Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Moving Towards the End Happily, Drinking Kool-Aid Collectively

I was watching this video that just popped on my Facebook timeline. It triggered the thoughts dormant in my mind for past many months - due to the anti-anxiety medicines that I now take daily.

I am now wondering why I never thought of making this video that I embedded below for you to view. You might have already viewed it. There is no harm in watching it again. It is about the lie we keep telling ourselves.

The video speaks my mind: something that I've been trying to communicate all these years. This is not against any specific person or organization. This is not against a certain community of people. This is for the human race - because the planet will survive anyway, with or without the human race.

We don't simply need politicians. There is enough politics already, everywhere - from families to businesses to parliaments. We need real leaders who can bring about a change in the way we perceive the world and in the way we live our lives at the cost of other species.

Who gave humans, superiority over other species? By whose permission are we destroying our own existence - moving towards the end happily, drinking our own kool-aid - under the impression that we are developing and developing fast? How long can humans play with nature before they go extinct? 
Watch this video and think for a while. Are we really progressing or are we just made to believe we are progressing as a human race? Why are we so sure that we are not dependent on other species for our survival?

According to scientists, the pesticides we use today are harmful for bees. These pesticides are actually killing all the bees. The same scientists say that human race will not survive more than four years once the bees are extinct. So they came up with a solution. They are developing robotic bees that'll help in pollination. I guess pretty soon there will be progressive replacement for other species as well, including trees and even flowers. What will we eat? Capsule packaged food. I am not talking fiction.

Welcome to your new home planet!

The elite have build underground safe-houses in case of a nuclear war where they can survive for years. Where will the normal people go? There is no answer. In fact, yes, there is an answer! Our scientists are already looking for ways to inhabit Mars, the planet they always portray in books and movies as alien. They are now trying to grow food in controlled environment that is similar to Mars. You might have read about that in newspapers.

Not only Mars, scientists are also looking for other planets that may contain an environment suitable enough for human race. I do not think I need to say anything more on the issue(s). It is your call. It is up to you whether you continue to drink the kool-aid they provide you under the guise of development or you wake up to the truth and do something 'real' for the human race.

They call me a rebel for not being mainstream. I am not a rebel. I am not against constructive science & collective development. I am against destructive science and the lies they talk of, when telling us how we developed to become a race superior to all other species on this planet or any other. I am all in if you ask me how to use science for overall benefits of the planet - or rather, the human race because as said earlier, Earth will survive with or without the homo sapiens. 

Oh, by the way, have you heard of the house sparrow? No? Maybe ask your grandparents if they ever got a chance to play with one?!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Politicians want status quo on all issues! Here's why!

I am frustrated. I am so frustrated that I can leave this place forever if I see opportunities elsewhere. Not middle east. Neither USA. Maybe Singapore or Iceland. But that's just frustration talking.

The most undeserving person according to the Indian politicians is the upper caste Hindu male.

Who's sacrificed when politics is at play?

No government or political party has anything for that so called general category but they sure expect full support during elections, taking their loyalties for granted.

When KCR donates jewelry worth 5 crores from tax money, it makes news. Nobody even sighed when he launched a scheme to fund motor-cabs for the non-Hindus.  Why the discrimination, if not for appeasement of a certain community? Guess nobody cares about that scheme. Also, it was in 2015 so that scheme doesn't matter much after two whole years.

I can see India going to people who don't respect the Amar Jawan Jyoti... or leaders who believe that people signing up for army are signing their own death warrant. I can't remember who said that people join army to die.

This is the country where a martyr's wife cries on live TV that she needs a job, even if it is sweeper's job. It has been an year since her husband died in Himalayas where he was posted to protect India from enemies.

I am wondering what kind of people support this system. And how do they claim to love their country, all the while supporting mentally sick political leaders?

On one hand, India is trying to maintain peace in Kashmir & at the same time, spending millions on security of  separatists & their families.

Who are they fooling; playing both black & white in chess? What for? Just for votes. They won't get votes if issues are fixed. How can they ask for votes if all the issues are resolved?

I am depressed. I am sad at the state of affairs. I did my best to empower these citizens. They never trusted me. They lack unity. I am not the one who can bring them together. I give up.
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Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Reality vs Your Reality - What is Reality?

A Look at Reality of Life
In case you are interested, time is the 4th dimension, the basic 3D being length, breadth and height that we plot as X,Y, and Z axis on graph papers.

But this post is not about time. This is about the 5th dimension - the 5D where you think you see the reality. However, imagination is the 5th dimension and this is the dimension where all the action occurs according to humans. I use the word "human" because I don't have idea about how animals and birds think and view things.

Coming back to  humans and reality projected by mind, it appears different to different people. My reality is not your reality. Reality is about seeing things through that lens called perspective and prejudice. Everyone has an opinion and that opinion (also called prejudice in some cases)  helps in creating things on the screen present in our brain for viewing and analyzing things or events.

Our eyes look at at objects  because they  (the objects) reflect light falling on them. If they don't reflect light, they'd be invisible. You might have been tricked in past by glasses. If it is a pure glass, it is transparent and you go  bump into it.

Our eyes pick up reflections from objects and pass the information to brain that adds our perspective to it before projecting it as reality. Since no two people have exact-similar life experience (everyone is unique when it comes to imagination), different people see the same thing differently.

You might have noticed how different an event was, when talking to someone else from that event. Your experience of an event might be completely different from another person from the event. Have you ever argued about whether a person was wearing blue or green? Or how a person treated you badly while the same person treated the other guy nicely?

Life experiences are different for each one inhabiting this planet. Perceptions are created and are subject to change by a set of factors: immediate family, belief of family members, friends, genetic issues and more. The perception keeps on changing. In many cases, people simply form an opinion about other person based on hearsay! Now, that's bad. Everyone has one or two prejudices and that's why you are inclined towards a particular religion and political party, among other things.

These life experiences shape our vision. Whatever is presented to you, goes through an analysis where past plays a prominent role. In most cases, the past is just an illusion because what you remember is not the original event but the last time you remembered it and the mood you were in, when you remembered it. That changes perspective completely; Never go by past data when it comes to predicting life's reality. There is nothing more to say about it. Just try and be accepting. Like accept people and circumstances. Go ahead and change them if you want; nobody except your past is stopping you. But that's another story and I'll write about it as a different article.

The main idea that I want you to retain from this article is that no two realities are alike; that people tend to observe their present through the prism of their aggregated life experiences; that people sometimes are so burned up that they fear smiling may bring in adversities. Again, the topic of adversities is an entire story in itself so I hope I will blog about that as well, sometime in future. For now, just don't force your perception of life on others. Let them build their own - be it by knowledge or trial and error. Forcing your own perception (that is, your own reality) will only make it worse by superimposing yours over the others.

Thanks for reading!
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Types of gods in Hindu religion

Thought coming in right now is about meaning of कोटि (koti). People say we have 33 koti gods in Hindu religion. Koti means crore. Koti also means 'type'. So is it 33 crore gods or 33 categories of gods? In either case, who are they n where to look for them?

I don't believe they're up there, stacked up in heaven. The concept of heaven & hell  is just to tame people. You do good expecting a better afterlife. You avoid bad to avoid hell. It is the same in all major religions. Maybe you should read my article on the concept of sin in Hinduism.

Then where are these gods? Everywhere around us. The sun god, for example, is always there and so is the moon god. Wind god spreads scent all the time. Likewise others too exist. Someone inhabited that banyan tree you cut down to widen your cemented road. But that does not matter because we look for gods in inanimate objects.

I am not saying that idol worship is wrong. It is ok. Every one needs a medium to talk to God. Imagination is the beginning of road to spirituality. By all means, worship to inanimate but do not neglect the demi gods. They also assist you in living a better life. If you can't praise them, don't go give them problems. One of them could be your guardian angel.

We just have to open our eyes. You can see gods everywhere you look & in everything you look. You just have to identify and acknowledge their existence to be able to see them.

I still feel it's 33 types of gods and not 33 crores. Will look into it. If anyone has any set theory about this, please share with me too. 
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Truth behind MUDRA Loan and Standup India Loans

The government talks about inclusive growth, development, and enabling people to set up and expand their businesses. The government even came up with MUDRA loan facility for micro-entrepreneurs and Standup India scheme for bigger businesses. Do they really help? Of course, provided you know someone who can get your work done. Before coming to MUDRA loan, let me explain the Standup India scheme loans / support.

Standup India Scheme Details

You will have to arrange a caste certificate or a female gender certificate if you wish to avail help from the Stand up India government scheme. The Standup India scheme is limited to people of scheduled castes (SC), scheduled tribes (ST) and women entrepreneurs. The Stand up India scheme website itself states it clearly.

If you have to get a loan under this scheme, transfer 51% of your company share to someone belonging to ST/ST/ or someone female. Alternatively, you may go for fake SC/ST certificate or better still, a Dalit caste certificate, like Rohith Vemula did for procuring scholarship at Hyderabad University - only to get involved in university politics and kill himself.

You may also opt for gender change operation but then, if you have that kind (much) of money, don't waste your time trying to get any loan under Stand Up India scheme. With that type of money, you need not approach SIDBI or Stand Up India government's SC/ST/Dalit appeasement scheme. Any bank will give you a personal loan or a business loan - the standard types against surety.

So you have a startup idea? First go and find a scheduled caste person who'd be interested to work with you or register your business in your mother, wife, or daughter's name. Of course, you will have to transfer at least 51% (in short, your whole business) to them. Forget it. Better find and get angel investors to invest in your Startup.

The MUDRA Scheme Details

MUDRA scheme is even more interesting. The government did not restrict it to types of people but to certain types of business. No need to talk about the three categories of the loan as they don't make much difference - if your loan application for 10,000 is being financed, your loan application for 10 Lacs may be approved as well.

MUDRA RUPAY Credit Card Schema
Keep in mind that if you intend to spend the loan money on tangible assets, your loan application may be approved. If you know the bank manager or approach loan agents, your chances of getting MUDRA loan will be more. If you want working capital for example, loan for advertising or to start an online business, better go for regular bank business loans where you have more chances of getting approved even with a bad credit rating.

In other words, banks will finance your idea or expansion plan - under MUDRA - only if they are sure of being able to recover the money from you. Ask MUDRA loan for a vehicle/taxi and you will get it. Ask MUDRA loan to buy stocks and you will get it.

Good luck trying MUDRA Scheme loan for any other purpose. This, basically, benefits the banks because not only do they sell their own packages as MUDRA, they also get refinancing from MUDRA. That is a win-win situation for the banks providing MUDRA loan to the "poor entrepreneurs" who have to pledge their vehicle and goods with the bank that's lending them money. So where is the government involved? Just in refinancing the banks!

Summary: MUDRA Loan & Startup India scheme

While I don't have any hopes from the much hyped Startup India Scheme, I think MUDRA can still work out if government gives it the status of a bank instead of keeping it as a refinancing entity. Let's hope someone does that in the future. Or at the least, arranges alternatives for people from General Caste.

Forget that rant above, I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that such schemes have never really benefited any real needy, even if the person is from the SC/ST/Dalit or even Minority category. It is just a method to keep us divided.

I don't expect anything from any government. If it cannot provide proper food to people, how on earth will it improve the lives of citizens? All these schemes and reservations are just an eyewash to fool the people at the bottom of the pyramid. These are the people who really go out to vote, every election... without fail... and they go to vote anticipating just food and shelter. Every political party knows that the day these people are better off, there will be no issues left in the country/society. How can one fight elections without any issues?!

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Did Draupadi Love Karna Secretly? (Mahabharata series)

You might not have heard it already but there exist tales about Draupadi regretting marrying Pandavas in some areas of Indian subcontinent. In case you are not aware of Draupadi, Pandavas and Karna, you've missed the epic Mahabharata saga, original by Ved Vyas and translated into English by many. There are many translations in market. I too have a recommendation, if you are interested, towards the end of this blog. You can scroll down to the recommendation or you can read through the post first.

Karna: The warrior

Coming to the question Did Draupadi love Karna, it is not part of original story so you can't say for sure. But back then, word of mouth and folklore were the ways literature traveled from generation to generation. We are looking at something that happened 9000 years ago so we cannot be sure of everything in it. Often, things are lost in translation. Often, someone creative wants to bring his own twist into the standard narratives. So? Did Draupadi love Karna secretly?

"If I had not stopped Karna from marrying me at swayamvar (ceremony where the bride selects her husband from a number of suitors), I would not have been wagered, humiliated and called a whore," said Draupadi to the Jamun tree according to a folk tale. Scroll down for the folk tale in short.

Draupadi was result of a sacrificial yajna performed by King Drupada. The mission of Draupadi was to destroy Dronacharya, the guru of both Pandavas and Kauravas. You might know how Drona took revenge from King Drupada when the latter mocked him. It is a whole different story. I will not go into it here in this article.

If Draupadi came out of the sacrificial fire, she already knew her mission. If she took a normal birth, King Drupada would have already programmed her brain so that she goes on to destruct Kauravas and in the process, guru Dronacharya. That is natural; happens in any family - even now. People instigate their kids against people who they think have wronged them. Not all families maybe, but most of them do that. Don't ever do that - it affects the children negatively for a lifetime.

Her only hope of destroying Dronacharya was to marry someone who could defeat the guru. She herself or anyone else around were not as good in combat skills as were Arjuna and Karna at that time. That is the reason the clause to woo her in swayamwara was a bit too tough. And both King Drupada and Draupadi knew it will be possible only for Arjuna or Karna to fulfill the clause to win the hand of Draupadi. 

But Draupadi stopped Karna from participating. She knew Karna was a loyal of Duryodhana and would never go against his friend and patron. She also knew there was no chance of Drona going against Duryodhana as he was the trainer of Kauravas who had sent Pandavas (including Arjuna) underground. She knew that marrying Karna would put an end to her mission. She stopped Karna from participating in swayamwar by calling him a person of lower caste and that she won't marry a "sootputra" (son of a charioteer). Karna left the hall in disgust, humiliated.

Later, when the Pandavas wagered Draupadi and lost her to Duryodhana, Karna did not stop himself from using cuss words against Draupadi and Arjuna. There is an argument saying that Karna was trying to provoke Arjuna so that Draupadi is spared humiliation. I leave it to the reader to assume how true it can be... given he was humiliated in front of almost all the Indian kings and princes at Draupadi's swayamvar. Before this turns bigger than the Mahabharata epic saga itself, here is the folktale in brief that makes people question did Draupadi love Karna.

Draupadi plucked a fruit from a jamun tree. Before she could do anything with the fruit, the tree told her that the fruit was reserved for a sage who was supposed to eat it that day. It further said that since Draupadi plucked it, she will incur sin for contaminating the fruit. Horrified, Draupadi asked all of her husbands to fix the fruit back to the tree. Needless to say, they failed. The tree then said that a chaste woman has powers to do anything. Upon this, Draupadi tries to fix the fruit back to the tree and failed. The tree asks her if she loves anyone other than the Pandavas. It is then that Draupadi said she sometimes thinks she would have been better off if she had married Karna instead of Arjuna. That said, the purple jamun fruit attached to the tree on its own.

Does this tale say anything about love of Draupadi for Karna? People often think of something or the other when frustrated. Did you feel, after reading the above story, Draupadi loved Karna secretly? Let us know in the comments.

Recommended: While there are many versions of Mahabharata available in the market, I recommend Mahabharata by C. Rajagopalachari. His version is short, to the point, and does not omit any of the important events. It begins from King Santanu and goes on to explain how Yudhistira got his brothers' & Draupadi's souls released from hell after the great war.

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

History of Electronic Music in India

India got talent. I thought of naming the post as History of Alternative Music in India but then, there are too many alternatives - alternative Pop, Alternative Rock etc. I just wish to focus on the history of electronic music in India that came in mainly via remixes. Remix can again be categorized into different types of genres. As such, remix is not a hard-definition genre but for sake of this post, we'll consider it a genre. I will define the term 'remix' in the next few paragraphs in this article about history of electronic music in India.

Bringing Remix To India

I credit Gulshan Kumar of T-Series with bringing remix and promoting the trend in India. Of course, there were some DJs (Disk Jockeys) as well but in 80s, people were rather obsessed with original soundtracks of both old and new music rather than listening to modified soundtrack.

While talking about 'remix", clearly it is not a genre but is used very well in different genres, mainly dance. History of electronic music in India is history of remix in India.

Using a loophole in the copyright law (1957) of India, Mr Kumar got his musicians to add "jhankar" (some drums with plenty of drum claps or whatever you call it. I can't remember the exact word for those effects around 16Khz frequency in a standard 10 band equalizer).

I define remix as adding own music to the "original soundtrack" of some movie or other piece of creation. The emphasis here is on the original soundtrack. If it is not original soundtrack, it is not remix. We'll come to that in a while.

When the other music companies holding original copyrights to music objected to this practice, courts modified the Copyright Act of Performing Acts (1957). The new changes stated that none other than the production house can use the original soundtracks for maximum 60 years from date of production of those tracks. But then, the court used the term "original soundtrack" which gave further boost to Gulshan Kumar and his music company named T-Series.

PS: It becomes necessary to mention here that the credit of bringing vinyl cassettes and tapes to common man, goes to T Series that is now handled by his brother, Kishan Kumar.

History of Electronic Music In India

Legal jargon is a fun and can be manipulated in as many ways as one can. All a person needs, is a brain that can locate ambiguous laws and use it for own benefit. When the courts banned usage of "original soundtracks" and said they can be used only by the production house that paid for it, the consultants of Gulshan Kumar came up with an idea that boosted not only the sales of electronic music based on new movies but also brought up new faces/talents to the mainstream.

To understand it more clearly, T-Series stopped using the "original soundtracks" and instead, had new talents sing those songs to own orchestra that was mainly electronic. Now this created much, much better versions of the new releases and probably the "Jhankar version" (as they were called) sold more than the original records. Instead of purchasing the new records as they released, most waited for the "Jhankar" version to be released. This was beginning of the electronic era of music in India.

Bringing Out The Talent - T Series

Not only the latest releases, the T-Series hired fresh talent to sing old songs from Hindi movies and converted them to own electronic versions. This saw the emergence of many a singers and actors (as T-Series also created movies around music). I won't go into detail there else this post would be limited to T-Series.

Still, I would like to state that the following names owe a lot to Mr Kumar and his T-Series:

1. Sonu Nigam - Was associated with T-Series until the fall of T-Series due to an accident explained in the second point here)
2. Anuradha Paudwal (went on to become an alternative for Lata Mangeshkar but suddenly withdrew after Mr Kumar as assassinated by some Mafia for reasons not made public)
3. Kumar Sanu - Not only sang for T-Series but also was hired by different production houses.
4. Attaullah Khan - This is was a whole different story. A Pakistani singer who became famous across Asia just because T-Series recognized his talent.
5. Vinod Rathore and many many more...

Bally Sagoo

The above section was an off beat but the story of T series would be incomplete if I don't mention it. Bottomline is T-Series used own orchestra, electronic, on all types of music to create a history of electronic music in India. That was in the 1990s before the famous DJs Bally Sagoo, Suketu and Aqueel captured the market.

Bally Sagoo

The numbers from Bally Sagoo were not exactly remixes because they did not use original soundtracks. Instead, someone sung the songs while Bally Sagoo arranged music. Not all of Bally Sagoo is electronic.

This person had an amazing talent with electronic. While the Dubstep was still in its infancy - limited to Britain - Bally Sagoo came up with an album called Asian Dub. This album was released somewhere in 1999 and satisfied most of the conditions of Dubstep. If you want me to be more precise, let us call it electro-dub.

Some of his famous albums are Bollywood Flashback 1, Bollywood Flashback 2, Star Crazy and Essential Raga.

Rise of Electronic Music In India

Bali Brambhatt
Following Bally Sagoo came up plenty of DJs such as Aqeel, Suketu and more. They were not remixes but covers. They had people singing songs on live orchestra under the Dance and Pop genre. Nonetheless, both Suketu and Aqeel produced some of the best rocking numbers.

Within these names pops up a name that stands a bit apart! Bali Bhrambhatt, was not much into mixing but did create a number of good dance numbers that rocked pubs and parties.

These DJs found place in emerging Indian electronic music Though most of their numbers were dance & pop as discussed above, some of their creations fall under electronic mixed with other genres. I am not sure what to call them.

Then, there were music companies that knew the people in 90s were more oriented towards fresh voices and off-beat music. They hired these talents to cater to the tastes of the music lovers. Their music is still played in many pubs even all these years. There are some other names without which the 90s won't be complete: Baba Sehgal, Alisha Chinoy, Biddu, Nirvana and not to forget, Apache Indian. They were electronic, more inclined towards pop, dance and hip-hop. I might come up with another article to cover the rise of alternative music in India. For now, let us bring our focus back to history of electronic music in India

The New Age Electronic Music In India

Just when I thought the phase was over, I suddenly found talent all over India in the electronic genre and not limited to that genre. I discovered this breed accidentally in 2010 when looking for some electronic real remixes instead of covers.

Among the names I would like to take are:

2. DJ Akhil Talreja
3. DJ O2 & SRK
4. DJ Rink
5. DJ Jaaya (or J-Ya as she signs up)
6. DJ Tejas and
7. DJ Shadow

You will be impressed to know that in India, we have a good number of lady DJs: DJ Rink and DJ J-Ya deserve a mention. All of them are just experts in spinning disks. Plenty of other names exist but cant put all of them here. And in this case, they are remix: electronic music over original soundtracks.

I might as well add that this too is just another good phase of the history of electronic music in India as I am now finding some other genres dependent on "electronic" already spread all over the world - created by Indians but yet to be accepted in India.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Relationship Tip - Add Value for Long Lasting Relations

What value do you bring to the different relationships you care about?

Consciously or unconsciously, people evaluate relations time to time. I am not saying true love doesn't exist but most of times, social obligations take over the preference.

If you don't bring anything valuable to the relationship, you are as good as without the relationship because one sided love kills you daily.

According to Dr Mittal, finance, entertainment n engagement are most desired elements in any relationship.
If you bring financial gains, or if you crack jokes to entertain other side or if you have the ability to talk good, you will be accepted anywhere.

But if not, especially if you are a male with no earnings, your emotions don't matter after some time.

Be realistic. Find out expectations of people & provide it to them for long lasting relations. No relationship can thrive only on emotions for long.

PS: I hope the above didn't spoil your mood. If you have questions or counter thoughts, connect to Mr Mittal by sending a mail to powercut@powercutmedia.com or chat with one of us at facebook.com/PowercutLifeCoach 
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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

God and Man

"So why was I born?", he asked God

"Because I need you", replied God

"What is the point of my existence?"

"To understand God"

"So you want humanity to understand you; all those people on earth?"

"No. Not all people. Just you".

"Why me? Why not someone else?"

"There is no someone else. It is just you and me," said God

"What about others? They remain ignorant?"

"No. You are not understanding. There are no others. It's just you & me."

"No. Wait. If there are no others, who are all those people?"

"All of them are you, in different births, at different times".


"It is only you populating the whole world. You as yourself. You as your mother, you are your father, friends, wife etc. All of those bodies are in fact you spread over time, in different births."

"This can't be. What about those terrorists there?"

"You kill. You die. You riot. You suffer. You are the criminal & you are the victim."

"No. I didn't understand."

"It is okay not to understand. You still have to learn a lot. And you'll continue taking births until you fully realize it," said God before sending the man back to earth, reincarnated as his grandfather this time.
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