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Pollution issue in India: Polluting the minds of innocent

BAN CRACKERS? I didn't want to comment on that, hoping for greater good. But when our very intellectuals make it a communal issue, one is forced to talk.

Why is it that Supreme Court interferes only with Hindu festivals? In his tweet (see screenshot below), Shashi Tharoor says goats are lesser beings and that Muharram processions hurt only themselves.

Then why did Supreme Court set the dahi handi height limit? Wasn't that to stop people from getting hurt?

Basically, the followers of Lord Ram are supposed to stop using water on Holi. Diwali is something a kid waits months in advance and now he can't use fireworks and crackers because fireworks cause pollution.

1. If it is really pollution, install dust collectors all over Delhi?

2. What about illegal factories operating from residential colonies all over Delhi?

3. Why are old vehicles still on roads?

4. Why can't government use permanent remedies instead of pushing a particular community to the corner?

5. If petitions on loudspeakers can't be entertained, why bother to look into Jallikatu or Diwali?

Looking at the bigger picture, it feels that this (Hindu) community is being bullied. The more we talk about inclusiveness - that Hindus can be of any religion, the more those who want instability are pushing their agenda.

The courts and intellectuals have problems with smaller festivals like Rakhsha Bandhan, Karva Chauth, Jiyutia, etc too, because they reflect a patriarchal society. It is reforms and attacks on rituals on only one community. I am not saying Muslims or Christians don't have issues with government. Muslims are asked to prove their patriotism every other day. I don't know about Christians because more than the government, the Vatican controls them.

All I want to say that if indeed acting for the reforms, treat everyone as same.

If you fear other communities, leave Hindu traditions alone too. I heard there is a plea pending against cremation of dead because it too pollutes the environment. I think it is their divide and rule politics that is polluting the minds of otherwise peaceful Hindustanis - who just want to live their life instead of interfering with anyone's tradition.

Arun Kumar
Sent on 11/10/17 at 1047 hours (IST)


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