Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Caste system in India and its religions

It is not Brahminism that ruined our society. Those Ambedkar and Periyar followers are wrong. Brahmins are just like any other caste. Like Dalits.

All of them need some sort of identification so they can get a feeling that they belong to a certain group.

This tendency is there in animals & birds too. That is why you see animals in groups. Then there are sub groups. Dogs of a locality have their territories marked. They won't let in dogs from outside into the territory, unless the newcomer is holding its tail down, ready to serve the authoritian Jdogs of that territory.

When Lord Krishna spoke, He spoke of Varnas and not Castes. Now, Varnas are different. They are decided based on the type of work a person does.

A king is a kshatriya. A teacher is brahmin. A businessman is vaishya. Someone doing things like cleaning up is shudra.

Lord Krishna never spoke of untouchability when explaining varna system. He said people were recognized and got a place in society (varna system) according to the work they did. There was no untouchability back then.

I do not know when and how the varna system turned into caste system to ruin the loves of many. Unlike varna system, where people where assigned a status according to their work, caste system labels people by their birth into families that have already been categorized...(probably from leftovers of varna system).

So if a person is born into a shudra family, but by karma, achieves good knowledge and humility, he will still be branded a shudra whereas the varna system would have placed him as a brahmin.

The transformation of varna system into a rigid caste system has ruined many lives. People without talent are ruling while people with knowledge are sweeping roads.

I will not talk of government provided reservation system in this post. But I'd want to say such a reservation system increases the rigidity of castes, making it impossible to eradicate the feeling of superiority.

The feeling of superiority is what I think might have led to the rigid mindset of caste system. Our vedas and even Gita doesn't mention caste system. They are liars who say Manu propagated caste system. They were all talking about varna system where people could go to higher castes utilizing their karma/work/knowledge.

It is now almost impossible to shed off the rigid caste mindset. The feeling of superiority is all prevalent. It suppresses lower castes and stops them from progressing. If they want a decent life, they have no choice except to leave India.

Though Ambedkar asked people to take up Buddhism, it won't change your identity in people around you. If you were a Dalit who converted to any religion, you are still a Dalit for people around you. That's why we have Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims in India. You wont find them anywhere else in the world.

Let's come back to the feeling of superiority. People taking birth into higher castes are considered better no matter how dirty they are. Walk into the house of any upper caste person, and most of the time you'll sure encounter stink. Being born in upper castes doesn't instill cleanliness automatically - material or spiritual. Neither does being born into a lower caste make anyone dirty by default.

In my opinion, clarity of soul matters more than caste. Bodies are just instruments (कारक: neither कर्म, nor कर्ता). Bodies are not reflections of soul. They are mere instruments that help you polish your soul.

No need to feel disgusting if anyone is born into a lower caste. They can still polish their souls. No need to carry superiority when born into a higher caste. Such an attitude may degenerate your divine qualities.

Caste system is a myth. Castes were never declared by Lord Krishna or even Manu. Somewhere between Lord Krishna and Gandhi, somebody turned off varna system to gain and retain that superiority feeling.

In that feeling of superiority, the pride of your caste, you are running the whole lives of your children, the coming generation. I won't talk about politics on caste. We all know it's dirty talk. So when you know politicians are wrong, when will you be correcting your mindset to let your children be what they want? To let them get what they want? There's more to say - your three month old kid is actually few thousand years old atma (soul); maybe elder to you. Ever thought that way?!
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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Equality is not desirable

Imagine equality. How do you define it? The easiest way would be to think of equality as contentment, where everyone is at peace with no positive or negative forces acting on them. How desirable is that?

It feels good in theory that everyone is content; everyone is at peace; everyone has everything he or she wants.

Believe me, you wouldn't want everyone to achieve that state. Because it leads to inertia. There won't be any type of action - positive or negative. There would be a state of suspended animation: people alive but not able to do anything because they do not want anything.

Creation is based upon disbalance. I had a friend tell me that world would hv been pleasant if God was nice to everyone in general. Think about it.

Isn't tension necessary for action to take place? That action could be creation or it could be destruction of something. But there would be action.

In case of all prevalent contentment, there won't be any action. Nobody will want to break free. Nobody will want to bind himself to his love. Everyone would be sedated, stoned, doing nothing...not even dreaming. I am told such a time comes and it is called "pralay" or dismantling of all creation. Like the chess pieces after a game, everything is put into a box...until the next game starts.

I cannot vouch for the theory of "pralay". I haven't experienced it. But I know that tension is necessary for things to act - constructively or destructively. And out of destruction, comes many more constructions. Also, even as things are created, many related things are being destroyed.

In case you are perfecting your speech, your words become powerful but as your pitch increases, you are killing microbes just using your voice.

Do let me know if you have counter thoughts.
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Monday, July 31, 2017

What is your dharma Karma and Sanyas yoga

In times when people are fighting on what to call God, let's look at Maha Nirvana Tantra.

First thing is, who dared name God? Anyone claiming that that God has a special name is blasphemous. Names are but an easier way to identify things. God is much above that.

Coming to Maha Nirvana Tantra, there are two types of dharmas. One is grihasth (गृहस्थ) or householder. The other is Sanyasi (सन्यासी) or people who renunciated everything to spend their time in learning and teaching about God.

It is difficult to remain in world, fulfill your duties, and reach God. It is nevertheless possible.

People who believe in karma and take care of dharma while being grihasth or householder reach the same destination that a yogi who renunciated everything would reach.

There are four yogas mentioned that take you towards the Ultimate. Householder or grihasth is toughest of them all. Because under this yoga, the person has to stay in world & yet take care of his duties, that too, without any attachments to worldly things.

For a Sanyasin, it is difficult to keep his heart free of desires as they can arise in any form; even any craving for a certain food item than what's available is a desire. That's where many Sanyasin fail. They assume they are passing their life learning & teaching God but in reality, their hearts keep craving for something or the other.

If you are to become Sanyasin, leave all desires and be content with whatever you have. Your only duty is to learn about the Ultimate and spread knowledge.

In case of householder or grihasth, the duties are manifold. I will not cover it in details here but understand that whatever a householder does, he does it for God. It is pretty easy to mistake attachment for God as attachment for others. For example, a grihasth has to care for his parents. But it is necessary that he doesn't become emotionally attached to the human bodies & instead leave his desires to God. Among other duties of householder or grihasth are contributing to development in form of alm houses, roads, greenery, etc directly or indirectly. We'll talk about this in details in some other post.

For now, just remember that whatever path you pick up - grihasth or Sanyasin - you pursue it with honesty. There is no use being a Sanyasin if you keep on thinking about your parents or kids. Likewise, there is no use being a grihasth or householder if you think you could focus on God if you didn't have responsibilities. Whichever path you pick up, make sure you are true to it. There is no shame in switching paths. If you renounced the world but feel guilty of leaving your old parents alone, it is better if you go back to them and take care of them as your duty. You will reach the same destination as a Sanyasin would reach. I will write more on duties better details.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Modi and Corruption - Where does India stand after all these years?

It saddens me to see the sorry state of current affairs. If we don't unite, Modi can't do anything even if he tries. Just like Modi eating food will not satisfy your hunger, he going ahead and announcing schemes won't help until there is unity among persons responsible for implementation & use of those schemes.

This post is prompted by the depression arising out of transfer of DIG of Prisons to Traffic department. It shows the deep rooted corruption in every system. Why was the DIG Prisons transferred?

Because she told us about special treatment being given to Sasikala, lodged in one of Karnataka prisons.

Not only was the DIG Prisons transferred, the DG too has been sent on indefinite leave. Some 42 prisoners were also sent to other prisons so that no one can give any statement on the special treatment given to Sasikala.

The report on Sasikala was presented yesterday & within 24 hours, so much happened. It kind of sends signals of distress & despair among the masses.

We know what happened & we can't do anything. We can't pressurize the government into revoking the transfer of DIG Prisons & leave of DG. We also know that a probe panel will be set up that will run as long as the issue stays in public memory. We know the probe panel won't find anything wrong & will close the case once public anger is directed to something else.

Despite knowing everything, we can't do anything. If the DIG Prisons cannot protect herself, what powers do you & I possess.

Meanwhile, media is making money by provoking people, running the story non-stop. When Republic TV was announced, we expected a nationalist media that would work for justice. It too turned out to be like any other TV station: all noise but no results. It is just entertaining the Indian Right Wing.

Such incidents induce despair. People who have power, misuse it. Media was supposed to be a watchguard, the 4th pillar of democracy. But it works to further the dirty agendas of political parties and corporations.

Modi can't help us. We need a revolution. *We need intolerance for corrupt.*

Right now, I fail to see any road out of this misuse of power. What can we do as citizens of India? Just watch helplessly as they suck out freedom, law, order, etc. out of the country?
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Friday, July 14, 2017

Is Osama dead? When will he die again?

कमाल हो गया

बगदादी को अमरीका ने फिर मार गिराया।

यह चौथी बार है कि अमेरिका ने बगदादी को मिसाइल से उड़ा दिया।

अमेरिका ने लादेन के साथ भी यही किया। दर्जनों बार उसे मार गिराया। उसे बीमारी से मृत भी घोषित कर दिया। अंततः उसे एबोटाबाद में फिर मार दिया।

ओसमा के शव को सार्वजनिक नही किया तो हो सकता है नये राष्ट्रपति ट्रम्प जी भी पांच छह बार फिर ओसामा को मार गिरायें।

अब समझ आ रहा है रावण के मौत का राज़। फिर तो शक की गुंजाइश भी होती है। कौन जाने रामजी ने रावण को सचमुच मारा या बस बोल दिया प्रेस कॉन्फ्रेंस में की रावण मारा गया।

शंका को पुष्टि मिलती है इस बात से की हर साल दशहरे पर रावण दहन होने के पश्चात भी अगले साल उसको फिर से जलाते हैं।

सच क्या है यह आपको और हमको नहीं पता। वोट के चक्कर में नेता और नोट के चक्कर में मीडिया कुछ भी बोल देती है। किसीको विश्वास हुआ तो हुआ वरना न भी हुआ तो कोई क्या उखाड़ लेगा?

यही दुनिया की सच्चाई है कि सच्चाई आप तक कभी पहुंचती ही नही है। खुद गुमराह नेता आपको रास्ता दिखाते हैं
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Monday, July 10, 2017

A Case for Hindi - In English

They resist Hindi. They welcome English. Language warriors covered Hindi signs at all metro stations with duct tape in Bangalore. They say Hindi is being imposed on them.

Nobody said Hindi is our National Language. People who say that are liars because there is no National Language in India, at the moment.

But what is the harm in having a common language across South Asia- India, Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh etc?

Most of these Hindi haters will want their newborn to cry in English but Hindi is unacceptable. And when you point your finger, they bring up Aryan invasion theory saying North India isn't real India.

Well, we have countless local dialects. Hindi itself has a number of variations like Braj, Maithili, and Bhojpuri. Pure Hindi is called Devanagari. It's tougher to speak Devnagari. The regular Hindi we use in everyday life is not just Hindi. It is Urdu & Hindi. And it blends well with many, across countries.

But try explaning that to Tamils. They'll lynch you verbally, saying you are an Aryan bent upon destroying their heritage. Then why is English acceptable or rather preferred? Because English is considered elites' language. It's the 18th century slave mentality.

There is nothing wrong in aspiring for English but rejecting local dialects & waging war against Hindi display the language warriors' shallowness.

Local dialects are dying. Do we need to revive them? Yes. And no. If people like the language, it will automatically survive. If they reject it, the language becomes history.

With more than half of India speaking Hindi, there are no chances for it dying anytime soon. Neither will English die, nor Urdu as they too are widespread. The only question is, why hate one foreign language (if Hindi is really foreign) and love another one (English)?

If they don't want to learn Hindi, it is ok. If they want their kids to converse only in English, still ok. Why fight unnecessarily and force your ideology on others? Why stop others from learning Hindi? What stupid reason could explain covering Hindi signs with tape while allowing English ones to stay?
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Friday, June 23, 2017

The Story of Cindrella - Part 2

The Dark Story of Cinderella from Part 1, Continued...

It happened as Cindrella expected. Word was out that the prince is looking for someone. That he had declared he will marry the girl whose foot fitted the shoe he had.

Cinderella smiled. A wicked smile. She had power over the shoes. It took her 3 months to hunt, skin, n sew those anaconda shoes that won't fit anyone but her feet.

Soon the prince was at Cinderella's house. Her step sisters tried but the shoe did not fit. Despite her step mom's objection, Cindrella tried the shoe. It fit her perfectly...because it was made specially for that toe-less feet.

The prince asked for the other shoe in the pair. Cinderella went into her room & came back wearing both shoes in the pair.

The prince was thrilled. He found her. He mumbled something under his breath, "everyone, move in; we found her." Then he asked about the diamond studded dress. Cindrella's stepmom said the prince is wasting his time. There is no way Cinderella can possess a diamond suit. Cindrella smiled. Brought out the dress from her bag, said, "I knew you will want to make sure it's me."

Suddenly the prince's sword was at Cinderella's forehead. She turned white. She saw some 36 troops surrounding her, her stepmom, & step sisters.

"What's happening?" Cindrella cried.

"Where did you get this diamond dress," demanded the prince.

Cindrella looked into the eyes of the prince. There was nothing except anger. She was not prepared for this. She calmly said, "My stepmom gave it to me."

Her stepmom cried, "No sir, in no way can I give her a diamond suit. My own daughters don't own any."

"You are being arrested for cheating the prince," said the prince.

After half an hour, Cindrella's stepmom was cursing her inside a highly secured prison. Cindrella smiled. Her step sisters were horrified. She said nothing.

"On your guard! The royal prince is coming," said a voice guarding the prison.

Indeed, the very prince who arrested Cindrella was before their eyes. Cindrella's stepmom shivered. Her step sisters looked at the prince in horror. But the prince fainted out of shock.
He saw Cindrella striking her forehead with her thumb, turning into a snake, and vanishing down the drain.


Nobody was in their senses. The prince & his guards just couldn't believe a girl vanishing down the drain like a snake.

But there was proof. The prison cell still held Cindrella's stepmom and her step sisters. They were as horrified as the prince.

The prince's minister was quick to blame Cinderella's stepmom. He pronounced her a witch and told guards to burn her along with her daughters, at the stake in the center of market.

As the prince lost his senses, he could hear a wicked laugh. Somewhere, Cindrella was laughing both at her stepmom and the prince.
Arun Kumar

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The Dark Story of Cinderella - Intro

At the stroke of 10, Cinderella waived her hands. Suddenly her torn, old clothes were replaced with pretty clothes glittering with diamonds.

She slipped into the shoes she especially designed for the occasion. These were shoes that won't fit anyone else. It took three months to kill and collect anaconda's skin that she sewed into shoes.

At the party, she mixed the magic potion with the drink that'd be served to the prince. From the corner of her eyes, Cinderella made sure the prince emptied his glass. She went to the prince and whispered, "I have to leave!" Before the intoxicated prince could react, Cinderella vanished from the spot, after making sure that she left her left shoe for the prince to find out.

Back home, she changed into rags & hid the other Anaconda shoe with her diamond dress. She knew what was to happen next. You too. And you thought Cinderella was a cute, simple, harmless thing?

I omitted details here. Read The Dark Story of Cinderella - Part II
Arun Kumar
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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Questions for the Indian Government from a common Indian

Following are some questions for the Indian government. But anyone can answer them if they know the answers. Why does everything seem to be going in the wrong direction?

Hyderabad at Sunrise - Not related to the post

Why is Pakistan still Most Favored Nation (MFN) for India? What are these governments hiding?

Already Kashmir is on boil...why are they settling Rohingya refugees there?

Is there really terrorism or a freedom fight going on in Kashmir? What do they want exactly? To go with Pak, create unrest, or implementation of an Islamic rule?

Why isn't any scamster of UPA regime still not in jail?

Why is West Bengal turning into an Islamic state? Why isn't anyone even trying to overthrow Mamata Banerjee's regime? How much is the government earning from illegal poppy cultivation there?

What is happening in Kerala? Why isn't anyone protesting the killings of local activists by communists? Who is benefitting from those killings & how?

Why does every government always engage in Muslim appeasement & caste politics, RESERVATIONS?

Why can't the local police fight & control Naxals? Why is CRPF always deployed from Assam to Chhattisgarh? If the local police is not of any use, why do we have police there?

Is police really useless against Naxals or is it supporting them? Why can't CRPF work autonomously? Is there any plan to control those Naxals? What are they really fighting for? What are they demanding that the government is not willing to give them?

I am not talking about media gag but why can't the government make the press accountable and take action against cooked/false news?

Some bigger questions for the Indian Government

What are the real forces behind unrest in India?

Is Vatican really funding certain politicians to divide India & end Hinduism?

Why is the government overlooking illegal religious conversions by so called minorities? Why is the government allowing fake drama of magical healing by a certain community?

Why did the government not look into political post holders being funded by Russia, as reported by WikiLeaks? Is KGB really defunct or is it still sponsoring any politician in India?

Why isn't India protesting the Chinese Economic Corridor in Pakistan? What game are they playing?

Despite US possessing best satellites that can detect training camps in Pakistan, why is no one declaring it a terror sponsor? What are they hiding?

Is government of India itself involved in creating the current unrest in country? If not, what is the government strategy to bring everyone under one umbrella?

And finally, why on earth am I thinking about all the above instead of watching some movie?

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Letter to Sri Narendra Modi - Indian PM

Nobody wants war. But at the least, revoke MFN status to Pakistan? Is Mr Modi playing MK Gandhi - working both for international influencers while trying to maintain his following? Believe me sir, your following is reducing each day that ends with non action.

All that development, which you claim you have done, will do you no good if you fail the mood of nation.

People are angry. They voted you to power because they wanted Chinese Gandhis in Tihar, because they were fed up of terrorists beheading our armed forces personnel, and because they wanted a Nationalist at Center.

They didn't vote you so that you go to Lahore & have Biryani with Sharif. They didn't vote you to power just so they can listen to your "mann ki baat" on radio.

ITES companies are laying off more than 70,000 people this summer. Do you have any action plan? Instead you're giving sermons on Buddhism in Lanka. Your Standup India scheme is limited to Backward Classes who already have good living.

People didn't vote for you to leave things to "course of law". Everyone knows how law and courts function in India.

People thought you'd be the change they wanted to see in Indian leadership. Not for you to continue Gandhi's legacy. And certainly not for appeasement politics.

Everyone knows Kashmir struggle is for Islamisation of that province. Are you really innocent to believe that an 8000cr development package will make Kashmir militants forget Sharia? Do you think it is just a political issue that can be solved by a dialog with Pak who is just funding the militants that are products of brainwashing done by Separatists who enjoy security cover provided by your own government.

If you are serious about solving Kashmir, why don't you remove that security to Geelani who is poisoning young minds, and paying them money for assaults on army.

Until 2014, you were angry with the then Central government that MMS gave a royal treatment to Sharif's family after Hemraj was beheaded by either Pak forces or Pak non state actors. What did you do? Invited their forensics to Pathankot after the army station seize? What did you get except an improvement in your image in the international community?

Sorry sir, people didn't vote for you to help you create a larger than life image of yours. They wanted a change. If you don't deliver it by 2019, they'll look for alternatives... local parties will emerge successful as at least they can solve local issues related to food & water.

Your government is focusing on bullet trains & all. It is good. Still, I bet Hyperloop will be a reality even before you can start building the elevated corridor for that bullet train. Just because bureaucracy is tooooo slow in India. I heard you were working on that. But it is still plenty of hurdles.

It's a matter of concern that you sent Mr. Parrikar back to Goa just because of some stupid international pressure on the issue of Kashmir.

Yeah, I feel you too don't want to solve issues because these are the issues that help you fight elections. I also feel you too are scared of the day these issues die down, because there will be nothing provoking to share on stage, in your powerful speeches.

End of Letter to Sri Narendra Modi - Indian PM
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