Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Types of gods in Hindu religion

Thought coming in right now is about meaning of कोटि (koti). People say we have 33 koti gods in Hindu religion. Koti means crore. Koti also means 'type'. So is it 33 crore gods or 33 categories of gods? In either case, who are they n where to look for them?

I don't believe they're up there, stacked up in heaven. The concept of heaven & hell  is just to tame people. You do good expecting a better afterlife. You avoid bad to avoid hell. It is the same in all major religions. Maybe you should read my article on the concept of sin in Hinduism.

Then where are these gods? Everywhere around us. The sun god, for example, is always there and so is the moon god. Wind god spreads scent all the time. Likewise others too exist. Someone inhabited that banyan tree you cut down to widen your cemented road. But that does not matter because we look for gods in inanimate objects.

I am not saying that idol worship is wrong. It is ok. Every one needs a medium to talk to God. Imagination is the beginning of road to spirituality. By all means, worship to inanimate but do not neglect the demi gods. They also assist you in living a better life. If you can't praise them, don't go give them problems. One of them could be your guardian angel.

We just have to open our eyes. You can see gods everywhere you look & in everything you look. You just have to identify and acknowledge their existence to be able to see them.

I still feel it's 33 types of gods and not 33 crores. Will look into it. If anyone has any set theory about this, please share with me too. 
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