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Powercut Media (India) markets individuals and/or their businesses online - as a brand - via different methods that suit the entity's long term goals. Their online reputation is our basic interest. We use techniques like Big Data Analytics to create optimal action plans for people and their businesses.

We deal in online branding: search results presence, social media presence, online reputation management, and content/blog management using methods tailored for each "brand". We also offer content for online and offline use - text, images, GIF banners, and audio visuals.

If you are starting out online or wish to expand on the Internet, contact us first. With 10+ YEARS into branding and promotions, we create action plans that really work.

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The Internet you knew is passe. Welcome to the data driven Internet 2.0.
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Consultation for online branding & reputation management is free. It assists you in taking decisions on your online presence. We do charge a nominal fee for drafting an optimal action plan tailored for you. But that's after consultation. More than just profits, we are interested in creating entrepreneurs. See our mission statement.

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Free Relationship Advice and Mental Health Helpline

We arrange free or discounted counseling for mental health and relationship issues. In case you wish to receive free daily motivation, mental health tips, relationship advice and tips on personality development/grooming, join our Whatsapp MIND Broadcast Group. For contact information, please visit Mental Health Helpline at Powercut India Group.