Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Caste system in India and its religions

It is not Brahminism that ruined our society. Those Ambedkar and Periyar followers are wrong. Brahmins are just like any other caste. Like Dalits.

All of them need some sort of identification so they can get a feeling that they belong to a certain group.

This tendency is there in animals & birds too. That is why you see animals in groups. Then there are sub groups. Dogs of a locality have their territories marked. They won't let in dogs from outside into the territory, unless the newcomer is holding its tail down, ready to serve the authoritian Jdogs of that territory.

When Lord Krishna spoke, He spoke of Varnas and not Castes. Now, Varnas are different. They are decided based on the type of work a person does.

A king is a kshatriya. A teacher is brahmin. A businessman is vaishya. Someone doing things like cleaning up is shudra.

Lord Krishna never spoke of untouchability when explaining varna system. He said people were recognized and got a place in society (varna system) according to the work they did. There was no untouchability back then.

I do not know when and how the varna system turned into caste system to ruin the loves of many. Unlike varna system, where people where assigned a status according to their work, caste system labels people by their birth into families that have already been categorized...(probably from leftovers of varna system).

So if a person is born into a shudra family, but by karma, achieves good knowledge and humility, he will still be branded a shudra whereas the varna system would have placed him as a brahmin.

The transformation of varna system into a rigid caste system has ruined many lives. People without talent are ruling while people with knowledge are sweeping roads.

I will not talk of government provided reservation system in this post. But I'd want to say such a reservation system increases the rigidity of castes, making it impossible to eradicate the feeling of superiority.

The feeling of superiority is what I think might have led to the rigid mindset of caste system. Our vedas and even Gita doesn't mention caste system. They are liars who say Manu propagated caste system. They were all talking about varna system where people could go to higher castes utilizing their karma/work/knowledge.

It is now almost impossible to shed off the rigid caste mindset. The feeling of superiority is all prevalent. It suppresses lower castes and stops them from progressing. If they want a decent life, they have no choice except to leave India.

Though Ambedkar asked people to take up Buddhism, it won't change your identity in people around you. If you were a Dalit who converted to any religion, you are still a Dalit for people around you. That's why we have Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims in India. You wont find them anywhere else in the world.

Let's come back to the feeling of superiority. People taking birth into higher castes are considered better no matter how dirty they are. Walk into the house of any upper caste person, and most of the time you'll sure encounter stink. Being born in upper castes doesn't instill cleanliness automatically - material or spiritual. Neither does being born into a lower caste make anyone dirty by default.

In my opinion, clarity of soul matters more than caste. Bodies are just instruments (कारक: neither कर्म, nor कर्ता). Bodies are not reflections of soul. They are mere instruments that help you polish your soul.

No need to feel disgusting if anyone is born into a lower caste. They can still polish their souls. No need to carry superiority when born into a higher caste. Such an attitude may degenerate your divine qualities.

Caste system is a myth. Castes were never declared by Lord Krishna or even Manu. Somewhere between Lord Krishna and Gandhi, somebody turned off varna system to gain and retain that superiority feeling.

In that feeling of superiority, the pride of your caste, you are running the whole lives of your children, the coming generation. I won't talk about politics on caste. We all know it's dirty talk. So when you know politicians are wrong, when will you be correcting your mindset to let your children be what they want? To let them get what they want? There's more to say - your three month old kid is actually few thousand years old atma (soul); maybe elder to you. Ever thought that way?!
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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Equality is not desirable

Imagine equality. How do you define it? The easiest way would be to think of equality as contentment, where everyone is at peace with no positive or negative forces acting on them. How desirable is that?

It feels good in theory that everyone is content; everyone is at peace; everyone has everything he or she wants.

Believe me, you wouldn't want everyone to achieve that state. Because it leads to inertia. There won't be any type of action - positive or negative. There would be a state of suspended animation: people alive but not able to do anything because they do not want anything.

Creation is based upon disbalance. I had a friend tell me that world would hv been pleasant if God was nice to everyone in general. Think about it.

Isn't tension necessary for action to take place? That action could be creation or it could be destruction of something. But there would be action.

In case of all prevalent contentment, there won't be any action. Nobody will want to break free. Nobody will want to bind himself to his love. Everyone would be sedated, stoned, doing nothing...not even dreaming. I am told such a time comes and it is called "pralay" or dismantling of all creation. Like the chess pieces after a game, everything is put into a box...until the next game starts.

I cannot vouch for the theory of "pralay". I haven't experienced it. But I know that tension is necessary for things to act - constructively or destructively. And out of destruction, comes many more constructions. Also, even as things are created, many related things are being destroyed.

In case you are perfecting your speech, your words become powerful but as your pitch increases, you are killing microbes just using your voice.

Do let me know if you have counter thoughts.
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Monday, July 31, 2017

What is your dharma Karma and Sanyas yoga

In times when people are fighting on what to call God, let's look at Maha Nirvana Tantra.

First thing is, who dared name God? Anyone claiming that that God has a special name is blasphemous. Names are but an easier way to identify things. God is much above that.

Coming to Maha Nirvana Tantra, there are two types of dharmas. One is grihasth (गृहस्थ) or householder. The other is Sanyasi (सन्यासी) or people who renunciated everything to spend their time in learning and teaching about God.

It is difficult to remain in world, fulfill your duties, and reach God. It is nevertheless possible.

People who believe in karma and take care of dharma while being grihasth or householder reach the same destination that a yogi who renunciated everything would reach.

There are four yogas mentioned that take you towards the Ultimate. Householder or grihasth is toughest of them all. Because under this yoga, the person has to stay in world & yet take care of his duties, that too, without any attachments to worldly things.

For a Sanyasin, it is difficult to keep his heart free of desires as they can arise in any form; even any craving for a certain food item than what's available is a desire. That's where many Sanyasin fail. They assume they are passing their life learning & teaching God but in reality, their hearts keep craving for something or the other.

If you are to become Sanyasin, leave all desires and be content with whatever you have. Your only duty is to learn about the Ultimate and spread knowledge.

In case of householder or grihasth, the duties are manifold. I will not cover it in details here but understand that whatever a householder does, he does it for God. It is pretty easy to mistake attachment for God as attachment for others. For example, a grihasth has to care for his parents. But it is necessary that he doesn't become emotionally attached to the human bodies & instead leave his desires to God. Among other duties of householder or grihasth are contributing to development in form of alm houses, roads, greenery, etc directly or indirectly. We'll talk about this in details in some other post.

For now, just remember that whatever path you pick up - grihasth or Sanyasin - you pursue it with honesty. There is no use being a Sanyasin if you keep on thinking about your parents or kids. Likewise, there is no use being a grihasth or householder if you think you could focus on God if you didn't have responsibilities. Whichever path you pick up, make sure you are true to it. There is no shame in switching paths. If you renounced the world but feel guilty of leaving your old parents alone, it is better if you go back to them and take care of them as your duty. You will reach the same destination as a Sanyasin would reach. I will write more on duties better details.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Modi and Corruption - Where does India stand after all these years?

It saddens me to see the sorry state of current affairs. If we don't unite, Modi can't do anything even if he tries. Just like Modi eating food will not satisfy your hunger, he going ahead and announcing schemes won't help until there is unity among persons responsible for implementation & use of those schemes.

This post is prompted by the depression arising out of transfer of DIG of Prisons to Traffic department. It shows the deep rooted corruption in every system. Why was the DIG Prisons transferred?

Because she told us about special treatment being given to Sasikala, lodged in one of Karnataka prisons.

Not only was the DIG Prisons transferred, the DG too has been sent on indefinite leave. Some 42 prisoners were also sent to other prisons so that no one can give any statement on the special treatment given to Sasikala.

The report on Sasikala was presented yesterday & within 24 hours, so much happened. It kind of sends signals of distress & despair among the masses.

We know what happened & we can't do anything. We can't pressurize the government into revoking the transfer of DIG Prisons & leave of DG. We also know that a probe panel will be set up that will run as long as the issue stays in public memory. We know the probe panel won't find anything wrong & will close the case once public anger is directed to something else.

Despite knowing everything, we can't do anything. If the DIG Prisons cannot protect herself, what powers do you & I possess.

Meanwhile, media is making money by provoking people, running the story non-stop. When Republic TV was announced, we expected a nationalist media that would work for justice. It too turned out to be like any other TV station: all noise but no results. It is just entertaining the Indian Right Wing.

Such incidents induce despair. People who have power, misuse it. Media was supposed to be a watchguard, the 4th pillar of democracy. But it works to further the dirty agendas of political parties and corporations.

Modi can't help us. We need a revolution. *We need intolerance for corrupt.*

Right now, I fail to see any road out of this misuse of power. What can we do as citizens of India? Just watch helplessly as they suck out freedom, law, order, etc. out of the country?
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Friday, July 14, 2017

Is Osama dead? When will he die again?

कमाल हो गया

बगदादी को अमरीका ने फिर मार गिराया।

यह चौथी बार है कि अमेरिका ने बगदादी को मिसाइल से उड़ा दिया।

अमेरिका ने लादेन के साथ भी यही किया। दर्जनों बार उसे मार गिराया। उसे बीमारी से मृत भी घोषित कर दिया। अंततः उसे एबोटाबाद में फिर मार दिया।

ओसमा के शव को सार्वजनिक नही किया तो हो सकता है नये राष्ट्रपति ट्रम्प जी भी पांच छह बार फिर ओसामा को मार गिरायें।

अब समझ आ रहा है रावण के मौत का राज़। फिर तो शक की गुंजाइश भी होती है। कौन जाने रामजी ने रावण को सचमुच मारा या बस बोल दिया प्रेस कॉन्फ्रेंस में की रावण मारा गया।

शंका को पुष्टि मिलती है इस बात से की हर साल दशहरे पर रावण दहन होने के पश्चात भी अगले साल उसको फिर से जलाते हैं।

सच क्या है यह आपको और हमको नहीं पता। वोट के चक्कर में नेता और नोट के चक्कर में मीडिया कुछ भी बोल देती है। किसीको विश्वास हुआ तो हुआ वरना न भी हुआ तो कोई क्या उखाड़ लेगा?

यही दुनिया की सच्चाई है कि सच्चाई आप तक कभी पहुंचती ही नही है। खुद गुमराह नेता आपको रास्ता दिखाते हैं
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Monday, July 10, 2017

A Case for Hindi - In English

They resist Hindi. They welcome English. Language warriors covered Hindi signs at all metro stations with duct tape in Bangalore. They say Hindi is being imposed on them.

Nobody said Hindi is our National Language. People who say that are liars because there is no National Language in India, at the moment.

But what is the harm in having a common language across South Asia- India, Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh etc?

Most of these Hindi haters will want their newborn to cry in English but Hindi is unacceptable. And when you point your finger, they bring up Aryan invasion theory saying North India isn't real India.

Well, we have countless local dialects. Hindi itself has a number of variations like Braj, Maithili, and Bhojpuri. Pure Hindi is called Devanagari. It's tougher to speak Devnagari. The regular Hindi we use in everyday life is not just Hindi. It is Urdu & Hindi. And it blends well with many, across countries.

But try explaning that to Tamils. They'll lynch you verbally, saying you are an Aryan bent upon destroying their heritage. Then why is English acceptable or rather preferred? Because English is considered elites' language. It's the 18th century slave mentality.

There is nothing wrong in aspiring for English but rejecting local dialects & waging war against Hindi display the language warriors' shallowness.

Local dialects are dying. Do we need to revive them? Yes. And no. If people like the language, it will automatically survive. If they reject it, the language becomes history.

With more than half of India speaking Hindi, there are no chances for it dying anytime soon. Neither will English die, nor Urdu as they too are widespread. The only question is, why hate one foreign language (if Hindi is really foreign) and love another one (English)?

If they don't want to learn Hindi, it is ok. If they want their kids to converse only in English, still ok. Why fight unnecessarily and force your ideology on others? Why stop others from learning Hindi? What stupid reason could explain covering Hindi signs with tape while allowing English ones to stay?
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Friday, June 23, 2017

The Story of Cindrella - Part 2

The Dark Story of Cinderella from Part 1, Continued...

It happened as Cindrella expected. Word was out that the prince is looking for someone. That he had declared he will marry the girl whose foot fitted the shoe he had.

Cinderella smiled. A wicked smile. She had power over the shoes. It took her 3 months to hunt, skin, n sew those anaconda shoes that won't fit anyone but her feet.

Soon the prince was at Cinderella's house. Her step sisters tried but the shoe did not fit. Despite her step mom's objection, Cindrella tried the shoe. It fit her perfectly...because it was made specially for that toe-less feet.

The prince asked for the other shoe in the pair. Cinderella went into her room & came back wearing both shoes in the pair.

The prince was thrilled. He found her. He mumbled something under his breath, "everyone, move in; we found her." Then he asked about the diamond studded dress. Cindrella's stepmom said the prince is wasting his time. There is no way Cinderella can possess a diamond suit. Cindrella smiled. Brought out the dress from her bag, said, "I knew you will want to make sure it's me."

Suddenly the prince's sword was at Cinderella's forehead. She turned white. She saw some 36 troops surrounding her, her stepmom, & step sisters.

"What's happening?" Cindrella cried.

"Where did you get this diamond dress," demanded the prince.

Cindrella looked into the eyes of the prince. There was nothing except anger. She was not prepared for this. She calmly said, "My stepmom gave it to me."

Her stepmom cried, "No sir, in no way can I give her a diamond suit. My own daughters don't own any."

"You are being arrested for cheating the prince," said the prince.

After half an hour, Cindrella's stepmom was cursing her inside a highly secured prison. Cindrella smiled. Her step sisters were horrified. She said nothing.

"On your guard! The royal prince is coming," said a voice guarding the prison.

Indeed, the very prince who arrested Cindrella was before their eyes. Cindrella's stepmom shivered. Her step sisters looked at the prince in horror. But the prince fainted out of shock.
He saw Cindrella striking her forehead with her thumb, turning into a snake, and vanishing down the drain.


Nobody was in their senses. The prince & his guards just couldn't believe a girl vanishing down the drain like a snake.

But there was proof. The prison cell still held Cindrella's stepmom and her step sisters. They were as horrified as the prince.

The prince's minister was quick to blame Cinderella's stepmom. He pronounced her a witch and told guards to burn her along with her daughters, at the stake in the center of market.

As the prince lost his senses, he could hear a wicked laugh. Somewhere, Cindrella was laughing both at her stepmom and the prince.
Arun Kumar

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The Dark Story of Cinderella - Intro

At the stroke of 10, Cinderella waived her hands. Suddenly her torn, old clothes were replaced with pretty clothes glittering with diamonds.

She slipped into the shoes she especially designed for the occasion. These were shoes that won't fit anyone else. It took three months to kill and collect anaconda's skin that she sewed into shoes.

At the party, she mixed the magic potion with the drink that'd be served to the prince. From the corner of her eyes, Cinderella made sure the prince emptied his glass. She went to the prince and whispered, "I have to leave!" Before the intoxicated prince could react, Cinderella vanished from the spot, after making sure that she left her left shoe for the prince to find out.

Back home, she changed into rags & hid the other Anaconda shoe with her diamond dress. She knew what was to happen next. You too. And you thought Cinderella was a cute, simple, harmless thing?

I omitted details here. Read The Dark Story of Cinderella - Part II
Arun Kumar
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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Questions for the Indian Government from a common Indian

Following are some questions for the Indian government. But anyone can answer them if they know the answers. Why does everything seem to be going in the wrong direction?

Hyderabad at Sunrise - Not related to the post

Why is Pakistan still Most Favored Nation (MFN) for India? What are these governments hiding?

Already Kashmir is on boil...why are they settling Rohingya refugees there?

Is there really terrorism or a freedom fight going on in Kashmir? What do they want exactly? To go with Pak, create unrest, or implementation of an Islamic rule?

Why isn't any scamster of UPA regime still not in jail?

Why is West Bengal turning into an Islamic state? Why isn't anyone even trying to overthrow Mamata Banerjee's regime? How much is the government earning from illegal poppy cultivation there?

What is happening in Kerala? Why isn't anyone protesting the killings of local activists by communists? Who is benefitting from those killings & how?

Why does every government always engage in Muslim appeasement & caste politics, RESERVATIONS?

Why can't the local police fight & control Naxals? Why is CRPF always deployed from Assam to Chhattisgarh? If the local police is not of any use, why do we have police there?

Is police really useless against Naxals or is it supporting them? Why can't CRPF work autonomously? Is there any plan to control those Naxals? What are they really fighting for? What are they demanding that the government is not willing to give them?

I am not talking about media gag but why can't the government make the press accountable and take action against cooked/false news?

Some bigger questions for the Indian Government

What are the real forces behind unrest in India?

Is Vatican really funding certain politicians to divide India & end Hinduism?

Why is the government overlooking illegal religious conversions by so called minorities? Why is the government allowing fake drama of magical healing by a certain community?

Why did the government not look into political post holders being funded by Russia, as reported by WikiLeaks? Is KGB really defunct or is it still sponsoring any politician in India?

Why isn't India protesting the Chinese Economic Corridor in Pakistan? What game are they playing?

Despite US possessing best satellites that can detect training camps in Pakistan, why is no one declaring it a terror sponsor? What are they hiding?

Is government of India itself involved in creating the current unrest in country? If not, what is the government strategy to bring everyone under one umbrella?

And finally, why on earth am I thinking about all the above instead of watching some movie?

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Letter to Sri Narendra Modi - Indian PM

Nobody wants war. But at the least, revoke MFN status to Pakistan? Is Mr Modi playing MK Gandhi - working both for international influencers while trying to maintain his following? Believe me sir, your following is reducing each day that ends with non action.

All that development, which you claim you have done, will do you no good if you fail the mood of nation.

People are angry. They voted you to power because they wanted Chinese Gandhis in Tihar, because they were fed up of terrorists beheading our armed forces personnel, and because they wanted a Nationalist at Center.

They didn't vote you so that you go to Lahore & have Biryani with Sharif. They didn't vote you to power just so they can listen to your "mann ki baat" on radio.

ITES companies are laying off more than 70,000 people this summer. Do you have any action plan? Instead you're giving sermons on Buddhism in Lanka. Your Standup India scheme is limited to Backward Classes who already have good living.

People didn't vote for you to leave things to "course of law". Everyone knows how law and courts function in India.

People thought you'd be the change they wanted to see in Indian leadership. Not for you to continue Gandhi's legacy. And certainly not for appeasement politics.

Everyone knows Kashmir struggle is for Islamisation of that province. Are you really innocent to believe that an 8000cr development package will make Kashmir militants forget Sharia? Do you think it is just a political issue that can be solved by a dialog with Pak who is just funding the militants that are products of brainwashing done by Separatists who enjoy security cover provided by your own government.

If you are serious about solving Kashmir, why don't you remove that security to Geelani who is poisoning young minds, and paying them money for assaults on army.

Until 2014, you were angry with the then Central government that MMS gave a royal treatment to Sharif's family after Hemraj was beheaded by either Pak forces or Pak non state actors. What did you do? Invited their forensics to Pathankot after the army station seize? What did you get except an improvement in your image in the international community?

Sorry sir, people didn't vote for you to help you create a larger than life image of yours. They wanted a change. If you don't deliver it by 2019, they'll look for alternatives... local parties will emerge successful as at least they can solve local issues related to food & water.

Your government is focusing on bullet trains & all. It is good. Still, I bet Hyperloop will be a reality even before you can start building the elevated corridor for that bullet train. Just because bureaucracy is tooooo slow in India. I heard you were working on that. But it is still plenty of hurdles.

It's a matter of concern that you sent Mr. Parrikar back to Goa just because of some stupid international pressure on the issue of Kashmir.

Yeah, I feel you too don't want to solve issues because these are the issues that help you fight elections. I also feel you too are scared of the day these issues die down, because there will be nothing provoking to share on stage, in your powerful speeches.

End of Letter to Sri Narendra Modi - Indian PM
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Thursday, June 8, 2017

What happened after Mahabharata - Parikshit & Takshak Snake

Many of us know that the Mahabharata ends when Yudhistir manages to rescue his brothers and Draupadi from Hell and ascends to Heaven. If you haven't heard of this story called "Yudhistira had to go to Hell", drop a comment and I will narrate it in some other post. I will focus on Parikshit and Takshaka snake in this post. Since this post is about "what happened after Mahabharata", I will also talk about Parikshit's son, Janmejaya and his supernatural feat in the second part in this series. (PLEASE CHECK FOR LINK A FEW DAYS LATER).

In case you wish to read the entire Mahabharata, I recommend you buy Mahabharata by C Rajagopal Acharya. The author has presented the whole epic in short, without omitting any of the details. You can find the "Yudhistra in Hell" chapter too, in that book. It is the last chapter in most Mahabharata books. Some Mahabharata books end with coronation of Yudhistira so they're incomplete. One has to know why a truthful person ended up in Hell even after ruling a kingdom justly.

Who Was Parikshit? Who was King after Yudhistira? 


Coming back to Parikshit, he was the only successor of Pandavas post Mahabharata war. You probably know that after Duyodhana's death, Dronacharya's son was so upset at unjust war that he no longer respected ethics and set fire to the Pandava Camp at night. The Pandavas escaped unhurt. Draupadi too escaped. But all sons of Pandavas were killed in that fire.

Abhimanyu was Arjuna's son from Subhadra, cousin of Lord Krishna. Abhimanyu already fought valiantly and was killed in a Chakravyuha battle formation that he penetrated despite half knowledge. That's a different story again, but you should know Abhimanyu was killed by Karna, Kripacharya, and many other warriors. This too prompted an interested episode - The Killing of Jayadratha.

Incidentally, Abhimanyu's wife, Uttara, was pregnant at the time of the war. According to the Hindu customs, a bearing lady lives with her parents until the child is born. Thus, she was much far away from the war field, with her parents.

Uttara gave birth to a warrior named Parikshit. After procuring training from his grand-fathers (Pandavas, Lord Krishna, & their gurus), he was made the successor to the throne after Pandavas left on their final journey.

Parikshit proved to be a good emperor and carried Yudhistira's legacy forward. But then, enters Takhshak, the snake or serpent - however you may want to call it. Let's just say Takshaka for ease of use. Takshaka is a snake that can fly and can take different forms at will.

Why Takshaka Wanted to Kill Parikshit?

When the Pandavas set fire to Khandava forest to clear the ground for building a city, Takshaka's wife charred to death. His son escaped and tried to kill Arjuna by taking form of an arrow in the quiver of Karna.

When Karna used the snake turned arrow, Lord Krishna, who was the charioteer of Arjuna, made the horses stoop. That made Karna miss and instead of hitting him on the forehead, the snake arrow just hit the crown of Arjuna - both the snake and the crown shattered into pieces. This incident added fuel to Takshaka's anger.

He did not get a chance to get even with the Pandavas during their lifetime. But thanks to a misadventure by Parikshit, Takshaka got a chance and he used it to his best. Now starts the real story of Parikshit and Takshaka.

Parikshit and Takshaka

Parikshit was a good emperor. But he had some anger too. Once, on a hunting trip, he was lost in the forest. He sees an ascetic (sage) and asks him some water. It was a bad day for Parikshit, as the ascetic was on a vow of silence. Since the ascetic did not answer or maybe Parikshit did not understand the sign language of ascetic, he got angry. He looked angry, saw a snake on a nearby branch, broke the branch with the snake, tried to scare the ascetic with that snake.

It did not cause any harm to the sage but the sage's son saw it. He poured some water in his palm and sprinkled it on Parikshit, saying that within seven days, Takshaka will cause Pariskshit's death. All of them went their ways after the incident. Parikshit was frightened. He could not sleep. He told his ministers about the curse. They decided that if the emperor is secured for seven days, the curse would fade away.

To secure the emperor, a huge tower was built with a room on the top. The tower had guards at every step, especially looking out for snakes. The top room housed Parikshit and his assistants. Here was Takshaka's chance to kill Parikshit to avenge his wife and and son's death. But the security was really tight. Takshaka had to find a way to get close to the king before he could bite him to death.

It was the evening of seventh day. The curse time-period was about to end. Parikshit and his people were happy that they're almost saved. A women carrying apples approaches the tower where Pariskshit was lodged. She wanted to give some apples to the emperor for his long life. While the armed guards did not let the women go up to Parikshit, they took few apples to the emperor.

Since they were too happy, the assistants handed over one apple to Parikshit. As he bit it, he saw a worm wriggling from the apple. He pulled out the worm and mocks it, asking where is Takshaka. The worm suddenly transforms into a huge snake. Parikshit was white with fear. It was not a problem for Takshaka to fatally bite the emperor and escape.

The story does not end here. Parikshit's son, Janmejaya came to know of this. What he does for revenge is another blog post. Please check back in a few days for link to Janmejaya's story. Takshaka had to pay for killing Parikshit. Did he pay? Did Janmejaya make him pay? What did he do?

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Should you fear Islam?

The London Mayor once said terror is part & parcel of living in big cities. Cool. Incidentally, London Mayor is a Muslim. A moderate Muslim I think. Moderate Muslims don't kill. They don't want you around either.

The London Bridge experienced terror attack again on Sat, June 3, 2017

I don't like criticizing any religion but how long can we bury our heads in sand & ignore the problem?

Today's statement coming from Mehndi Hassan, a London based journalist, says that the only method to prevent terrorism is to refuse to be terrified. I'd like to ask him, if I refuse to die, can death be prevented? Or does he mean people should die bravely by taking the wrath of Islamic terrorism.

The term itself is ambiguous. Because there's only Islamic terrorism, visible on the planet. I can't really think of other forms of terrorism. They say there is Hindu terror & Communist terror but I am yet to see these guys going up a bridge, shouting Allah Hu Akbar, & start stabbing random, unknown  people for an ideology that is fed to them wrongly. There have been mindless killings in the past by many. But those things can be stopped by creating a law. In case of Islamic terrorism, how can you create a law if you refuse to acknowledge the issue?

That's not all. When the news of such incident comes out, you can see Muslims start giving hugs to people of other faiths asking them if they trust him.

Of course, we trust you. It is a matter of cultural diversity. It is also a matter of humanity. But buddy, the trust is one sided. I believe in humanity. You believe in a book that says go kill non-Muslims with all might. Does it really say that?

I believe in coexistence. Mullahs (The Muslim Clerics and similar power centers) say killing people of non-Muslim faith is fastest & surest way to get to heaven. I read somewhere that the Koran says a person who kills himself stays in hell for eternity. How, in that case, can suicide bombing (Islamic Terrorism) be equated to Jihad: A War for God?

Way back, someone asked me why Islamic terrorists blow up themselves to kill others. At that time, I thought they felt oppressed. I felt proper education can bring Muslim youth to mainstream. That was some six years ago. I wasn't aware that their holy book itself asks them to go on culling kafirs (people who don't call their God with the name Allah; I still don't know what difference it makes if you call God with some other name). I did not even know the meaning of that word 'kafir'. When my Muslim business partner asked me to remove a poster from common office, I never understood why he did that.

From a distant point, it seems Islam is a problem: a huge problem that needs to be tackled ASAP. Looking a bit closer, you'll find those Muslim Clerics (Mullahs) brainwashing Muslim kids from the very beginning of their lives.

I am not the one to declare anything but seems someone needs to fix it. There have been translation of certain verses in Vedas too, that call for killing of infidels. But they were not exact translations. Other learned people proved them wrong. Is there no one among those following Islam, who can take a second look at their religious book and see why is it creating terrorists instead of peace loving, coexisting people?

Anyway, the school of thought that education can reduce the number of Islamic terrorists is bullshit. The London Mayor, well educated, social, & responsible person, threatened Trump that if he doesn't let in Muslims into the US, those Muslims will attack US. I see he was not wrong. European Union was such a nice place before they started this refugee program. Now, it is just terror everywhere.

World leaders don't want to look bad or whatever be the reason, they are willing to risk by supporting Muslim refugees and immigrants. I don't want to say anything more on this subject. BTW, part of Muslim community disowns terrorists but when one of them dies, thousands attend his funeral. Need I say anything? Open your eyes & see for yourself how they destroy the harmony where ever they go.

Call me Islamophobic. Call me communal or whatever you want. At least I am not denying Islamic terrorism is a world problem. I might ignore it but I won't deny it. And I would ask one of those Islamic scholars to take a second look at their books. I am sure they can find out it was distorted by certain power centers for their own benefits.
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Friday, May 19, 2017

The South India you did not know

Elderly Tamils consider Vindhyas as Dravidian border. They proudly say they are Tamils for 2000 years & Indians only for 70 years (after independence).

Their theory is that North Indians (Read: Aryans) are spoiling their culture. They stay away from Hindi, Sanskrit, Devanagari & other symbols of Aryanism.

The Vindhya Range

The same applies to people of Karnataka though they are not as rigid as Tamils. They too consider Sanskrit Devanagari and Hindi as symbols of Aryan "invasion".

Currently both Tamils & Kannadigas are fighting the "imposition" of Hindi as national language, especially in government offices. Hindi hasn't been officially declared national language yet by any government. It is a myth spread by vested interests.

Kerala is a whole different thing. It was populated with Syrian Christians for long. However, the majority now are "converted Muslims" & "converted Christians" (Read: Dalit Christians).

Hindus in Kerala do not celebrate any of the Brahminical festivals - Holi, Diwali - as Kerala has had a history of "resistance to oppression". That explains all Dalit Christians & Converted Muslims. The state is largely communist & people take pride in "equality in theory" (because equality is nowhere visible in practice, even after conversions).

They revel in Malayalam and are averse to all Aryan symbols, languages, etc.

That leaves AP & Telangana They are yet to be studied by me. Will post if I find anything peculiar to this part of India.
Arun Kumar
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Monday, May 8, 2017

Parenting Teenagers - The Young Rebels

Everything is better than a life dependent on someone, even if the needs are emotional. Actually, non fulfilment of emotional needs hurts more than financial & physical needs.

Treat yourself & yours with love and care. Dont make any enemies out of relations. You have to adjust at times, even if the other party is your kids, especially teenagers. They don't like authority. They look for friends always, even in parents. Mom tried to jail me with her commandments & that's when she turned into a villain for me.

Believe me, treating your kids as friends, confiding in them, talking about yourself before demanding answers from them is much better than trying to exert your authority.

Once a kid has one leg into the society, it is time to treat him/her respectfully.

Reprimanding them or insulting them in front of others, even if the others are your relatives, hurts them for long & creates a repulsion and disregard for elders, including their own parents.

For mental health & relationship tips, text MIND to +918179215241. Our panel of psychologists won't charge a paisa to assist you.
Arun Kumar

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Do you need a Messiah?

Did you know?

Unlike Xianity, where even sins of ancestors of believers' are pardoned by a single confession, we Hindus *have* to suffer for sins, us or our ancestors. God sure helps, but only to an extent. Hindus have to reap what they sow... in the same or other birth.

Meanwhile, a Xian website (Connect India to Christ) is asking donations to illuminate Hindus & connect them to Jesus. Reasons stated by them are:

1. Hindus pray out of fear rather than love for God,
2. There are too many gods in Hindu religion, estimated at 330million
3. None of the Hindu gods can give them (Hindus) a permanent solution

Wonder what else is propagated by missionaries who travel on tourist VISA to perform conversions by fooling innocent backward classes. That's illegal but who cares?

Mostly in South & East India, have you noticed how the Indian churches resemble temples? You should, because tomorrow they may create a four faced Jesus having eight hands, who is sitting on a white lotus, just to earn bonus by converting the innocent, unsuspecting backward classes in India.

Even I often get requests to "try Jesus" from what they call "Jesus Planters" because "he won't ask for any fee".

I am not an authority but I know I don't need intermediatories for communicating with my God. If my God wants to bless me, He'll do it directly, not via some messiah or prophet. People say often that God needs an executioner (कर्ता) but believe me, He/She doesn't.

And why fret over things? If you feel like dancing in the rain, just go dance. No use calculating which god sent rain, how long it will last etc. When you eat a mango, do you cherish its taste or do you start thinking about mango orchads?

Visit for stories you probably never heard🤓

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Your English vs My Hinglish

It sounds so stupid when both of you know the local dialect well & yet choose to converse in English. English is not bad. It's good that you know a language that'll help you communicate anywhere on this planet. Sign language is much difficult & less recognized.

But when you make it a prestige issue?! Ah, Aargh. Talking in English doesn't make you an intellectual. Nor does my broken English make me an idiot. It just feels odd that you are practising your English vocabulary with me, especially when I am more comfortable in Hindi. I'd like to enhance my Hindi vocabulary. Give me a chance if you can. No? OK.

It amuses me? No. It hurts to see parents talking to their newborn in English so that the baby picks up the language early in its life. But what's the use if you don't teach manners to the baby; if you never step outside because your neighbors are bad at English, & you restrict the Internet so that your toddler doesn't start using Hinglish in place of English.

The books you bought for the child are from 17th century. Nobody uses that complex language anymore. I, for one, don't roam around with a dictionary or use my phone to search for meanings of the words you are using. Oh, I did once, when a Twitter friend said she's leaving because I am too morbid. What on earth is "too morbid"? Everything is morbid. But let's start a Google search.

If I feel comfortable omitting the word "that" or "which", I'll skip them just like I skipped "wi" in this sentence. I only need to communicate, not to show off.

Language is just a medium for expression. If you say writing in Hindi will degrade my efforts, did you even think of writing such a long Facebook post as this - in any language?

You can write better English anywhere, for a restricted audience while I use the language that makes me feel at home... while also depending upon whom all I want to read my books, articles, or anything. If I can express myself better in Hindi, I'll use Hindi if you too know that language. Otherwise, since you struggle at Hindi, I'll use English or any other language so that it makes you feel better and not because I want to show off my oral English skills. I don't gauge people on their English quotient. There are people who can't speak at all. Some don't have voice; other have disabilities. Try calling me on phone & see how long before I respond.

If you unnecessarily start turning to English just to show off, I won't understand you, even if you give me a digital dictionary. I won't even try. I feel those parents are wrong who spoonfeed English to justborns instead of letting the child learn core cultural values first.

What if the kid learns good English only to throw you out at a later stage because you mix up English with Hindi: the great Hinglish language? It happens. It happened to many.

Arun Kumar

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

आखिर पाकिस्तान हमारा दुश्मन क्यों है?

हमारे यहाँ ही नही, दुनियाभर में सिस्टम बच्चों को यही सिखाती आईं हैं के किसको प्यार करना है, कितना प्यार करना है और कब प्यार करना है।

हम पैदा समझदार होते हैं लेकिन हमें स्कूल भेजा जाता है ताकि हम जान पायें की हमारा धर्म सर्वश्रेष्ठ है और दूसरों का धर्म बेकार। हमारे मन मे अलग अलग भय बैठा दिया जाता है ताकि बड़े होकर हम भी उसी सिस्टम का भाग बने।

यह धर्म और जाति तक ही सीमित नही होता। हमे बताया जाता है हमें किन देशों को पसंद करना है और किससे नफरत। हम भूल जाते हैं कि अगला भी इन्सान है। हमारी उनके प्रति नफरत हमें यह सोचने भी नही देती की अगले ने हमारा क्या बिगाड़ा।

वो तो स्कूल और मीडिया ने कहा दिया कि पाकिस्तान हमारा दुश्मन है। क्या सचमुच वहां रह रहे लोगों ने अपना कुछ बिगाड़ा है? वे भी उसी सिस्टम का शिकार हैं। उन्हें बताया गया कि हिंदुस्तान उनके लिए खतरा है।

सिस्टम क्या है? इसके पीछे कौन हैं? क्यों हमे हर पल, हर घड़ी गुमराह किया जा रहा है? इसका उत्तर कभी और दूंगा। अभी इतना जान लीजिए के politicians और media भी उसी सिस्टम का शिकार है। चाह कर भी निर्णय नही ले पाते क्योंकि नमक का हक अदा करना है... और society (सत्ता) में बने रहना हैं।
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सेकुलर बनाम तुष्टिकरण - भाई जागो, क्यों 18वी सदी में रहना चाहते हो?

कई सारे देशों का कॉपी पेस्ट है भारतीय संविधान। इसीलिए कुछ भी (नहीं) सही है। एक लाइन जिस बात को recommend करती है, दूसरी लाइन उसे ही prohibit करती है। ऐसे में जनता को झांसा देना (आसान) है। 1952 में तो ज़ल्दी थी।

अब बैठ कर इत्मीनान से नया संविधान लिखा जाये। और उसमें पहले secular का मतलब बदला जाये। पहले सेक्युलर शब्द में से तुष्टिकरण हटा दिया जाये। रिजर्वेशन व कोटा बाद में।

तुष्टिकरण के चलते बंगाल भी कश्मीर बन गया। तुष्टिकरण के कारण रोज केरल में RSS कार्यकर्ता मारे जा रहें है। और सरकार किसी की भी हो, इस सब से उनका कुछ लेना देना नहीं है। वो तो बस अगले चुनाव की तैयारियों में रहती हैं हमेशा।

यहाँ एक्शन भी वोटबैंक के हिसाब से लिया जाता है। कश्मीर में जवानों के हाथ पाँव बांध दिए और बंगाल में ममता को खुली छूट दे रखे हैं कि पुलिस अब हिन्दू उत्सवों पर समुदाय विशेष के लोगों पर लाठियां बरसाती है। उनके प्रार्थनास्थल से घंटियाँ तक छीन लीं जातीं हैं। उधर तमिलनाडु अपने को अलग राष्ट्र ही समझता है। किसी actor-turned-politician ने united states of south का जिम्मा ले लिया है।

काट दो। उधर से कश्मीर, इधर से बंगाल तो काट ही दो। फिर केरल व TN भी हटा ही दो। क्या रह जाता है?
किसीको क्या फर्क पड़ता है? हम सभी तो बस अगले महीने के इंतजार में जी लेते हैं। बाकी का संविधान जाने और उसका (नाजायज) प्रयोग करने वाले जाने।

देश को और कितने टुकड़ों में बांटेगे, अपने स्वार्थ के लिये? किसी को मजहब के नाम पर तो किसी को caste के नाम पर। किसी को उसकी भाषा के लिए target करते हैं और किसी को उनकी चमड़ी के रंग के आधार पर। ऐसे बनेगा देश?

बनाना कौन चाहता है? यहाँ तो बस देश की जनता को दबाना है ताकि फिर से कोई freedom struggle न शुरू हो जाये।

किसी दिन तो लोगों की आँखें खुलेंगी और वे देख पाएंगे की 70 साल पुराने, already दूसरों के प्राचीन संविधान पर आधारित भारतीय संविधान एवं सन 1800 के IPC को पूरे ओवरहॉलिंग की आवश्यकता है। देखें वो दिन हमारे जीवनकाल में आता है या अगले जन्म में।
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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Will you want to become Cyberorg? Neuralink aims just at that

Cyberorgs refer to living things that have enhanced abilities due to a computer chip in their brain. The living things could be humans or animals. Right now, there are few human cyberorgs and several lab animal cyberorgs.

Cyberorgs can also be biologically grown bodies containing an artificial brain populated with thoughts and ideas of a human body long dead/deceased. Wait. What? Doesn't that mean life after death? Yes, exactly!

Elon Musk... the same guy working on electric cars in Tesla Motors, transportation in Hyperloop, an elevator to the moon in SpaceX etc has bought a startup. This new venture is named Neuralink. Now what it does is something you've only seen in movies or read in science fiction books.

Neuralink is into creating Cyberorgs. The first thing it is working on is, to enhance qualities of humans by planting a chip into their brains. It is risky. The surgeon has to cut a part of skull to reach brain and then operate on brain to join its nerve centers to an externally or internally powered computer chip.

It is hard to locate and isolate the nerves responsible for different capabilities. Scientists are already working on that. It is even harder to connect those nerves to a computer chip. But we have examples where a totally paralyzed person got a brain chip implanted so that he can move his limbs simply using thoughts.

While the focus of Neuralink is to be able to create wonders by extreme enhancements in the human, few have also reported the possibility of being able to download data from human brain. Of course it will need a secure storage system & DNA based hard disks are completely suitable for the purpose. They can store data for ages.

If download is possible, uploading to brain is also possible. The data downloaded from brain can be fed to lab grown brains for use with humans and robots. While this is exciting, downloading and uploading data to brain may also be misused to feed certain thoughts to a large number of people who then think the same way.

Other than enhancing humans, Neuralink also aims at curing diseases like dementia, paralysis etc. We already have a person who has electrodes in his brain. These electrodes work based on thoughts and help the cyberorg in limb movements.

Since brain is involved, not many are willing for computer chips. However, there are volunteers who'd risk everything for a better life. Remember that the first human head transplant is scheduled just 8 months away. And there is actually a volunteer ready to get his head replaced. All this sounds like science fiction but is in fact, happening already. Will you want to go under a knife to remove some health problem or to enhance your capabilities by getting the brain operated?
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Smart Artificial Intelligence Dangers - What is Musk doing?

🛰When Stephen Hawkings said human race has the biggest threat from its own scientists, he was not totally wrong.

Elon Musk, of Tesla Motors, is going a bit too far with his science obsession. I can understand electric cars & Hyperloop transportation. I can also understand with his space ferrying plans where he has proposed to ferry people to the moon and back. Was it a space elevator? I can't recall.

Anyway, his team dealing with artificial intelligence has found that their machines have developed their own language for communicating with each other.

This is scary, because even animals on this planet can make certain sounds only, to express their feelings. None other than the humans have a full set of words that can be used for anything. And it is not restricted to few sounds with varying pitch. It is a whole complicated language.

Now Musk's team working on artificial intelligence says it has discovered that the machines in their experimental network, are using different words to communicate among themselves.

How is that possible unless the machines know and can imagine things? If I said "tree", your brain will first produce an imagination of the tree and then you understand what I said. So if Musk's scientists are true, it does mean a bit of own imagination for the machines.

Does it sound cool & exciting as people are still dealing with weak artificial intelligence or what I'd term as dumb artificial intelligence.

Does it not ring a bell, a danger sound perhaps, to stop playing with machine learning?

If the machines can automatically create and use a different language that you & I cannot understand, the day is not far when they gain awareness. And what happens once the machines gain awareness of they being distinct bodies?

Well, I am trying to stay positive but can't think of good scenarios. Will it become the Skynet from the movie Terminator or will the machines be humble enough to serve humans?

Only time can tell. But do we need to take such huge risks? We are already sitting on a ticking bomb. The possibility of nuclear war, change in climate due to global warming can put an end to human race any day. Under such circumstances, would it not be better for the powerful to stop messing with nature and to stop trying to become god?

I can only hope that smart artificial intelligence too aids in betterment of the planet as a whole. Because if it turns out the other way, we would be fighting tons of metal that can think and act faster than humans!

Maybe, it's time we taught moral science to the machines to avoid the dangers of artificial intelligence.👌😀

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Monday, March 27, 2017

What are Cyberorgs? They are not a future thing

🛰 Cyberorgs are humans using computer chips to perform better in one or more areas of life. When I say Cyberorgs are *not* the future, I mean *they're already here.*

This is the story of using computer chips to make a paralyzed body move. And it's just one example. Read it here:
One day, we will be using technology to reprogram our brains: something like deleting unwanted parts of life (by killing those memory cells), superstition, beliefs, etc so that what remains is pure knowledge fed by experience or fed by uploading data to brain cells. It's not fiction. It's already on roll.
- PowercutIN 😈

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Next topic: Artificial Intelligence vs Cyberorgs
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Monday, March 20, 2017

Faith vs Beliefs - Which is more important?

Confusion reigns when each belief is shattered one by one. Belief, they say, is genetic (प्रारब्ध कर्मा). You don't get to choose your earliest beliefs. They are fed to you even before you learn your alphabets.

Depending upon your early influencers, the belief turns into faith. Or the belief fades into the time.

Faith is again, individualized. It differs per individual. Faith can also be a result of varied beliefs backed with experience of own.

Some people change their faith by evaluating the "returns". There was this person who wanted to understand "phala shruti" (rewards?) of some hymn before he'd sing it. So much bargaining in the name of beliefs.

But beliefs don't last. Most of them are just our minds playing games. Faith has a longer life compared to beliefs. And your faith is much powerful than any of your beliefs.

There will be times when you'll see many of your beliefs, that you held close to your heart, start breaking. That's when confusion sets in and you'll feel lost. If anything (other than God) can keep you sane during that turmoil, it is your faith.

What I am trying to say is beliefs are not that important because they keep on changing as you learn more. But having faith is essential for survival. Mostly, it is the faith in God that keeps people going but it can also be faith in own self & own knowledge.

In short, keep the faith. That's your only weapon when beliefs break or fade out. You might hold a belief for long before it suddenly disappears. You may become can it be wrong! In such scenarios and more, it is your faith that gives you reassurance & reasons to continue wherever you are headed.

Let me know if you understood the above because I am too confused right now and I need someone to explain it to me. But I think I got the answer in a broader sense. Thank you, whoever/whatever you are. 👍

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Quotes to live by - March 17 2017

People change for two reasons. They change because their minds opened up or they change because their hearts broke. Both are related in most cases. A heart breaks to open up a mind or perception changes enough to break a heart.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Is Super Artificial Intelligence possible without senses?

Right now, all artificial intelligence in world is weak AI. It is weak because it can't think on its own (I can hear some scientists laughing at this sentence; Yeah, I know what you are up to).

super artificial intelligence

Everything from driverless cars to robotic surgeons are weak artificial intelligence. It is true that they learn things over time and get better at what they do. But that's it. All that programming for machine learning, becomes better at the thing it does.

Can it become aware of its surroundings & other jobs in this world? Is Super Artificial Intelligence possible, especially when there are no senses involved?

It is quite possible. Right now, we have electronic tongues that complement humans in wine tasting. Robots use cameras with GPS as eyes. You must have seen those voice synthesizers that convert expressions into sound. Stephen Hawkings uses one, in case you need example.

What if all these techniques are combined? We'll have machines that can think & talk like normal people. Probably this is the reason why Google is working on an AI KILL switch while developing AI based assistants like Allo for Pixel.

Prominent thinkers have displayed concerns at the attempts by scientists to create super AI.

It would take just an automatically developed algorithm for robots to gain consciousness or awareness. What happens afterwards is how prepared we are to deal with robots that know they exist...and that their likes exist.

Will they revolt as shown in the movie Terminator? Maybe we should teach them non violence & Gandhi already? 😂😂😂
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The concept of multiple universes

9000 years ago, Hindus (Read "ppl of Indus Valley n not just the sanatan dharm") knew about multiple universes. I will cite two examples below.

If u read Devi Purana, it is mentioned that there are many instances of Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the caretaker) and Shiva (the destroyer)... all created by God (Read "Devi Ma") to take care of each universe.

The second example relates to Ramayan, the epic that needs no introduction.

According to folktales related to Ramayan, when Hanuman saw the god of death in Ayodhya, he warned the latter and asked him to stay away from the province. But a body created means a body that'll die. Rama had to leave the body.

To facilitate the transition, Rama's ring fell down a hole in ground. Rama then asked Hanuman to go fetch the ring. By the time he returned, Rama allowed god of death to relieve him of his body.

What happened down the earth is also interesting. Hanuman chased the ring as it rolled down the hole. It went and stopped in a mountain full of similar rings.

Surprised, he asked someone nearby, "which one is the ring of Lord Rama?" The person said all of them belong to Lord Rama and that there were rings from different time phases (Read "different universes"). Each time a ring falls, a Hanuman would ask him the same question.

Hanuman understood that Lord Rama tricked him. He also understood that his was not the only Rama. That he was not the only Hanuman in existence. He understood there are many universes and life is spread or rather replicated among them. He stopped grieving and returned to the surface to continue his work of protecting people.

The two examples I mentioned above indicate that the concept of multiple universes existed much before people came to know that Earth is not the center of universe but a part of it. Any comments?
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Friday, March 10, 2017

Mobile Kavach by Government of India

MOBILE KAVACH: The Indian government silently released protection software for Android phones. It's called Mkavach, where kavach means protection. The govt body C -DAC developed the app in tie up with Ministry of Information Technology.

The Mkavach doesn't have real time malware scan yet but is a good tool to protect your apps with a password, protect your privacy, prevent unauthorized use of WIFI, cellular data & bluetooth etc resources. It also has a SIM lock so that if anyone tries to change the SIM card, it raises an alarm by sending mobile phone co-ordinates to pre-registered phone numbers.

If interested, check it out on
Google Play Store

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Free Internet in India

The Telecom Regulator Authority of India (TRAI) proposed almost free Internet pan India. Right now, the minimum rate is 10 paisa per MB. If TRAI's proposal is implemented, people will pay just 2paisa per MB.

Unlike cellular data, TRAI intends to rope in entrepreneurs who'd set up hotspots throughout India & provide fast net access using WIFI networks.

It serves two way, providing affordable internet as well as creating business opportunities for WIFI hotspots.

Indian Railways already provides WiFi hotspots at most railway stations with help from Google. Some fast trains also offer WIFI for free.

The only issue with TRAI proposal would be encrypting data, as public networks are easily used to hack computers & cellphones. Maybe C DAC can come up with something that protects people who use public, almost free Internet.
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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Facebook vs YouTube India: The Race Begins

If you are being bombarded by videos from past, uploaded by others, on Facebook, it is basically Facebook trying to give you a new addiction. These videos are different from the muted autoplay function the social networking site introduced a few days back. Facebook is expanding and posing a threat to YouTube among others.

facebook vs Youtube India
We are watching you,
dear Facebook...and you too, YouTube!!!

Pretty soon, Facebook will be a competition to YouTube. Strange but true. Vimeo and Dailymotion are nowhere as near as the threat Facebook videos pose to YouTube's. 

Earlier, people recorded offline and uploaded the videos to Facebook. The process used too much of computer resources for playing back just until four years ago. The playback is now much lighter & probably played on a  different lightweight player. I did not find any confirmation that Facebook changed its video player - but the new look and ease make it obvious. Like YouTube, Facebook is also becoming a repository of videos because of the ease of broadcasting video it provides.

Live Streaming on Facebook and YouTube

TV channels are airing their shows on both TV and Facebook at the same time. I do not watch TV but when something interesting comes up, I can watch it live on Facebook now. Earlier, live streaming was restricted to YouTube and third party websites.

The ease with which anyone can go live on Facebook is the major turning point. The mobile app of Facebook allows just about anyone - you and me - to go live whenever we want. I have checked the Android and Windows 10 app. I am sure iOS would also be good. At one of the weddings I attended recently, they live streamed the whole event on Facebook without damaging their phone. I am yet to do a live show on Facebook so I can't talk about the video quality but when I look at others' it is fairly good even on low resource machines.

You can go live on YouTube too, but that needs either special software for converting live feed into YouTube format or the Android/iOS YouTube app. The Android app of YouTube is again good for live streaming on YouTube. You don't have to use third party software when live streaming with the YouTube app for Android and iOS. I could not find any good app that I could use on my Windows 10 tablet. The YouTube Android app consumes a good amount of phone & tablet resources; heats up your phone if you are broadcasting for longer periods without break. And of course, you can go live on YouTube if your channel exceeds a certain number of subscribers - when streaming through apps.

Where does all this fit in? Well, YouTube is trying to woo the South Asian viewers to get an edge on Netflix and likes. Given that Facebook is both a social networking platform and now a live streaming site, the latter already has an edge in this (tough) competition.

Is YouTube being desperate? Yes, it is.

YouTube is so desperate for viewer base in South Asia that it is even bypassing copyright laws in case of India. It is not only allowing but also promoting new artists who are uploading commercial grade covers of just released songs.

You CANNOT do so - according to the Indian Copyright law 1957, modified 58. There must be a difference of five years before you can reuse anything related to performing arts. But the law was always abused. I mentioned it in details when covering history of electronic music in India.

According to its own rules, you need a permission from copyright holders before uploading commercial quality covers on YouTube. It seems to have forgotten the rule. Or maybe they changed it now.

According to YouTube's monetization policy, revenue from advertisements on commercial grade covers go to the original copyright holders. The covers with no or one/two instruments are okay to make money. In short, you cannot monetize commercial grade covers. But what I don't understand is the fact that covers (especially, commercial grade audio) are an open infringement of copyright laws and seems no one, including the copyright holders, has problem with that.

Coming back to Facebook, it has not forced any rules yet. It goes without saying that you should own copyright to the videos you are uploading or streaming live. It has not yet started offering advertisements but has made it pretty easy for every one to upload videos. It may start showing advertisements and overlays on the videos soon.

If you know making videos, this is the right time to invest your time into it. They'll be displaying adverts, an opportunity to earn - for you.

Competition is between Facebook and YouTube. Others like Dailymotion and Vimeo cannot even make it yet to South-Asian market. You might have seen "kuch naya dekho (Watch something new)" ads aggressively on virtually all channels...from YouTube to TV, AdSense and social media - even on Ookla's speedtest website (but excluding Facebook & Instagram feeds for obvious reasons).

Arun Kumar
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Friday, March 3, 2017

Educating our kids for future jobs

I was watching a video that YouTube recommended to me. It is about hard work not paying off. I am now lazy. It is also true I can relate to the sentence, "hard work not always pays off". The post has nothing to do with the video though. This post is about the changing scenario in terms of Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence while the video was of spiritual nature


By now, you might have already heard of Artificial Intelligence. Did you hear that technology might replace most of the conventional jobs? That is, the jobs that humans do right now, will be done by machines coded specially for certain tasks. And like human brain, the machine learning systems will get more experience as they keep working. So a future jobs ad saying "needs accountant with three years experience" might actually be an ad for a bot or a machine.

I could relate myself to that video (that prompted this post) because my hard work of almost seven years failed. I worked on a project hoping that it will fund me for the rest of my life and that I can retire early. But something happened. Not a fire or any type of major catastrophe. Just a small change in the way Google parses webpages and lists them in the Search Engine Results. All that seven years' of work was gone just because of that small change.

Future Proof them when Educating Kids of Today

Did the above teach anything to you? Future proof yourself and your kids. Don't be sure the present circumstances will always last and support you. As an exercise spend a little time googling "what (future) jobs will artificial intelligence replace in next 10 years". Check out the results; read a few articles and then think/plan accordingly.


I don't want to sound a preacher. Given the nature of conventional professionals and the pace of development in IT, esp IoT and Artificial Intelligence, the best bet for current generation is to diversify their education portfolio. Instead of just one specialty, they'll need a broader skill-set that would be of real value by the time they enter the job market, few years hence.

For example, if your kid wants to pursue journalism, encourage him/her to pursue MA/PhD in natural languages too, as well as a Degree in Mass Communication or Statistics (Big Data based). That will provide the child with enough skills to get a good hold in an economy largely controlled by software and cyberorgs. Cyberorgs are not future. They're already here... humans powered by pre-programmed chip to improve their performance.

Future Jobs - Who is at Risk?

Associated Press already employs the use of Artificial Intelligence for updating their news network. Maybe two or three more years before someone comes up a software that will replace manual reporting completely!??!

Other than blue collar jobs, journalists, writers, accountants, health specialists and even programmers have a tough competition with Machine Learning (or Artificial Intelligence). This means people will have to go for unconventional jobs and businesses. It is just a matter of time before Artificial Intelligence takes over plenty of daily life aspects, including earning.

Elon Musk (no introduction needed, I think) proposed common universal income to deal with the possible future. The US is debating common universal income to help people who would be obsolete by Artificial Intelligence but it wont be enough to give them a fulfilling life.

I think we are smarter than some piece of software code and if the latter is threatening our future generation, it is better to invest in multiple talents instead of just one high specialty. That's my two cents. You are all are more educated and experienced so I hope you already have a better plan for your kids.

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Android app testing

This is a test post using android app

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Moving Towards the End Happily, Drinking Kool-Aid Collectively

I was watching this video that just popped on my Facebook timeline. It triggered the thoughts dormant in my mind for past many months - due to the anti-anxiety medicines that I now take daily.

I am now wondering why I never thought of making this video that I embedded below for you to view. You might have already viewed it. There is no harm in watching it again. It is about the lie we keep telling ourselves.

The video speaks my mind: something that I've been trying to communicate all these years. This is not against any specific person or organization. This is not against a certain community of people. This is for the human race - because the planet will survive anyway, with or without the human race.

We don't simply need politicians. There is enough politics already, everywhere - from families to businesses to parliaments. We need real leaders who can bring about a change in the way we perceive the world and in the way we live our lives at the cost of other species.

Who gave humans, superiority over other species? By whose permission are we destroying our own existence - moving towards the end happily, drinking our own kool-aid - under the impression that we are developing and developing fast? How long can humans play with nature before they go extinct? 
Watch this video and think for a while. Are we really progressing or are we just made to believe we are progressing as a human race? Why are we so sure that we are not dependent on other species for our survival?

According to scientists, the pesticides we use today are harmful for bees. These pesticides are actually killing all the bees. The same scientists say that human race will not survive more than four years once the bees are extinct. So they came up with a solution. They are developing robotic bees that'll help in pollination. I guess pretty soon there will be progressive replacement for other species as well, including trees and even flowers. What will we eat? Capsule packaged food. I am not talking fiction.

Welcome to your new home planet!

The elite have build underground safe-houses in case of a nuclear war where they can survive for years. Where will the normal people go? There is no answer. In fact, yes, there is an answer! Our scientists are already looking for ways to inhabit Mars, the planet they always portray in books and movies as alien. They are now trying to grow food in controlled environment that is similar to Mars. You might have read about that in newspapers.

Not only Mars, scientists are also looking for other planets that may contain an environment suitable enough for human race. I do not think I need to say anything more on the issue(s). It is your call. It is up to you whether you continue to drink the kool-aid they provide you under the guise of development or you wake up to the truth and do something 'real' for the human race.

They call me a rebel for not being mainstream. I am not a rebel. I am not against constructive science & collective development. I am against destructive science and the lies they talk of, when telling us how we developed to become a race superior to all other species on this planet or any other. I am all in if you ask me how to use science for overall benefits of the planet - or rather, the human race because as said earlier, Earth will survive with or without the homo sapiens. 

Oh, by the way, have you heard of the house sparrow? No? Maybe ask your grandparents if they ever got a chance to play with one?!

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