Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Reality vs Your Reality - What is Reality?

A Look at Reality of Life
In case you are interested, time is the 4th dimension, the basic 3D being length, breadth and height that we plot as X,Y, and Z axis on graph papers.

But this post is not about time. This is about the 5th dimension - the 5D where you think you see the reality. However, imagination is the 5th dimension and this is the dimension where all the action occurs according to humans. I use the word "human" because I don't have idea about how animals and birds think and view things.

Coming back to  humans and reality projected by mind, it appears different to different people. My reality is not your reality. Reality is about seeing things through that lens called perspective and prejudice. Everyone has an opinion and that opinion (also called prejudice in some cases)  helps in creating things on the screen present in our brain for viewing and analyzing things or events.

Our eyes look at at objects  because they  (the objects) reflect light falling on them. If they don't reflect light, they'd be invisible. You might have been tricked in past by glasses. If it is a pure glass, it is transparent and you go  bump into it.

Our eyes pick up reflections from objects and pass the information to brain that adds our perspective to it before projecting it as reality. Since no two people have exact-similar life experience (everyone is unique when it comes to imagination), different people see the same thing differently.

You might have noticed how different an event was, when talking to someone else from that event. Your experience of an event might be completely different from another person from the event. Have you ever argued about whether a person was wearing blue or green? Or how a person treated you badly while the same person treated the other guy nicely?

Life experiences are different for each one inhabiting this planet. Perceptions are created and are subject to change by a set of factors: immediate family, belief of family members, friends, genetic issues and more. The perception keeps on changing. In many cases, people simply form an opinion about other person based on hearsay! Now, that's bad. Everyone has one or two prejudices and that's why you are inclined towards a particular religion and political party, among other things.

These life experiences shape our vision. Whatever is presented to you, goes through an analysis where past plays a prominent role. In most cases, the past is just an illusion because what you remember is not the original event but the last time you remembered it and the mood you were in, when you remembered it. That changes perspective completely; Never go by past data when it comes to predicting life's reality. There is nothing more to say about it. Just try and be accepting. Like accept people and circumstances. Go ahead and change them if you want; nobody except your past is stopping you. But that's another story and I'll write about it as a different article.

The main idea that I want you to retain from this article is that no two realities are alike; that people tend to observe their present through the prism of their aggregated life experiences; that people sometimes are so burned up that they fear smiling may bring in adversities. Again, the topic of adversities is an entire story in itself so I hope I will blog about that as well, sometime in future. For now, just don't force your perception of life on others. Let them build their own - be it by knowledge or trial and error. Forcing your own perception (that is, your own reality) will only make it worse by superimposing yours over the others.

Thanks for reading!