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How to find God - Connect to the Universe

People can be at ease if they don't question their beliefs. While there are no rules in Hindutva, questions still arise in the human mind. It is better to keep faith in God and ask Him for guidance than approaching people in charge of religions. There are Vedas and the Bhagwad Gita that give a direction to your thoughts allowing you to think clearly.

Even the Abrahamic religions have holy books that their followers refer to, when in doubt. The only issue is that caretakers of all religions are against updating these holy books.

Books can help only up to an extent. They make you think, help you get started, and give food to your thought so that can find answers. You need to connect to the Universe to receive answers. Books can guide to a point. There is nothing like an all inclusive book that contains solutions related to all the problems of humanity.

The Vedas and Gita have latest interpretations based on current circumstances. There are many interpretations if you search the Internet. I am also writing my own commentary on the Shri Krishna Bhagwad Gita.

The Bible in India, too, is being updated by certain Christian Thinkers to include selected verses from the Vedas. Some see it as a conspiracy to fool Hindus. I too thought so. Later, I realized it is a good decision because the culture of India is much different from that of the West.

If the western copies of Bible are used in India as such, new Christians (people converting to Christianity) in India, may face problem coping with their new religion.

That is to reiterate that one can follow any religion he or she can relate with. Because the end result is same - attainment of Ultimate (Knowledge or God). One can take any path. One can shun all religions and still reach God, as long as he keeps questioning things that occur in his or her life.

Do not give up the task of thinking to the power holders of religions. They pose as if they know everything. And they'll sure misuse your faith in God to achieve their own goals.

God is for everyone who calls Him. These religious power holders pose as if God has given them the exclusive contract for handling questions or problems. No. The answers are already out there. Consider the Universe as a huge brain that has been around since eternity, has seen everything, and knows everything. No books or religious contractors can beat that.

So the next time you need answers, seek solitide, go through your holy books to get started, and connect to God directly. You'll find answers.

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