Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Concept of Evil in Hinduism

Talking about EVIL, you will be amazed to know that it has not been defined or explained in Hinduism.

Concept of EVIL in Hinduism:
Other religions have a DEVIL necessarily, that causes harm to the soul or misleads people to misery. In case of Hinduism, there is no mention of any such thing. The devil simply does not exist.
Of course, you have mythical characters such as demons etc but they are what they are: imagination or rather, perspective.

One can deduce from Bhagwad Gita that absence of good is evil - just as absence of light is darkness. There is no material or matter that creates darkness. It is simply absence of photons (light).

Thus, things that cannot be called good are EVIL.

There is no definition of good either. What is good for one can be evil for other. It is just our perspectives that tell us what all can b classified as good or as bad.

There are books that try to define certain acts as good and others as EVIL but I will tie them to the cults formed much later. These books are simply perspectives of their authors.

As such, anything that harms others should be considered evil but then, if you look at food chain, for example, you will have to survive on dry dead plants or animals to be considered good.

This can go on and on so I will just sum up the thing. EVIL in Hinduism is just a perspective and so is the Good.

You can deduce two important points from the above
1. It is better not to carry guilt all the time
2. Never be afraid of losing your place in heaven because neither heaven nor evil are present. The soul goes from one life to another life, all the while realizing the Truth and finally rests with the Ultimate.
The whole idea is that you should do your duties and leave it to karma to figure out if it was good or EVIL.
If you need details or have questions, we can debate further. Send me a message or comment here itself.