Monday, June 27, 2016

How to walk properly - feet positioning (Personality Grooming Series - Section 1)

This series of personality grooming focuses on your walking style by breaking up the entire process of walking and runs into a number of interlinked blog posts. We focus on foot placement, foot movement, dragging feet, how to send out impressions that you are a confident person, and how does your walking style affect others etc.

For teenagers, it is easier to adapt to the style of walking we present in this book. However, adults too can practice a little longer to gain the style we present in this book. Always practice in isolation to avoid being mocked at. This is because when you practice in public and focus on your feet and legs, you tend to walk in a weird way sometimes that may make you a subject of interest among others who may be watching you.

Also, the style of walking varies between men and women due to their footwear. I have tried to cover both of them in common but have pointed it out when the walking style of women is different and needs to be pointed out. For example, while running on stairs, I would not advise women to run unless they are wearing flat heels. 

What is the positioning of feet? When we talk of how to walk properly, we have to check out how our feet point while walking forward (and backward, if you wish)!

If you apply the previous post while walking, you land up on your heel and then pass body weight to toe. This is about your toes. Have you seen the drunkards walking? Their toe position is at more than 90-degree angle (the center being your heel: meaning flexing outward in "/" fashion). This, positioning, is not good in the world where people interpret you by the style you walk.

If your feet both look like "\ /", stretching outward, you sent out signals that you are short on integrity. That would, in turn, mean that people understanding body language will seldom trust you. If the toes are outwards, as explained above, you tend to seem careless!

If your feet fall below 90-degree angle (taking heel as center), you are very insecure. That is what body language experts will deduce. In this case, people may neglect you - and your opinions - just because your feet positioning is not good enough for them.

The perfect positioning is 90 degree (again taking heel as center). It is difficult to get exact 90 degrees but you sure can make sure it lies +/- 5 degrees within the range. How do you achieve that? By practicing!

NOTE: Do not practice walking in public else you might end up making fun of yourself. If you know people are watching you, it may make it worse in an attempt to get perfect. Practice in isolation. One option is to draw lines or place two straight cloth pieces in parallel while trying to walk on them. Be natural outside as the practice will tend to make it natural in at most three to four days. I will say avoid pointed tips as they give away precision more than broader toed footwear.

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