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Unemployment Problem in India

This post expands on my previous blog on how to choose a college course. We discussed there that formal degrees, while good, do not provide a guarantee to a decent job. We talked about how your favorite subjects can provide you with vocational training that can be used either for job or own venture - as required. This post attempts to explain the unemployment problem in India - through a different lens. 

I will not provide figures and statistics but rather, will talk about main causes of unemployment in India. A friend of mine asked how to choose college for a good job. This question acted as if someone triggered a remote bomb and my mind was full of major factors of unemployment across the world. Analyzing a little, I found few factors for the unemployment problem in India and third world. You might think why I placed India in the same line where I used the phrase 'third world'. That is because of the natural mindset of people. India has grown and progressed a lot but the basic mentality of people remains same.

How Does Mindset Matter? And What Mindset?

The mindset of third world countries is that you need to get a good job to be successful in your career. The emphasis is on 'job'. In other words, it means working for other companies. And the bigger the company, the more is your value. This, in turn, translates to being successful is having a good job.

This mindset stops people from trying out own ventures - the basic answer to the problem of unemployment in India or elsewhere. You get to study in whatever your family thinks is the best school for you. You go for coaching after school, you spend  your entire time trying to get past the cut off criteria to gain admission to colleges that may or may not help you get a job of your desire.

In fact, you live for others. Your capabilities are under constant scrutiny by way of comparison to the jobs held by your neighbors and relatives. Your people want you to be a step ahead of them and in the process, you forget that you were given this life to live it and not waste it in pursuit of money.

But the mindset has been thus. And if you opt for self-employment, people's thinking defaults to the mindset that you were not able to get a job and hence, you are self employed. But believe me, self employment is the only key to solving the unemployment problem - in India or elsewhere. Tell me if this is wrong.

Reducing Unemployment In India

Lately, many college students start their own ventures - in India too - even as they are still studying. This is a good sign of things to come. One own venture not only employs you, but also several others. Creating employment for self is an art. You can do it. A person will never be unemployed if s/he wants to earn. People can also earn by supplying water. Many people in Hyderabad (India) are into this business. And they have full fledged staff involved! They do not own tankers. Their staff employs bicycles with plastic containers!

How To Go About It?

The best answer is – Select a college/institution that offers alternate education to help create own careers. Mainstream educational degrees may or may not bring you fruits but if you have something technical at hand, you can always leave the category of "job seekers" to join "job providers". This not only answers what to study but also how to get employed even before you get to the employment market. There are colleges and training institutions that provide you hands on experience. By the time you are out of that college, you have both the training certificate and experience at hands.

Now, if your training certificate cannot get you a job, just use the experience to set up an own venture. It is not necessary that you pour in plenty of money to start a huge set up. You can do it on the Internet - thereby eliminating the need for rental etc expenses. If you have a bigger plan that needs funding, you may try out the private banks for loans. We do have some governmental projects to fund business but you know how government projects operate. While you can give them a try, keep trying for funding in alternate ways - contact angel investors or even go for crowdsourcing.


I know this is a poorly written article that does not provide many pointers. I was in a hurry to post it so gave less time to the different thoughts coming into my mind. I am - however - willing to assist you with your plans in case you too are willing to take a step towards eradicating unemployment problem in India by setting up own venture. I have some contacts and experience that "may" help you move ahead with your plans. Just send an email and I will get back to you with some or the other solution. Remember that only you can employ yourself - whether for others or for yourself. 

PS: Am surveying the unemployment/employment in ancient India - some 900, 000 years from today (that is, into the age of Ramayana. Please give me a little time to come up with my findings. I will replace this or add a link to that blog as soon as it is up. Meanwhile, if you have any inputs or leads, please help. Thank you!).

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