Monday, July 17, 2017

Modi and Corruption - Where does India stand after all these years?

It saddens me to see the sorry state of current affairs. If we don't unite, Modi can't do anything even if he tries. Just like Modi eating food will not satisfy your hunger, he going ahead and announcing schemes won't help until there is unity among persons responsible for implementation & use of those schemes.

This post is prompted by the depression arising out of transfer of DIG of Prisons to Traffic department. It shows the deep rooted corruption in every system. Why was the DIG Prisons transferred?

Because she told us about special treatment being given to Sasikala, lodged in one of Karnataka prisons.

Not only was the DIG Prisons transferred, the DG too has been sent on indefinite leave. Some 42 prisoners were also sent to other prisons so that no one can give any statement on the special treatment given to Sasikala.

The report on Sasikala was presented yesterday & within 24 hours, so much happened. It kind of sends signals of distress & despair among the masses.

We know what happened & we can't do anything. We can't pressurize the government into revoking the transfer of DIG Prisons & leave of DG. We also know that a probe panel will be set up that will run as long as the issue stays in public memory. We know the probe panel won't find anything wrong & will close the case once public anger is directed to something else.

Despite knowing everything, we can't do anything. If the DIG Prisons cannot protect herself, what powers do you & I possess.

Meanwhile, media is making money by provoking people, running the story non-stop. When Republic TV was announced, we expected a nationalist media that would work for justice. It too turned out to be like any other TV station: all noise but no results. It is just entertaining the Indian Right Wing.

Such incidents induce despair. People who have power, misuse it. Media was supposed to be a watchguard, the 4th pillar of democracy. But it works to further the dirty agendas of political parties and corporations.

Modi can't help us. We need a revolution. *We need intolerance for corrupt.*

Right now, I fail to see any road out of this misuse of power. What can we do as citizens of India? Just watch helplessly as they suck out freedom, law, order, etc. out of the country?
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Friday, July 14, 2017

Is Osama dead? When will he die again?

कमाल हो गया

बगदादी को अमरीका ने फिर मार गिराया।

यह चौथी बार है कि अमेरिका ने बगदादी को मिसाइल से उड़ा दिया।

अमेरिका ने लादेन के साथ भी यही किया। दर्जनों बार उसे मार गिराया। उसे बीमारी से मृत भी घोषित कर दिया। अंततः उसे एबोटाबाद में फिर मार दिया।

ओसमा के शव को सार्वजनिक नही किया तो हो सकता है नये राष्ट्रपति ट्रम्प जी भी पांच छह बार फिर ओसामा को मार गिरायें।

अब समझ आ रहा है रावण के मौत का राज़। फिर तो शक की गुंजाइश भी होती है। कौन जाने रामजी ने रावण को सचमुच मारा या बस बोल दिया प्रेस कॉन्फ्रेंस में की रावण मारा गया।

शंका को पुष्टि मिलती है इस बात से की हर साल दशहरे पर रावण दहन होने के पश्चात भी अगले साल उसको फिर से जलाते हैं।

सच क्या है यह आपको और हमको नहीं पता। वोट के चक्कर में नेता और नोट के चक्कर में मीडिया कुछ भी बोल देती है। किसीको विश्वास हुआ तो हुआ वरना न भी हुआ तो कोई क्या उखाड़ लेगा?

यही दुनिया की सच्चाई है कि सच्चाई आप तक कभी पहुंचती ही नही है। खुद गुमराह नेता आपको रास्ता दिखाते हैं
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Monday, July 10, 2017

A Case for Hindi - In English

They resist Hindi. They welcome English. Language warriors covered Hindi signs at all metro stations with duct tape in Bangalore. They say Hindi is being imposed on them.

Nobody said Hindi is our National Language. People who say that are liars because there is no National Language in India, at the moment.

But what is the harm in having a common language across South Asia- India, Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh etc?

Most of these Hindi haters will want their newborn to cry in English but Hindi is unacceptable. And when you point your finger, they bring up Aryan invasion theory saying North India isn't real India.

Well, we have countless local dialects. Hindi itself has a number of variations like Braj, Maithili, and Bhojpuri. Pure Hindi is called Devanagari. It's tougher to speak Devnagari. The regular Hindi we use in everyday life is not just Hindi. It is Urdu & Hindi. And it blends well with many, across countries.

But try explaning that to Tamils. They'll lynch you verbally, saying you are an Aryan bent upon destroying their heritage. Then why is English acceptable or rather preferred? Because English is considered elites' language. It's the 18th century slave mentality.

There is nothing wrong in aspiring for English but rejecting local dialects & waging war against Hindi display the language warriors' shallowness.

Local dialects are dying. Do we need to revive them? Yes. And no. If people like the language, it will automatically survive. If they reject it, the language becomes history.

With more than half of India speaking Hindi, there are no chances for it dying anytime soon. Neither will English die, nor Urdu as they too are widespread. The only question is, why hate one foreign language (if Hindi is really foreign) and love another one (English)?

If they don't want to learn Hindi, it is ok. If they want their kids to converse only in English, still ok. Why fight unnecessarily and force your ideology on others? Why stop others from learning Hindi? What stupid reason could explain covering Hindi signs with tape while allowing English ones to stay?
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