Friday, May 19, 2017

The South India you did not know

Elderly Tamils consider Vindhyas as Dravidian border. They proudly say they are Tamils for 2000 years & Indians only for 70 years (after independence).

Their theory is that North Indians (Read: Aryans) are spoiling their culture. They stay away from Hindi, Sanskrit, Devanagari & other symbols of Aryanism.

The same applies to people of Karnataka though they are not as rigid as Tamils. They too consider Sanskrit Devanagari and Hindi as symbols of Aryan "invasion".

Currently both Tamils & Kannadigas are fighting the "imposition" of Hindi as national language, especially in government offices. Hindi hasn't been officially declared national language yet by any government. It is a myth spread by vested interests.

Kerala is a whole different thing. It was populated with Syrian Christians for long. However, the majority now are "converted Muslims" & "converted Christians" (Read: Dalit Christians).

Hindus in Kerala do not celebrate any of the Brahminical festivals - Holi, Diwali - as Kerala has had a history of "resistance to oppression". That explains all Dalit Christians & Converted Muslims. The state is largely communist & people take pride in "equality in theory" (because equality is nowhere visible in practice, even after conversions).

They revel in Malayalam and are averse to all Aryan symbols, languages, etc.

That leaves AP & Telangana They are yet to be studied by me. Will post if I find anything peculiar to this part of India.
Arun Kumar

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Politics - Is Modi Wave Losing it's Strength?

It is *extremely disgusting* to say Rajnath Singh ने चूड़ियाँ पहन रखी हैं। We hv women office holders, like Sushma Swaraj, who wear bangles and are far more efficient. Why degrade them?

The Modi-Singh duo is waiting for Nobel Peace Prize.

Nobody wants war. But at the least, revoke MFN status to Pakistan? Modi is playing MK Gandhi - working both for international influencers while trying to maintain his following. Believe me sir, your following is reducing each day that ends with non action.

All that development, which you claim you have done, will do you no good if you fail the mood of nation.

People are angry. They voted you to power because they wanted Chinese Gandhis in Tihar, because they were fed up of terrorists beheading our armed forces personnel, and because they wanted a Nationalist at Center.

They didn't vote you so that you go to Lahore & have Biryani with Sharif. They didn't vote you to power just so they can listen to your "mann ki baat" on radio.

ITES companies are laying off more than 70,000 people this summer. Do you have any action plan? Instead you're giving sermons on Buddhism in Lanka. Your Standup India scheme is limited to Backward Classes who already have good living.

People didn't vote for you to leave things to "course of law". Everyone knows how law and courts function in India.

People thought you'd be the change they wanted to see in Indian leadership. Not for you to continue Gandhi's legacy. And certainly not for appeasement politics.

Everyone knows Kashmir struggle is for Islamisation of that province. Are you really innocent to believe that an 8000cr development package will make Kashmir militants forget Sharia? Do you think it is just a political issue that can be solved by a dialog with Pak who is just funding the militants that are products of brainwashing done by Separatists who enjoy security cover provided by your own government.

If you are serious about solving Kashmir, why don't you remove that security to Geelani who is poisoning young minds, and paying them money for assaults on army.

Until 2014, you were angry with the then Central government that MMS gave a royal treatment to Sharif's family after Hemraj was beheaded by either Pak forces or Pak non state actors. What did you do? Invited their forensics to Pathankot after the army station seize? What did you get except an improvement in your image in the international community?

Sorry sir, people didn't vote for you to help you create a larger than life image of yours. They wanted a change. If you don't deliver it by 2019, they'll look for alternatives... local parties will emerge successful as at least they can solve local issues related to food & water.

Your government is focusing on bullet trains & all. It is good. Still, I bet Hyperloop will be a reality even before you can start building the elevated corridor for that bullet train.

It's a matter of concern that you sent Parrikar back to Goa just because of some stupid international pressure on the issue of Kashmir.

Yeah, I know you too don't want to solve issues because these are the issues that help you fight elections. I also feel you are scared of the day these issues die down, because there will be nothing provoking to share on stage, in your powerful speeches.
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Monday, May 8, 2017

Parenting Teenagers - The Young Rebels

Everything is better than a life dependent on someone, even if the needs are emotional. Actually, non fulfilment of emotional needs hurts more than financial & physical needs.

Treat yourself & yours with love and care. Dont make any enemies out of relations. You have to adjust at times, even if the other party is your kids, especially teenagers. They don't like authority. They look for friends always, even in parents. Mom tried to jail me with her commandments & that's when she turned into a villain for me.

Believe me, treating your kids as friends, confiding in them, talking about yourself before demanding answers from them is much better than trying to exert your authority.

Once a kid has one leg into the society, it is time to treat him/her respectfully.

Reprimanding them or insulting them in front of others, even if the others are your relatives, hurts them for long & creates a repulsion and disregard for elders, including their own parents.

For mental health & relationship tips, text MIND to +918179215241. Our panel of psychologists won't charge a paisa to assist you.
Arun Kumar

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Do you need a Messiah?

Did you know?

Unlike Xianity, where even sins of ancestors of believers' are pardoned by a single confession, we Hindus *have* to suffer for sins, us or our ancestors. God sure helps, but only to an extent. Hindus have to reap what they sow... in the same or other birth.

Meanwhile, a Xian website (Connect India to Christ) is asking donations to illuminate Hindus & connect them to Jesus. Reasons stated by them are:

1. Hindus pray out of fear rather than love for God,
2. There are too many gods in Hindu religion, estimated at 330million
3. None of the Hindu gods can give them (Hindus) a permanent solution

Wonder what else is propagated by missionaries who travel on tourist VISA to perform conversions by fooling innocent backward classes. That's illegal but who cares?

Mostly in South & East India, have you noticed how the Indian churches resemble temples? You should, because tomorrow they may create a four faced Jesus having eight hands, who is sitting on a white lotus, just to earn bonus by converting the innocent, unsuspecting backward classes in India.

Even I often get requests to "try Jesus" from what they call "Jesus Planters" because "he won't ask for any fee".

I am not an authority but I know I don't need intermediatories for communicating with my God. If my God wants to bless me, He'll do it directly, not via some messiah or prophet. People say often that God needs an executioner (कर्ता) but believe me, He/She doesn't.

And why fret over things? If you feel like dancing in the rain, just go dance. No use calculating which god sent rain, how long it will last etc. When you eat a mango, do you cherish its taste or do you start thinking about mango orchads?

Visit for stories you probably never heard🤓

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

On Whatsapp, Against Modiji

नही साब, इसका न तो Whatsapp से कोई सम्बन्ध है, न ही Modiji से। यह तो बस click bait है। सोचा जब अंतरराष्ट्रीय media इसका प्रयोग कर रही है तो हम भी आजमा लें। इसको whatsapp पर हिंदी में compose किया तो सोचा ब्लॉग पर भी चिपका दें। कुछ नही तो Amazon से commission ही मिल जाएगा। वो पोस्ट के नीचे Amazon banner पर कभी कभी क्लिक कर दिया कीजिये - time to time।

समस्या गम्भीर है।


अगर मोदीजी के खिलाफ बोलो तो ग्रुप के admin गिरफ्तार किये जायेंगे। चलो, कोई बात नही। नही पोस्ट करते मोदीजी पर कुछ भी।

ऐसा नही है कि मैंने मोदीजी को support नही किया। मैं ने support किया, चुनाव के लिए गाने तक बनाये। इसीलिए शायद निराश हूँ।

2014 मई तक कुछ और राग था। 2017 में अब तक सिवाय मन की बात के, कुछ मिला नहीं।

सुना है कई सारी scheme ले आये। भक्त तारीफ करते नहीं थकते। थोड़ा सा पानी मैं भी पीने को गया तो पता चला सब कुछ SC, ST के लिऐ है

General Category का पुरूष भारत का असली minority है। महिलाओं के लिऐ तो फिर भी इक्का दुक्का scheme हैं। जाति बदलने का कोई ऑपरेशन नहीं है। लिंग बदलवा सकते हैं लेकिन क्या गारंटी की सरकार उसके बाद लोन पास कर ही देगी? वैसे भी, उस जैसे ऑपरेशन के लिए पैसे होते तो सरकार से आशा ही क्यों करें?

हाँ, सरकार को ये सुझाव दे सकते हैं कि सब स्कीम में महिलाओं को 50% आरक्षण दे दे और यह लिंग परिवर्तन वाला आपरेशन फ्री कर दे। इससे लोग एक बेहतर जीवन के लिए भारत छोड़कर बाहर नहीं भागेंगे और साथ ही लिंगानुपात भी ठीक हो जाएगा। फिर बेटी पढ़ाओ, बेटी बचाओ जैसे स्कीमों की आवश्यकता नहीं रहेगी।

नहीं जी, मोदी विरोधी नहीं हूँ। बस सरकार को कोसने की आदत सी हो गयी है। और आजकल तो कोई scam भी नहीं हो रहा कि time pass हो जाये।

अभी तो दो साल बाक़ी हैं। शायद 2019 या 2024 तक हमारा भी भला कर दें। Tax तो हम भी देते हैं - पैसे कमाया तो income tax, और सिगरेट जलाया तो sales tax, VAT, कस्टम्स duty, स्वच्छ भारत cess और कृषि cess भी।

अभी वित्त मंत्री जी जी का मन नही भरा सो वो कृषि पर भी टैक्स लगाने की सोच रहे हैं। ठीक है। लेकिन अमिताभ बच्चन तो तब भी tax से बचने का कुछ न कुछ जुगाड़ कर लेंगे। दर्जनों CA को ऐसे ही नही पोषते होंगे न? कृषि पर income tax लगा कर शायद वही पैसे से सरकार किसानों को कर्ज की माफी दे दें। वैसे कुछ किसानों की कर्ज़ माफ हुई लेकिन details नही पता कि वो भी SC, ST वाले खास किसान हैं या सचमुच के गरीब किसान। पता चलते ही आपको Whatsapp कर Modiji के बारे में बता देंगे।

कुछ भी हो सकता है। यह भारत है। यहाँ हर चीज़ में बहुत स्कोप है, सिवाय जीवन में dignity के। बाकी engineer वगैरह का हाल किससे छिपा है।

हाँ जी, अंत में दोहरा दूँ की उपरोक्त मोदीजी के against नही है। किसी के against नहीं है। बेकार में बेचारे admin को मत जेल भेज देना।
राम राम,
Arun Kumar
मोबाइल पर प्रकाशित; साइट पर किसी चीज़ से कोई शिकायत हो तो एक मेल भेज दीजिये:
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Friday, April 28, 2017

Your English vs My Hinglish

It sounds so stupid when both of you know the local dialect well & yet choose to converse in English. English is not bad. It's good that you know a language that'll help you communicate anywhere on this planet. Sign language is much difficult & less recognized.

But when you make it a prestige issue?! Ah, Aargh. Talking in English doesn't make you an intellectual. Nor does my broken English make me an idiot. It just feels odd that you are practising your English vocabulary with me, especially when I am more comfortable in Hindi. I'd like to enhance my Hindi vocabulary. Give me a chance if you can. No? OK.

It amuses me? No. It hurts to see parents talking to their newborn in English so that the baby picks up the language early in its life. But what's the use if you don't teach manners to the baby; if you never step outside because your neighbors are bad at English, & you restrict the Internet so that your toddler doesn't start using Hinglish in place of English.

The books you bought for the child are from 17th century. Nobody uses that complex language anymore. I, for one, don't roam around with a dictionary or use my phone to search for meanings of the words you are using. Oh, I did once, when a Twitter friend said she's leaving because I am too morbid. What on earth is "too morbid"? Everything is morbid. But let's start a Google search.

If I feel comfortable omitting the word "that" or "which", I'll skip them just like I skipped "wi" in this sentence. I only need to communicate, not to show off.

Language is just a medium for expression. If you say writing in Hindi will degrade my efforts, did you even think of writing such a long Facebook post as this - in any language?

You can write better English anywhere, for a restricted audience while I use the language that makes me feel at home... while also depending upon whom all I want to read my books, articles, or anything. If I can express myself better in Hindi, I'll use Hindi if you too know that language. Otherwise, since you struggle at Hindi, I'll use English or any other language so that it makes you feel better and not because I want to show off my oral English skills. I don't gauge people on their English quotient. There are people who can't speak at all. Some don't have voice; other have disabilities. Try calling me on phone & see how long before I respond.

If you unnecessarily start turning to English just to show off, I won't understand you, even if you give me a digital dictionary. I won't even try. I feel those parents are wrong who spoonfeed English to justborns instead of letting the child learn core cultural values first.

What if the kid learns good English only to throw you out at a later stage because you mix up English with Hindi: the great Hinglish language? It happens. It happened to many.

Arun Kumar

Posted via mobile phone & I don't care about typos, grammar, etc as long as you understand what I wrote above.

Problem with the post? Send a mail to I could have used HTML to make the email ID clickable but Google removed "greater than" and "lower than" symbols from the Indic keyboard I use on phone. Sorry for that.
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Saturday, April 15, 2017

आखिर पाकिस्तान हमारा दुश्मन क्यों है?

हमारे यहाँ ही नही, दुनियाभर में सिस्टम बच्चों को यही सिखाती आईं हैं के किसको प्यार करना है, कितना प्यार करना है और कब प्यार करना है।

हम पैदा समझदार होते हैं लेकिन हमें स्कूल भेजा जाता है ताकि हम जान पायें की हमारा धर्म सर्वश्रेष्ठ है और दूसरों का धर्म बेकार। हमारे मन मे अलग अलग भय बैठा दिया जाता है ताकि बड़े होकर हम भी उसी सिस्टम का भाग बने।

यह धर्म और जाति तक ही सीमित नही होता। हमे बताया जाता है हमें किन देशों को पसंद करना है और किससे नफरत। हम भूल जाते हैं कि अगला भी इन्सान है। हमारी उनके प्रति नफरत हमें यह सोचने भी नही देती की अगले ने हमारा क्या बिगाड़ा।

वो तो स्कूल और मीडिया ने कहा दिया कि पाकिस्तान हमारा दुश्मन है। क्या सचमुच वहां रह रहे लोगों ने अपना कुछ बिगाड़ा है? वे भी उसी सिस्टम का शिकार हैं। उन्हें बताया गया कि हिंदुस्तान उनके लिए खतरा है।

सिस्टम क्या है? इसके पीछे कौन हैं? क्यों हमे हर पल, हर घड़ी गुमराह किया जा रहा है? इसका उत्तर कभी और दूंगा। अभी इतना जान लीजिए के politicians और media भी उसी सिस्टम का शिकार है। चाह कर भी निर्णय नही ले पाते क्योंकि नमक का हक अदा करना है... और society (सत्ता) में बने रहना हैं।
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सेकुलर बनाम तुष्टिकरण - भाई जागो, क्यों 18वी सदी में रहना चाहते हो?

कई सारे देशों का कॉपी पेस्ट है भारतीय संविधान। इसीलिए कुछ भी (नहीं) सही है। एक लाइन जिस बात को recommend करती है, दूसरी लाइन उसे ही prohibit करती है। ऐसे में जनता को झांसा देना (आसान) है। 1952 में तो ज़ल्दी थी।

अब बैठ कर इत्मीनान से नया संविधान लिखा जाये। और उसमें पहले secular का मतलब बदला जाये। पहले सेक्युलर शब्द में से तुष्टिकरण हटा दिया जाये। रिजर्वेशन व कोटा बाद में।

तुष्टिकरण के चलते बंगाल भी कश्मीर बन गया। तुष्टिकरण के कारण रोज केरल में RSS कार्यकर्ता मारे जा रहें है। और सरकार किसी की भी हो, इस सब से उनका कुछ लेना देना नहीं है। वो तो बस अगले चुनाव की तैयारियों में रहती हैं हमेशा।

यहाँ एक्शन भी वोटबैंक के हिसाब से लिया जाता है। कश्मीर में जवानों के हाथ पाँव बांध दिए और बंगाल में ममता को खुली छूट दे रखे हैं कि पुलिस अब हिन्दू उत्सवों पर समुदाय विशेष के लोगों पर लाठियां बरसाती है। उनके प्रार्थनास्थल से घंटियाँ तक छीन लीं जातीं हैं। उधर तमिलनाडु अपने को अलग राष्ट्र ही समझता है। किसी actor-turned-politician ने united states of south का जिम्मा ले लिया है।

काट दो। उधर से कश्मीर, इधर से बंगाल तो काट ही दो। फिर केरल व TN भी हटा ही दो। क्या रह जाता है?
किसीको क्या फर्क पड़ता है? हम सभी तो बस अगले महीने के इंतजार में जी लेते हैं। बाकी का संविधान जाने और उसका (नाजायज) प्रयोग करने वाले जाने।

देश को और कितने टुकड़ों में बांटेगे, अपने स्वार्थ के लिये? किसी को मजहब के नाम पर तो किसी को caste के नाम पर। किसी को उसकी भाषा के लिए target करते हैं और किसी को उनकी चमड़ी के रंग के आधार पर। ऐसे बनेगा देश?

बनाना कौन चाहता है? यहाँ तो बस देश की जनता को दबाना है ताकि फिर से कोई freedom struggle न शुरू हो जाये।

किसी दिन तो लोगों की आँखें खुलेंगी और वे देख पाएंगे की 70 साल पुराने, already दूसरों के प्राचीन संविधान पर आधारित भारतीय संविधान एवं सन 1800 के IPC को पूरे ओवरहॉलिंग की आवश्यकता है। देखें वो दिन हमारे जीवनकाल में आता है या अगले जन्म में।
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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Will you want to become Cyberorg? Neuralink aims just at that

Cyberorgs refer to living things that have enhanced abilities due to a computer chip in their brain. The living things could be humans or animals. Right now, there are few human cyberorgs and several lab animal cyberorgs.

Cyberorgs can also be biologically grown bodies containing an artificial brain populated with thoughts and ideas of a human body long dead/deceased. Wait. What? Doesn't that mean life after death? Yes, exactly!

Elon Musk... the same guy working on electric cars in Tesla Motors, transportation in Hyperloop, an elevator to the moon in SpaceX etc has bought a startup. This new venture is named Neuralink. Now what it does is something you've only seen in movies or read in science fiction books.

Neuralink is into creating Cyberorgs. The first thing it is working on is, to enhance qualities of humans by planting a chip into their brains. It is risky. The surgeon has to cut a part of skull to reach brain and then operate on brain to join its nerve centers to an externally or internally powered computer chip.

It is hard to locate and isolate the nerves responsible for different capabilities. Scientists are already working on that. It is even harder to connect those nerves to a computer chip. But we have examples where a totally paralyzed person got a brain chip implanted so that he can move his limbs simply using thoughts.

While the focus of Neuralink is to be able to create wonders by extreme enhancements in the human, few have also reported the possibility of being able to download data from human brain. Of course it will need a secure storage system & DNA based hard disks are completely suitable for the purpose. They can store data for ages.

If download is possible, uploading to brain is also possible. The data downloaded from brain can be fed to lab grown brains for use with humans and robots. While this is exciting, downloading and uploading data to brain may also be misused to feed certain thoughts to a large number of people who then think the same way.

Other than enhancing humans, Neuralink also aims at curing diseases like dementia, paralysis etc. We already have a person who has electrodes in his brain. These electrodes work based on thoughts and help the cyberorg in limb movements.

Since brain is involved, not many are willing for computer chips. However, there are volunteers who'd risk everything for a better life. Remember that the first human head transplant is scheduled just 8 months away. And there is actually a volunteer ready to get his head replaced. All this sounds like science fiction but is in fact, happening already. Will you want to go under a knife to remove some health problem or to enhance your capabilities by getting the brain operated?
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Smart Artificial Intelligence Dangers - What is Musk doing?

🛰When Stephen Hawkings said human race has the biggest threat from its own scientists, he was not totally wrong.

Elon Musk, of Tesla Motors, is going a bit too far with his science obsession. I can understand electric cars & Hyperloop transportation. I can also understand with his space ferrying plans where he has proposed to ferry people to the moon and back. Was it a space elevator? I can't recall.

Anyway, his team dealing with artificial intelligence has found that their machines have developed their own language for communicating with each other.

This is scary, because even animals on this planet can make certain sounds only, to express their feelings. None other than the humans have a full set of words that can be used for anything. And it is not restricted to few sounds with varying pitch. It is a whole complicated language.

Now Musk's team working on artificial intelligence says it has discovered that the machines in their experimental network, are using different words to communicate among themselves.

How is that possible unless the machines know and can imagine things? If I said "tree", your brain will first produce an imagination of the tree and then you understand what I said. So if Musk's scientists are true, it does mean a bit of own imagination for the machines.

Does it sound cool & exciting as people are still dealing with weak artificial intelligence or what I'd term as dumb artificial intelligence.

Does it not ring a bell, a danger sound perhaps, to stop playing with machine learning?

If the machines can automatically create and use a different language that you & I cannot understand, the day is not far when they gain awareness. And what happens once the machines gain awareness of they being distinct bodies?

Well, I am trying to stay positive but can't think of good scenarios. Will it become the Skynet from the movie Terminator or will the machines be humble enough to serve humans?

Only time can tell. But do we need to take such huge risks? We are already sitting on a ticking bomb. The possibility of nuclear war, change in climate due to global warming can put an end to human race any day. Under such circumstances, would it not be better for the powerful to stop messing with nature and to stop trying to become god?

I can only hope that smart artificial intelligence too aids in betterment of the planet as a whole. Because if it turns out the other way, we would be fighting tons of metal that can think and act faster than humans!

Maybe, it's time we taught moral science to the machines to avoid the dangers of artificial intelligence.👌😀

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