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How do thoughts work? What are thoughts?

On Thoughts: What are thoughts? Thoughts and ideas are basically a wave passing through one's brain to another. I don't know how a thought is created, or an idea strikes. But I know that if you don't pick it up, it is passed to someone else. And then, when the other person speaks about it, all you can do is to clap while thinking how did the person in question steal your thoughts or ideas. See the entire universe as a single brain and we, the people, as just cells composing that huge brain. A thought, an idea, occurs in one of these cells (person). If it is anything against our beliefs we reject the thoughts. We are groomed to do so. That's what schools are for: to give you a mindset that would help various power centers. If you follow that mindset, you are a gentleman. If you don't, you are a failure. Anyway, coming back to thoughts and ideas, they keep bouncing from person to person until someone is ready to accept them and put them to use.

Gandhi - The Father of Nation

If government can make Pongal an optional holiday, let it make other holidays optional too. Especially Oct 2nd. Nobody likes Gandhi anymore, after knowing him. He is not the father of nation. He did not lead the freedom struggle alone. He just appeared towards end n took all the credit. Before continuing, I just want to say I don't hate Gandhi. It is the tactics he and historians used and use to make it appear that the entire freedom struggle started only after Gandhi's entry; and that he gave birth to dynasty politics while aiming for a Republic.   Nobody talks about Mangal Pandey who revolted against British from within the British forces. Forget Azad, Bhagat Singh n Sukhdev. They are branded terrorists now. Lakhs fighted, thousands died n hundreds were jailed. Nobody remembers 1857. It is not there in school text books. Rani of Jhansi, Tatya Tope, and Bahadur Shah launched an attack on English... giving spark to what is now called the freedom fight and whose cr

Happy Republic Day 2017 - Where do we stand after 68 years?

* Happy Republic Day 2017 * Tomorrow is Republic Day. People feel patriotic on this day so they buy lots of flags n then do not dispose those flags properly. Two days hence, there would be plenty of national flags lying on road and in the municipal garbage bins. Republic Day celebrates our constitution that was released n country was declared Indian Republic. Basically, it is a copy paste job. Our constitution is based on the constitutions of different democracies all over the planet. I suppose it was created with good intentions. But that was 68 years ago. This is 2017. We have to read the Constitution again n make changes to it so that it is updated, with new n better things for current n coming generations. Currently it though only 68 years old, contains ideas of 19th n 20th century. But that's ok because what good is a constitution without loopholes?! The credit for current constitution goes to Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar. He is hailed as Messiah of Dalits n un

Concept of Sin in Hinduism

What exactly is sin? How do you define sin? What all acts comprise sin? Every religion in the world has developed a set of rules that tell us what is good and what is sin. Then they ask you stay away from sin so that you don't end up in hell after your life on the planet ends. When you deviate from those rules, you are supposedly committing a sin. Does anything like sin really exist?     This post has been moved to Powercut Online . Please read Concept of Sin in Hinduism there.

Concept of Evil in Hinduism

Talking about EVIL, you will be amazed to know that it has not been defined or explained in Hinduism. Concept of EVIL in Hinduism: AM I GOOD? Other religions have a DEVIL necessarily, that causes harm to the soul or misleads people to misery. In case of Hinduism, there is no mention of any such thing. The devil simply does not exist.   Of course, you have mythical characters such as demons etc but they are what they are: imagination or rather, perspective. One can deduce from Bhagwad Gita that absence of good is evil - just as absence of light is darkness. There is no material or matter that creates darkness. It is simply absence of photons (light). Thus, things that cannot be called good are EVIL. There is no definition of good either. What is good for one can be evil for other. It is just our perspectives that tell us what all can b classified as good or as bad. There are books that try to define certain acts as good and others as EVIL but I will tie them to

How to love being miserable? Ignore this post

Everywhere I see, I see people living their lives. Discontented, broken but yet living. It feels their only aim is to survive yet another day on this planet. Ask them what is wrong. They'll blame their fate|luck. They'll call it their karma.   Does the caption suit you? None of them will hit back the system that placed them in that position. They'll ignore the issue completely even though dying a bit daily, little by little...with each passing second. They have given up. The rules can't be changed. That's what they believe. That's what is hardwired n programmed into their brains. How do things change? By changing their perspectives somehow. That 'somehow' would be different for different set of people. You, as an agent of change, will have to figure it out. Take the Bengaluru New Year molestation incident. Everyone washed off their hands saying the girls invited it. That is because the system prohibits women from pursuing happiness as suc