Thursday, January 26, 2017

How do thoughts work? What are thoughts?

On Thoughts:
What are thoughts?

Thoughts and ideas are basically a wave passing through one's brain to another. I don't know how a thought is created, or an idea strikes. But I know that if you don't pick it up, it is passed to someone else. And then, when the other person speaks about it, all you can do is to clap while thinking how did the person in question steal your thoughts or ideas.

See the entire universe as a single brain and we, the people, as just cells composing that huge brain.

A thought, an idea, occurs in one of these cells (person). If it is anything against our beliefs we reject the thoughts. We are groomed to do so. That's what schools are for: to give you a mindset that would help various power centers. If you follow that mindset, you are a gentleman. If you don't, you are a failure.

Anyway, coming back to thoughts and ideas, they keep bouncing from person to person until someone is ready to accept them and put them to use. That means we are all connected by or in some medium. Probably that medium is what is called God? Or you may think in terms of something like radio waves. Whatever it is, it connects all of us - irrespective of geography, language n religion.

That's my personal observation. It has happened many times when I avoided ideas and saw others talking them up. The next time your brain fires up, stop and grasp that thought so that you don't regret it later...
~ PowercutIN ☺