Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Politicians want status quo on all issues! Here's why!

I am frustrated. I am so frustrated that I can leave this place forever if I see opportunities elsewhere. Not middle east. Neither USA. Maybe Singapore or Iceland. But that's just frustration talking.

The most undeserving person according to the Indian politicians is the upper caste Hindu male.

Who's sacrificed when politics is at play?

No government or political party has anything for that so called general category but they sure expect full support during elections, taking their loyalties for granted.

When KCR donates jewelry worth 5 crores from tax money, it makes news. Nobody even sighed when he launched a scheme to fund motor-cabs for the non-Hindus.  Why the discrimination, if not for appeasement of a certain community? Guess nobody cares about that scheme. Also, it was in 2015 so that scheme doesn't matter much after two whole years.

I can see India going to people who don't respect the Amar Jawan Jyoti... or leaders who believe that people signing up for army are signing their own death warrant. I can't remember who said that people join army to die.

This is the country where a martyr's wife cries on live TV that she needs a job, even if it is sweeper's job. It has been an year since her husband died in Himalayas where he was posted to protect India from enemies.

I am wondering what kind of people support this system. And how do they claim to love their country, all the while supporting mentally sick political leaders?

On one hand, India is trying to maintain peace in Kashmir & at the same time, spending millions on security of  separatists & their families.

Who are they fooling; playing both black & white in chess? What for? Just for votes. They won't get votes if issues are fixed. How can they ask for votes if all the issues are resolved?

I am depressed. I am sad at the state of affairs. I did my best to empower these citizens. They never trusted me. They lack unity. I am not the one who can bring them together. I give up.