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My Allah vs Your Allah

We all are born beautiful. But then we start thinking. Beauty ends where brain starts. A priest is the happiest person on earth, because he doesn't question his beliefs. He believes in the same verses at 80, that he learned at 8. A priest is beautiful.

But you and I think. We have questions about God. We have questions about our life. We question things.

Therefore we are ugly. Only something that doesn't think is beautiful. As long as you don't question your parents and uncles and aunts, you are a beautiful being. The moment you stop blind beliefs, you become ugly, hated by your own.

I don't really believe I am born for some special purpose. It is philosophy, designed to put you at ease. You can wait all your life for the purpose and die without knowing it. There is no purpose as such, except for what is laid out according to your religion.

When you are just a kid, you pray to God. Hanumanaji is as much the God as is Durga Ma or Ram or Jesus or Allah.
As you grow up, you "come to know" of differences. Hanumanaji is a spirit. Durga Ma is female. Ram was just an avatar of Vishnu. Shiva is not acceptable because you are a Vaishnav.

Beauty ends once you start thinking. Because then, you are scared. You fear wrong. You don't even know the definition of "wrong" but you dread it. You limit your thoughts and actions to refrain from "wrong."

That's the end of beauty. You become a miserable product of your religion, caste, and creed.

As a kid, you loved God, in all His forms. As you grow up, you start differentiating among the different names and shapes.

You then fear "God of other people". You have your own idea, possibly moulded into a form, with a name. Any other name and shape start scaring you. That induces hatred and bitterness against "others' God". The obsession goes to an extent where "your Ram" is different from "others' Ram".

The idea of personal God is good as long as it provides you assurance of God's existence. Once you start differentiating among names and shapes, you are lost. You believe "your Ram" is better than "his Ram".

You forget that there is no difference. That names, shapes may vary but God is a single entity...across castes and religions. It shouldn't matter what you or others call Him. Nobody was there when God was named. But thoughts occur. And these thoughts put an end to the "beautiful you".

It doesn't mean that thinking is wrong. Thoughts and opinions are good as long as they keep you at peace. The moment you start thinking otherwise, your beauty ends. You become an object with subjective thoughts and ideas. You reject God in any form but what you perceive. That's bad.

If your mom changes Her name, She is still your mom. You can't deny it. But not only you do deny it, you go on hating people who call your mom with a different name. Think, and yet stay beautiful. Do not let confusion deprive you of your beauty.


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