Tuesday, February 7, 2017

God and Man

"So why was I born?", he asked God

"Because I need you", replied God

"What is the point of my existence?"

"To understand God"

"So you want humanity to understand you; all those people on earth?"

"No. Not all people. Just you".

"Why me? Why not someone else?"

"There is no someone else. It is just you and me," said God

"What about others? They remain ignorant?"

"No. You are not understanding. There are no others. It's just you & me."

"No. Wait. If there are no others, who are all those people?"

"All of them are you, in different births, at different times".


"It is only you populating the whole world. You as yourself. You as your mother, you are your father, friends, wife etc. All of those bodies are in fact you spread over time, in different births."

"This can't be. What about those terrorists there?"

"You kill. You die. You riot. You suffer. You are the criminal & you are the victim."

"No. I didn't understand."

"It is okay not to understand. You still have to learn a lot. And you'll continue taking births until you fully realize it," said God before sending the man back to earth, reincarnated as his grandfather this time.