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ISKCON Gita is distorted

There must be over a thousand translations of Bhagwad Gita. Each one is biased in some way. But Gita by ISKCON is pretty distorted in interpretation. It not only suggests that God is strictly male, it also mixes up Hindu mythology to confuse ordinary people like me. It just serves followers of Lord Vishnu and declares everyone else is a demi god. That includes Lord Shiva, and Mother Kali as well.

I have read few versions of Gita to understand the ways of God, assuming God is one and addressed by different names. But the ISKCON Gita by Prabhupada is misleading and deliberately confusing. As I have asked before too, who named God?
The polytheism in Hindutva is just to allow you to choose and pray to a form of God that you like most. The images and idols in Hinduism are symbolic. But according to ISKCON, if you are praying to any form of God other than Krsna (Krishna), you are not praying to God.
I don't think I can accept it as it is. It's highly biased and makes me assume ISKC…

Effects of Bad Karma: Cleansing

The following is taken from my book, "The Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna" available on Amazon. A link to the book is available towards the end of this post. It is just Rs. 61 ( or 96 cents). You can read it on Kindle, Kindle Fire or Kindle apps or any other ebook reader.

Karma is often talked as the results or consequences of whatever you do - good or bad. In its origin, the word "karma" means the deeds you've done, are doing, or will do in future. Whatever you do, you will have to face the consequences. Generally, the term consequences of Karma is replaced by the word Karma itself whereas Karma means "deeds" (work - good, bad, neutral etc.). But since most of us use Karma as consequences, I will also try to use the word in the same context.

There are two general notions:
1. Good karma (work/deeds) will bring you good results
2. Bad karma (work/deeds) will bring you results that will make you repent for what you did or avoided doing

There are other karm…