Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Happy Republic Day 2017 - Where do we stand after 68 years?

*Happy Republic Day 2017*

Tomorrow is Republic Day. People feel patriotic on this day so they buy lots of flags n then do not dispose those flags properly. Two days hence, there would be plenty of national flags lying on road and in the municipal garbage bins.

Republic Day celebrates our constitution that was released n country was declared Indian Republic.

Basically, it is a copy paste job. Our constitution is based on the constitutions of different democracies all over the planet. I suppose it was created with good intentions. But that was 68 years ago. This is 2017. We have to read the Constitution again n make changes to it so that it is updated, with new n better things for current n coming generations.

Currently it though only 68 years old, contains ideas of 19th n 20th century. But that's ok because what good is a constitution without loopholes?!

The credit for current constitution goes to Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar. He is hailed as Messiah of Dalits n untouchables. Few know that he converted to Christianity in his prime. Not only that, Ambedkar also called for conversion of Dalits n untouchables. He believed that only conversion to another religion was the best method to bring in equality among castes. But we proved him wrong. Today, exist things like Dalit Christians n Dalit Muslims. The tag "dalit" stayed with the lower caste even after conversion. Maybe he should have asked Dalits to settle elsewhere so that they can get rid of their lower caste status. He did not know that Indian Republic would bring in reservations.

It did. The Mandal commission identified lower castes n further categorized them as SC, ST, OBC etc. The idea of reservation was to benefit people lagging behind in the society. It never served the purpose though. Of course there is reservation but it is (mis)used by well off lower caste people. The reservation system does not serve the real lower castes. All schemes, including the current government's Mudra n Housing for All schemes favor SC, ST. And OBC too. Not to forget the minorities!

There are so many ifs n buts in the constitution that the economically backward lower castes cannot really benefit from it. There go the government schemes into dustbin, making the unfortunate Dalits still think that conversion is the best way for a better life... which in my opinion, will take many more decades.

You and me can't change overnight to embrace these so called untouchables in India. Conversion doesn't provide them equality but it helps their children to study in convents run by missionaries who brainwash these kids into believing that Indian culture is disgusting. They grow up to hate their own people and leave their country for an uneasy life abroad.

Wait. What was I saying? Oh yes, *Happy Republic Day*
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