telling ourselves. The video speaks my mind: something that I've been trying to communicate all these years. This is not against any specific person or organization. This is not against a certain community of people. This is for the human race - because the planet will survive anyway, with or without the human race . We don't simply need politicians. There is enough politics already, everywhere - from families to businesses to parliaments. We need real leaders who can bring about a change in the way we perceive the world and in the way we live our lives at the cost of other spec

Politicians want status quo on all issues! Here's why!

I am frustrated. I am so frustrated that I can leave this place forever if I see opportunities elsewhere. Not middle east. Neither USA. Maybe Singapore or Iceland. But that's just frustration talking. The most undeserving person according to the Indian politicians is the upper caste Hindu male. Who's sacrificed when politics is at play? No government or political party has   anything for that so called general category but they sure expect full support during elections, taking their loyalties for granted. When KCR donates jewelry worth 5 crores from tax money, it makes news. Nobody even sighed when he launched a scheme to fund motor-cabs for the non-Hindus.  Why the discrimination, if not for appeasement of a certain community? Guess nobody cares about that scheme. Also, it was in 2015 so that scheme doesn't matter much after two whole years. I can see India going to people who don't respect the Amar Jawan Jyoti... or leaders who believe that p

My Reality vs Your Reality - What is Reality?

A Look at Reality of Life In case you are interested, time is the 4th dimension, the basic 3D being length, breadth and height that we plot as X,Y, and Z axis on graph papers. But this post is not about time. This is about the 5th dimension - the 5D where you think you see the reality. However, imagination is the 5th dimension and this is the dimension where all the action occurs according to humans. I use the word "human" because I don't have idea about how animals and birds think and view things. Coming back to  humans and reality projected by mind, it appears different to different people. My reality is not your reality. Reality is about seeing things through that lens called perspective and prejudice. Everyone has an opinion and that opinion (also called prejudice in some cases)  helps in creating things on the screen present in our brain for viewing and analyzing things or events. Our eyes look at at objects  because they  (the objects) reflect li

Types of gods in Hindu religion

Thought coming in right now is about meaning of कोटि (koti). People say we have 33 koti gods in Hindu religion. Koti means crore. Koti also means 'type'. So is it 33 crore gods or 33 categories of gods? In either case, who are they n where to look for them? I don't believe they're up there, stacked up in heaven. The concept of heaven & hell  is just to tame people. You do good expecting a better afterlife. You avoid bad to avoid hell. It is the same in all major religions. Maybe you should read my article on the concept of sin in Hinduism . Then where are these gods? Everywhere around us. The sun god, for example, is always there and so is the moon god. Wind god spreads scent all the time. Likewise others too exist. Someone inhabited that banyan tree you cut down to widen your cemented road. But that does not matter because we look for gods in inanimate objects. I am not saying that idol worship is wrong. It is ok. Every one needs a medium to tal

Did Draupadi Love Karna Secretly? (Mahabharata series)

You might not have heard it already but there exist tales about Draupadi regretting marrying Pandavas in some areas of Indian subcontinent. In case you are not aware of Draupadi, Pandavas and Karna, you've missed the epic Mahabharata saga, original by Ved Vyas and translated into English by many. There are many translations in market. I too have a recommendation, if you are interested, towards the end of this blog. You can scroll down to the recommendation or you can read through the post first. Karna: The warrior Coming to the question Did Draupadi love Karna, it is not part of original story so you can't say for sure. But back then, word of mouth and folklore were the ways literature traveled from generation to generation. We are looking at something that happened 9000 years ago so we cannot be sure of everything in it. Often, things are lost in translation. Often, someone creative wants to bring his own twist into the standard narratives. So? Did Draupadi love

History of Electronic Music in India

India got talent. I thought of naming the post as History of Alternative Music in India but then, there are too many alternatives - alternative Pop, Alternative Rock etc. I just wish to focus on the history of electronic music in India that came in mainly via remixes. Remix can again be categorized into different types of genres. As such, remix is not a hard-definition genre but for sake of this post, we'll consider it a genre. I will define the term 'remix' in the next few paragraphs in this article about history of electronic music in India. Bringing Remix To India I credit Gulshan Kumar of T-Series with bringing remix and promoting the trend in India. Of course, there were some DJs (Disk Jockeys) as well but in 80s, people were rather obsessed with original soundtracks of both old and new music rather than listening to modified soundtrack. While talking about 'remix", clearly it is not a genre but is used very well in different genres, mainly dance.

Relationship Tip - Add Value for Long Lasting Relations

What value do you bring to the different relationships you care about? Consciously or unconsciously, people evaluate relations time to time. I am not saying true love doesn't exist but most of times, social obligations take over the preference. If you don't bring anything valuable to the relationship, you are as good as without the relationship because one sided love kills you daily. According to Dr Mittal, finance, entertainment n engagement are most desired elements in any relationship. If you bring financial gains, or if you crack jokes to entertain other side or if you have the ability to talk good, you will be accepted anywhere. But if not, especially if you are a male with no earnings, your emotions don't matter after some time. Be realistic. Find out expectations of people & provide it to them for long lasting relations. No relationship can thrive only on emotions for long. PS: I hope the above didn't spoil your mood. If you have

God and Man

"So why was I born?", he asked God "Because I need you", replied God "What is the point of my existence?" "To understand God" "So you want humanity to understand you; all those people on earth?" "No. Not all people. Just you". "Why me? Why not someone else?" "There is no someone else. It is just you and me," said God "What about others? They remain ignorant?" "No. You are not understanding. There are no others. It's just you & me." "No. Wait. If there are no others, who are all those people?" "All of them are you, in different births, at different times". "Pardon?" "It is only you populating the whole world. You as yourself. You as your mother, you are your father, friends, wife etc. All of those bodies are in fact you spread over time, in different births." "This can't be.