Friday, September 23, 2016

How To Walk Properly: Men & Women Heels

Given that different people wear different footwear, the sound of footsteps may vary. Imagine you are walking in a huge hall that has almost no noise and you are wearing rugged, metal heeled footwear. I hope you can imagine all eyes turning towards you, making you uncomfortable. Gathering attention is good, but not for wrong reasons!
How do you walk properly without annoying others and with grace? We'll accept that different people have different choice of footwear going by their choice, budget and prevalent fashion. We will not talk about footwear. The aim here is to reduce the noise as much as possible.

Land on your heel gently, instead of putting all the body weight on it at a time and pass it on gently to the toe. (do not hit the ground with force)

That means, instead of landing on the center of your heels, land on the last-most point and pass on the weight to center of feet before passing it on to the toe. That would sound more like using entire foot as a curve. But don't make it look like dancing. Too gentle is not gentle :)

Abrupt landing on heel and then passing body weight straight to toes will create more noise and is not recommended at all. Sometimes it may result in two sounds per step which makes it further awkward.

The above focuses on how to walk properly for men and male - covering only the footwear noise part. This also applies to cases where you are not wearing any footwear ex like walking on grass!

The process may slightly vary for women as their footwear is different, often with higher, pointed heels that tend to make more sound because of less contact area with ground. I won't recommend the above method for girls with extra high heels as they may trip over. But if they wear a low, non-pointed heel, the above would attract dignity.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The following is a page from my book on personality grooming and development. In due course, we'll be sharing excerpts from the book so that you get some tips while knowing what the book is about. If you haven't already, read our post on how to position your feet; how to walk properly on this blog.

Coming to perfumes, it is too hard to find a genuine perfume these days, especially if you are looking one for men. All of them are deodorants with high percentage of alcohol.

DON'T TRY TO TASTE IT. This alcohol is pretty different from one you have at bars

Personally, I dislike the smell of AXE; They add mandarin to it; I don't know if that adds to smell, making it intolerant. Science says mandarin attracts females and hence those "falling angel ads" you see on TV and elsewhere. Check the package to make sure what you are buying. If you look carefully, the less advertised deo have lower level of alcohol. For example, Yardley and Park Avenue are more of deo compared to AXE and Wild Stone. Even within the brand, there are groups you'll find repelling. Take Yardley Elegance. It has lower concentration of alcohol. But Yardley Gold, on the other hand, has enough concentration to set your body on fire.

A genuine perfume would be too costly even if you find it. If you are looking for better perfume (+deo combo), check the level of alcohol in it. The higher the level of alcohol, the more it will smell bad once the real perfume wears off.

We do not generally check the ingredients while buying perfume and often confuse deo with perfume. A genuine perfume will never have alcohol - they use other solvents like oil etc. If you find them, do share with others in comments or in message so we put it out for suggestions.

If you are looking for a deodorant or alcohol based perfume, always check for the amount and percentage of alcohol in those spray cans. For example if the packaging says 73pp, you may assume that for every 100ml, you are buying 73% of just methanol alcohol. Not that the remaining 27% is perfume. It could have other ingredients too. Check them out.

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