Saturday, January 7, 2017

How to love being miserable? Ignore this post

Everywhere I see, I see people living their lives. Discontented, broken but yet living. It feels their only aim is to survive yet another day on this planet. Ask them what is wrong. They'll blame their fate|luck. They'll call it their karma.
Does the caption suit you?
None of them will hit back the system that placed them in that position. They'll ignore the issue completely even though dying a bit daily, little by little...with each passing second. They have given up. The rules can't be changed. That's what they believe. That's what is hardwired n programmed into their brains.

How do things change? By changing their perspectives somehow. That 'somehow' would be different for different set of people. You, as an agent of change, will have to figure it out.

Take the Bengaluru New Year molestation incident. Everyone washed off their hands saying the girls invited it. That is because the system prohibits women from pursuing happiness as such. Even the women in system believe that they are born to serve others.

How many parents - both mother n father - really train their kids to respect women? How many of them won't show discrimination between genders? How many can become a good example to kids so that they don't treat women as inferior?

Change is inevitable, they say. Let the change be for good. Not for worse. Act now.

PS:  Simple point: If things get better & problems reduce, power holders lose their grip on u. That's y u r living the life u think u r living. Are  u really living or just wasting away your life? Give it a thought. Contact us if u want.

Arun Kumar
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