Thursday, April 14, 2016

Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna - Intro to eBook by Arun Acharya

Sri Ramakrishna has been called by many names such as sanyassin (one who has renounced the world), mystic, healer and more. For me, he was a dear son of Mother Goddess. I read his Gospel that contains many of his words that I tried to translate into easy words for everyone to understand.
Sri Ramakrishna in Meditation
Before going into details, I mentioned the main teachings of the revered guru Ramakrishna of many, in the first chapter. These teachings have been repeated many times in the Gospel. The main one talks about "Kamini-Kanchan". The Gospel contains literal translation that goes "Woman and Gold". It has been repeated many times in the Gospel. The true meaning of the words, however, is "Lust and Greed".
According to him, the main problems that hinder spiritual growth of a person are "Lust and Greed". Sri Ramakrishna asked people to stay away from Lust and Greed. This has a subtle meaning. He meant all six passions when he said Lust and Gold; the passions including Anger, Shame, Greed and Lust among others. Of course, for people who have to take care of their families, money etc. is needed. But Sri Ramakrishna had told them an easy method to realize and attain God. I explained the method in the chapters titled "Teachings to Householders - Duties towards family and society" and "Paths to Realize God".
Sri Ramakrishna's main teaching is to dust off the worldly desires even as you live in the world. That God is a magnet and people are needles covered with mud or dust where dust means worldly desires. And these desires, according to the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna, keep people away from the love of God. When the dust of desires is removed, people are automatically attracted to the God just as a dustless needle is attracted to the Magnet (God).
He also says that realizing God is easy than one thinks. All one needs to know God and get to God is to create an intense yearning for Him. One can pray to Him in any form he or she desires. One can pray to Him as formless bliss. He never forced anyone to pray. He just taught that repeating the name of God creates a longing for God that, in turn, helps a person in reaching God. Because God cannot keep Himself away from his devotees, if one yearns for God from pure heart, he or she is sure to see God.
Please note that Sri Ramakrishna was not a learned scholar. He did not read scriptures - neither Hindu nor from any other religions. All his teachings are from his own experience. He had the grace of God and the latter showed him how to lead a life to realize Him - in form of Hindu Gods and in form of Gods and prophets of other religions. Sri Ramakrishna practiced other religions also and had divine visions of Christ, Mohammed and Buddha - all of whom merged into him. This, he says, was an indication that all paths lead to the same God. 
Though he did not read any scriptures, Sri Ramakrishna had a lot to teach. He had taught much to many who followed his teachings so realize the path of God and in some cases, God Himself.
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