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Gandhi - The Father of Nation

If government can make Pongal an optional holiday, let it make other holidays optional too. Especially Oct 2nd. Nobody likes Gandhi anymore, after knowing him. He is not the father of nation. He did not lead the freedom struggle alone. He just appeared towards end n took all the credit.

Before continuing, I just want to say I don't hate Gandhi. It is the tactics he and historians used and use to make it appear that the entire freedom struggle started only after Gandhi's entry; and that he gave birth to dynasty politics while aiming for a Republic.
Nobody talks about Mangal Pandey who revolted against British from within the British forces. Forget Azad, Bhagat Singh n Sukhdev. They are branded terrorists now.

Lakhs fighted, thousands died n hundreds were jailed. Nobody remembers 1857. It is not there in school text books. Rani of Jhansi, Tatya Tope, and Bahadur Shah launched an attack on English... giving spark to what is now called the freedom fight and whose credit goes to Gandhi.

The British sent many to Andaman to isolate them. Was Gandhi ever sent there? No. He enjoyed most of his prison time in lavish guest houses of the British.

It was Sardar Vallabh bhai who shaped current India. It was Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel who used his convincing skills to ask different princely states n provinces to join the Indian Republic. It was Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel who had Indian army launch an attack on Hyderabad that was trying to join Pakistan. The army defeated Razakars who were on killing, looting n raping spree. It was Patel who brought peace to that area.

His fellow fighters got beaten up brutally but this guy wasn't as much as like see a baton in India. South Africa is a different story. He took entire credit of the work of common people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It was supposed to be one country but is three parts now.

And as if all that was not enough, he lent his surname to Feroz Khan so that Indira Khan could become Indira Gandhi.

Ever since, these fake Gandhis exploited the poor average person. Nobody really wants to remember Gandhi seriously. We and our immediate neighbors are still paying the price of the great gamble that Gandhi-Nehru duo played.

There's lot more to the story but I don't want my account suspended again. The above is enough for people to understand that Gandhi was not what he projected himself as. And if anyone is to be blamed for the killings of forces on both sides of border, it is Gandhi. You simply can't blame the governments of India or Pakistan.

Kashmir became a sacrificial goat. Because when two power centers fight, it's always the general public that is sacrificed. What was supposed to be one huge power is now three power centers, all thanks to Gandhi. Why a holiday on his birthday? Why the hype? Just because a certain family can rule India for long. And it did.

Ah BTW, who was Baba Amte? Ever heard of him? No?!
~ PowercutIN
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